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  1. S

    Will I run into any problems

    I want to get a Asus GeForce Gtx 1060 6gb but I'm not sure if my Intel pentium g3258 can keep up will I have any issues
  2. J

    need usb to power cable for jbl xtreme (bluetooth speaker)

    hi guys, i'm looking for an usb cable to power jack for the jbl xtreme. i bought a powerbank to power the xtreme, but i don't have the right cable to power it. i need the right usb calbe with at the other end the right power end. here is a photo of what has to be at the other side to put in...
  3. tomtom1298

    [Help] New CPU Needed?

    Hey :) . I've recently bought an CPU ( i5 4570 ) But. It's not the smoothest. Now i've been playing GTA V a while with it. But the FPS is like Terrible... Now my question. Is there any CPU wich may fix the FPS. Because while gaming the CPU = 100% . (Terrible) I've seen on internet the i5...
  4. T

    Using windows 7 oem disk with a different product key?

    I need to format and reinstall windows 7 on my wifes pc. Her OS was a factory install. Can I use a windows 7 oem disk I previously installed on a pc I built with her factory product key?
  5. G

    Youtube problems in Firefox

    Hey all, I've noticed some pretty weird things in Firefox recently. My main problem is, whenever I try to watch a Youtube video while playing Hearthstone, the video's pretty choppy. The sound's fine, but the video stutters a lot. This only happens while I'm running Hearthstone. It does seem to...
  6. H

    280-pin intel adapter riser card slot to pci?

    Hi Tom's hardware forum guys! I'm trying to build a server but want to use a video card (no integrated graphics). The only problem is, as far as I'm concerned this mobo i'm using (S5520UR) doesn't have a normal pci slot. What it does have, as the title mentions, is a 280-pin intel adapter riser...
  7. S

    Gaming laptop under 1350$

    Hello everyone , i am a gamer looking to buy a gaming laptop , i am currently trying to sell my desktop to have enough money , i need my laptop for work too so there no option but to get a laptop . I am familiar with technology so my issue here isnt trying to find the right laptop , actually it...
  8. S

    gtx 970 useage droping in battlefield

    not sure whats going on but in bf4 my gpu useage drops down to 21% ever 5-10mins of game play or sometimes down to 80% then it is causing stutters my fps dont dip below 68 and the highest is 188fps. map is metro cq. game settings are all maxed but aa is turned off and in 1440p need any...
  9. I

    Connecting a laptop to a tv... And the laptop has a broken screen.

    Hello, I broke my laptop screen, and would like to hook it up to my tv... The only problem is that my laptop screen is broken to the point where I can't see anything on the screen. Can you please tell me how I can do this.
  10. F

    CPU Temperature variables.

    Hi all. Recently I've been experencing an automatic shutdown of my PC. I went to check the cpu cores' temperatures and this is what I found Core 3 seems to run much hotter than the other and its temperature fluctuations are large. Sometimes it's 40% sometimes...
  11. spiderxx

    Viewsonic VX922 Monitor problem

    Okay I got one of these monitors for some time now. I havent had a problem until a few days ago and Im stumped with what could be wrong. I have done some searching and found some material that I read thru but I dont think it applies to my situation and problem. It may be the start of something...
  12. B

    Having a problem and can't figure it out.

    Ok so im having a couple of issues with my pc. 1st problem im having is the windows 7 issue of not turning off all the way which i know there are forums i can fix this one with, im just saying this one because all the problems started at the same time. 2nd problem is actually with a game...
  13. R

    My Q6600 can't over clock

    My Q6600 can't overclock over 2.7 GHz . My spec: Mobo: Msi g41p33 combo Ram 4x2 1333 (8GB)hcl PSU: cooler master thuder 450w GPU :Asus gtx 750ti I tried oc in an MSI software named oc Centre when i oc to 3.0ghz(333x9) System or game crashing Is that problem with my processors Also tried in...
  14. P

    hard drive files appearing as application.

    my laptop which is a dell vostro works perfectly fine but when i plug in an UBS (especially my HGST hard drive) files cannot be opened ...the folders are appearing as applications and are only 140KB even if they hold files worth 200GB and the space occupied on the hard drive is still the same...
  15. P

    Radeon R9 270X 2GB installation problem

    I'm trying to install a graphics card (HIS Radeon R9 270X 2GB IceQ X² Video Card) in my desktop, but the card doesn't seem to be recognized. My motherboard is the ASUS M4A78LT-M LE AM3 AMD 780L Micro ATX AMD Motherboard and I'm also running Windows 8.1. Also running an AMD Athlon II X4 630...
  16. A

    A missing driver please help!

    Hi Guys, I'm running Windows 8.1 on a Sabertooth Z97 Mark 1 motherboard and I have a missing "PCI Simple Communications Controller" driver problem. Here is a screenshot And here is the Device ID thing: Device PCI\VEN_8086&DEV_8CBA&SUBSYS_85341043&REV_00\3&11583659&0&B0 was configured. I...
  17. G

    i5 3330 temperature problem

    today i try to play Battlefield 4 on my pc but when i look at the left top coner and saw the temperature wtf! my processor was at 62C the temperature here where i live is at 32C when the day is not this hot the cpu runs at 52~55C while playing but today wow i couldn't stay playing the game for...
  18. T

    Is my new Zotac GTX 980 faulty?

    Hello, Recently I have bought new Zotac GTX 980 reference design. And I haven't toucht anything in it's settings. My pc doesn't crash and I get no errors. But when I play games there is that annoying shadows that looks like pixelated. Also I notice that there are a lot of shimmering, stuff...
  19. J

    Dual Boot XP 32 on existing W7 64 Machine???

    My Xp Toshiba laptop is gunna die one of these days ( 2004) I have a few programs that only run on XP like Front Page. I have an extra W7 desktop as a back up for my DAW I can mess with without worry. According to Mirco soft you have to install the older OS first as to avoid booting issues. So...
  20. P

    my laptop turn off frequently

    i want repair