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  1. J

    Question upgrade from dell xps 8940

    I got a dell xps 8940 with an i9 11900k and 3070, but my performance is horrible. Can I take some of the parts out and use them to build a new pc?
  2. A

    Question Asus Rog Strix Z590-E black pins, killed the CPU ?

    Hi! Recently I bought an Asus Rog Strix Z590-E motherboard as used.. He sold me as a good and working motherboard, bearly used just tested. He shipped it to me, later that day I put it together, followed the book of the motherboard to connect all. First start up Smoke came out of the...
  3. Doonet

    Question i9 11900K High Temperature?

    Hi, I have an Intel Core i9 11900K and I would like to know if the temperatures it has are normal, I use that CPU in conjunction with a RTX 3060 Ti. It is worth mentioning that I have it on a Gigabyte B560M DS3H V2 motherboard, I did not buy a motherboard with Z chipset because I already had...
  4. denielpls

    Question i9 11900k High temps on idle

    Hi so recently ive been getting these high temps on idle on my processor, i have a H100i v2 as cooler for the cpu but i notice that most of people who uses the same processor gets lowers temps on idle (35-40°c) And i'm getting 45-55°C as usual on idle, does anyone know why is this happening...
  5. N

    Question PC crashes (i9 11900k + RTX 3080 ti)

    Gentlemen, the problem is the following, after assembling the computer, I installed a fresh Windows 10, installed all the latest drivers, but in games the computer constantly crashes (sometimes to the desktop, sometimes it goes into reboot and shows a critical error Kernel-Power 41 (63)...
  6. BigYuh

    [SOLVED] Warzone 1440p Performance

    I've been looking to play Warzone at high frame rates and have continually been underwhelmed by the performance of my components. I originally had an I7 9700 (non k), EVGA 3070 TI, 16gb 2666 ram single stick, and booted the game off of a hard drive. I was getting about 70-90 FPS on 1440p. I just...
  7. Finnegan1616

    [SOLVED] will the 11900k be bothered by liquid metal

    So I'm planning on buying a new pc, but will liquid metal bother the i9-11900k, I heard it's rather corrosive and can bother metals like aluminum, would the 11900k be bothered?
  8. K

    [SOLVED] Best settings for an i9 - 11900k ?

    Hi, I just got myself an i9 -1900k and I need some advise regarding fine tuning my settings primarily in BIOS, from someone who is actually running this CPU. My specs are; ASUS Tuf Z490-plus (BIOS updated) Corsair 750W (Gold) i9 11900k - Kraken X63 ASUS 3080 Tuf 64 GB Corsair Vengeance...
  9. P

    [SOLVED] Can't install Windows 10 in UEFI mode, CSM disabled ?

    Hello! I'm out of my depth in this area, I'm in the process of installing Windows 10 on a newely built computer with completely new parts: Motherboard: Asus ROG Maximus XIII Hero CPU: Intel Core i9-11900k SSD: Samsung 980 Pro 2TB (Inserted into the M.2_1 slot) I'm trying to install through...
  10. GamerLackingKnowledge

    [SOLVED] Miscellaneous questions and request for advice

    Hey everyone, I'm new to the overclocking game and didn't know where to turn, I recently built a new PC (though lack a graphics card :sweatsmile:) and I wanted to get some advice on a couple of things. My specs: 11900k z590 Maximus Hero Xiii Arctic Liquid Freezer II 360 aio Trident Z Neo 32gb...
  11. 1337Skrjabin

    [SOLVED] 10900/11900 build help needed!

    Guys, I need your help in choosing between 10900/11900 and choosing a correct mobo for the final cpu choice. From what i saw from the comparisons, the performance gap between 10900 and 11900 is not that big but the price difference is there. So would it be a good choice to get a 10900 in pair...
  12. J

    [SOLVED] New MoBo and CPU Causing me some headache

    Hi Guys, I recently upgraded to a new Motherboard and CPU. While expecting this combination to be an upgrade it ends up beeing a huge headache. Constant crashes when putting the system under load is really starting to annoy me. So as my last resort i want to ask you all some advice: Hardware...