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  1. HuskyZ

    [SOLVED] Future setup

    Hello so I have a pc that ive been using for few years now. Its an intel core i7 2600 and a gtx 1650. Since the gpu prices are insane right now i cant upgrade my gtx 1650 but i totally want a setup with an i5 11400f that will have my gtx 1650 but will suport an rtx 3060 later on. Ive been trying...
  2. kapps1243

    Question Computer boots, but no display and 'breathing' MOBO (HOBBY MINING RIG)

    Hi guys, I am completely stumped. I am putting together a hobby mining rig for the first time, but am an avid PC builder. I was able to boot into the BIOS no issue 30 minutes ago, but now, I boot up to a black screen and 'breathing' motherboard LED's. The only changes I made since the last...
  3. S

    Question 11600kf creates too much heat

    Hello, Working on this configuration [=]ASUS 560 [=]NTEL 11600KF [=]CPU Fan Arctic CO 12 [=]One Back fan [=]One back top fan [=]Two rear case fan's with default setting on* TURBO BOOST (CPU and m are new) causing too much heat. its an upgrade from (ASUS b250m & i7100) SITUATION While...
  4. LoizosAristides

    Question Low FPS / High Integrated Graphics usage when using an External Monitor

    Hello everyone, Not sure if this is the right forum, but here it goes. I've recently bought a 1440p 144hz AOC 27G2U monitor. I've got it connected to my laptop via HDMI 1.4, which means I can't utilize the 144hz capabilities, due to the laptop port not being HDMI 2.0+, but that's fine with me...
  5. Z

    Build Advice Which of these four builds should I get ?

    Hello everyone!! Im trying to figure out what build should i get from the ones bellow (I live in Hungary so the prices will be wierd and high). My total budget is around €450 / $550, and gaming is 98% of the time i would spend with my computer. My options: -Ryzen 5 3600 (€189,94; $230,51)...
  6. GGOD

    [SOLVED] CPU temperature varies between cores under heavy load (prime 95)

    so i decided to change the thermal paste of my cpu since it has been a while since i installed it (around 4.5 years) ,after i did so i decided to run a stress test and see which temps im getting ,i used prime95 for that ,and the temps i got were as follows (core 0 and 1 were around 69-73 ,while...
  7. W

    Question I can't Undervolt my MSI GF65 Thin 10SER When I play AAA titles the CPU Temp crosses 90+ and 95 sometimes. So I changed the Maximum Processor rate to 99% under Power options and clock speed dropped to 2.4Ghz and Temp dropped under 70c But there are FPS decrease games not huge but Yes. Then I...
  8. R

    [SOLVED] acer 6930g temperatures

    Hi , My load CPU ( intel core 2 t6500 )temperatures are between 60ºc and 65ºc and GPU (ATI HD 4570) between 70ºc-82ºc there are normal tempratures for this acer 6930g with the fan with stock settings ? The pc was cleaned few days ago also changed thermal paste and gpu core pad
  9. T

    [SOLVED] Stress Testing bringing CPU temps to 100C instantly

    Hi guys, So I've been doing some Prime95 stress testing to try and solve another problem I've been having. This has all been in the last 3 or 4 days. Initially, the CPU was maxing out at about 75C, occasionally up to 80C. I've done about 10 CPU stress tests ranging from 5 mins to about 45 mins...
  10. MatthewJamess

    [SOLVED] Is now a good time to upgrade my CPU?

    First, I live in Argentina, so US prices and stocks don’t really apply here. This is my current set up: an I5 4460, 16gb ddr3 RAM, and a 2060 GPU. For a while now, I’ve been thinking of upgrading to a 10th gen Intel CPU, as Ryzen prices and availability here are a joke. However, now 11th gen is...
  11. E

    [SOLVED] DRAM LED on Asrock H470 Steel Legend

    I've recently bought myself an asrock h470 steel legend motherboard coupled with an i5 11400 and 2x8 ddr4 gskill aegis 3000mhz ram only to find that after trying to boot up my wouldn't boot... The fans would spin and all, there'd be rgb led's all over the place but no image. Only the...
  12. 3

    Question Help, my desktop PC won’t start! :(

    So tonight I installed intel RST because when my download speed is over 5mb my computer starts to lag. I googled and there found that installing Intel RST may resolve the problem. After I installed it the computer needs to restart but it never turned on after the restart. Everything will still...
  13. TechNo1geek

    Question CPU upgrade for my laptop ?

    Hi, I have an Asus KV55D laptop with an i7-3630qm processor. I opened it up to clean it out and realized the CPU wasn't soldered on, and had PQA989, i did some searching and found it was 1,2,3 gen CPUs. Is there any compatible processor that is better than mine ?
  14. B

    Question Failing to boot with a i5-4590 and a Asus B85M-E

    I am so confused to why my computer that I upgraded is failing to boot with my new CPU. I have a Asus B85M-E motherboard running the latest BIOS (3602) and I am trying to use a i5-4590 but it refuses to boot with it in but works fine with my old CPU (i5-4430). According to the ASUS CPU support...
  15. Endre

    Question Question: Can Alder Lake save Intel?

    Hello guys! I’m a PC enthusiast for quite some time. Until mid-2019 I’ve been an Intel “fan-boy”. But Intel started to lose their marketshare to AMD (and ARM). The next great platform from Intel that should get us all excited is the Alder Lake CPUs, on 10nm, with PCIe 4.0 / 5.0, and DDR5...
  16. MDunnink

    Question Z490 motherboards and Intel 11th gen

    If I were to buy a Z490 motherboard on let's say amazon right now, would it support Intels 11th gen processors (like the i5 11400) out of the box or would the motherboard require a BIOS-update first?
  17. sandijs11

    [SOLVED] Intel i7 9700 thermal spikes

    Hello everyone. I finally got my hands on an i7, in fact, a 9700 (non-k) one. The PC has an ASRock z370 Pro 4 motherboard and Patriot Viper 2x8GB 3200Mhz RAM. It also has Deep Cool GAMMAXX L120 water cooler for the CPU. After completing the build, something really threw me off while testing...
  18. Rinaudo

    Question Mixing GPUS

    Hi to everyone , I have a really though question about mix GPU , for example my system ( 1030GT + Intel UHD630 ) I plug my display in the UHD630 (Motherboard) cuz the 1030 Doesnt have a vga connector , Everything is working fine but i have some weird stuttering in my 1030 when i play some...
  19. P

    [SOLVED] What CPU Cooler should I get

    Hello guys, recently I upgraded my CPU into a i7 10700k (my previous one was a i7 4790k) When running games his temps go as far as 89ºc... Which I think it's not that good :( On idle my CPU is like 40ºc, and yesterday I went to render a video in 2K (in Davinci Resolve) and my CPU was reaching...
  20. D

    Question i9 9900k + TUF Z370

    Hello, Currently, I own an Intel 8700. I want to upgrade my system to an 8 core CPU for high refresh rate gaming. So, I was thinking to go for an i9 9900k or an i7 10700k. I am more inclined towards the 9900k as I don't have to buy a new motherboard. But, I am not sure if my current...