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  1. Kyos1

    Question Red CPU and Orange DRAM light

    hi i build a new pc and when i started it for the first time i had ram installed in A2 and B2 slots as advised but i got a fast red cpu light then a longer orange dram light and they keep cycling like that A2+B2 then i tried with only one ram stick in each slot and when i put it in the A1 and A2...
  2. teeteemo

    [SOLVED] i7-12700k random temperature spike on idle

    Hi! I just want to know if this is normal. I just notice while watching HWMonitor for 10mins straight (idle), my idle temp is around 27c~30c but there is one time or 2 times that the temperature spikes to 44c then go back to 28c instantly, and I saw that the Windows 11 widget process suddenly...
  3. A

    Question Looking to upgrade on a budget. CPU or save for a GPU?

    Hey all, I'm currently running a GTX 1050 (not Ti) and an Intel G4560. I've found a few refurbished processor upgrades for a decent price (i5 5600K, among others). Would this be worthwhile, or should I worry about my GPU first? Thanks!
  4. teeteemo

    Question Is AORUS WATERFORCE X 360 AIO good?

    Hi I'm building a new PC, my first choice for cooler is Noctua NH-D15, but when we try to put the cooler, there is not enough clearance with the case and the RAM, so I'm planning to switch to AIO, is this AORUS WATERFORCE X 360 AIO good? any problems with this AIO? (Cooling? Performance?)...
  5. FrostyFrisby

    Question Periodic micro stutters/freezes in games ?

    Hi I've been experiencing random micro stutters/freezes in all my games I've tried tons of suggestions online even a clean windows 10 and 11 install. Changing power settings Game bar disabling Xmp on and off Different mobo, psu and ram Disable v sync and g sync Toggle hardware accelerated...
  6. krelidas_34

    [SOLVED] Do NVIDIA graphics cards work better on Windows than Linux?

    A couple of years ago, Linus Torvalds starting grilling NVIDIA about the chips screwing up Android phones. He said, "NVIDIA, **** you!" and stuck out his middle finger. This made me conclude that NVIDIA just sucks for Linux and other Unix-based products. But as for Windows, NVIDIA's still...
  7. P

    Question i7 Cooler on i9 Processor?

    I have an Intel® Core™ i9-11900K CPU. I have a stock cooler from an Intel® Core™ i7-10700 boxed processor. Will this stock cooler be adequate for my i9? Thanks for any help – Phil
  8. criss551

    Question CPU i5-8250u stuck at 1.58ghz

    I have an Acer Aspire 5 with i5-8250u mx 150. My CPU is stuck at 1.58 Ghz. I tried to fix it with intelppm from regedit by setting the start value at 4, but it just got it to 1.80 Ghz. It was working at 3.40 Ghz. Is it the bdProchot? I didn't use it at heavy task so I don't think it was...
  9. dheeraj0077

    Question Which motherboard support this?

    Which motherboard support Intel Pentium J3710 processor?
  10. Question i9-9900k running very hot at stock settings ?

    I have been trying to fix this on my own and cannot seem to get this figured out. No matter what I try, my i9 will crank up 90-100c under 40% load. Certain games will spike it to 90, while others get it up to 80. When trying any testing it reaches 100c easily. I've tried many different solutions...
  11. U

    Question What reasons would someone upgrade solely for gaming and what would you upgrade?

    Intel Core i7 6700K @ 1598.83 MHz - CPU-Z VALIDATOR ( This is my system rn (getting another ssd soon), I was pretty much future proofed for myself with the 1050 ti i had, but i really wanted ray tracing, but now learning it's not that great and with Unreal 5 i feel it's even less...
  12. LongwayToFuture

    Discussion Intel Raptor Lake or Intel Meteor Lake 2023?

    I whas wondering is it good idea to buy now CPU or wait till next year to see what Intel or AMD has to ofer and i'm in need of upgrading something Good to best to last at least the next 7 Years What would be good Motherboard CPU GPU PC for Gaming and maybe Video Editing Intel Raptor...
  13. Q

    Question Computer won’t POST after black screen crash ?

    Hi all, Long story short my computer has died and I’m looking for advice on which parts I send back for warranty, as I’ve been out of the game for a while and don’t really have the means/time to do a thorough investigation myself. ——— come up a sucker when my headset went ‘Brrrt’ as my computer...
  14. M

    This Legion 7 or should I wait for ASUS Zephyrus G15 (2022)

    So I stumbled across this Factory Refurbished Legion 7. Sealed and all from Micro Center. Seems like it performs like a champ. The only issue I've encountered really is IPS glow. Which I only see when powering down or up. I never really see other than that. (I'll post some pictures. I've...
  15. LORYT699

    Question Asking about a good rig

    Hi, I'm asking about a really good rig, now I play on 1080p and I m asking for a rig that can do 144(also 122)fps on fhd and possibily at least a good 60fps on 1440p(all setting maxed exept for ray tracing) I m asking an high refresh rate for 1080p for competitive games and 2k 60fps for AAA...
  16. ccoo84

    [SOLVED] Looking for i7-7700k Best GPU for Bottleneck

    Hello I'm looking to get the best cheapest GPU Rtx for the money without having to rebuild my whole system.. My current card is a GTX 1080ti, I wanted to go for a RTX 3080ti build but saw a posting & a comment about the CPU being bottlenecked.. Your oppinion means allot thank you.. So which...
  17. A

    Question Wanting an upgrade that's worth the money

    I currently am rocking an i9-9900k 3.60GHz, I have a GeForce RTX 2070 8GB, 16GB of RAM, and for a motherboard I have the MSI Z390 Gaming Plus. I am wanting an upgrade that is worth the money that I would end up spending. I do not have the best rig but I would consider that I have a pretty decent...
  18. Jorgergo

    Question CPU Jumps from 50 C to 100C really fast

    Is it normal for my CPU to jump from average temperature of 50 Degrees to 100 Degreed in literally 1 second? I was trying to perform a Stress Test, My CPU was at 50-52 Degrees, but the second I click on Start Testing, the temperature goes up to 100 Degrees and the CPU thermal throttles. Any clue...
  19. Question CPU upgrade result blank screen

    My laptop have 988rPGA (idk why listed as 989rPGA in CPU-Z) socket. I already check the HM55 chipset capable to upgrade from i3 350M to i7 640M. I have already upgrade the similar laptop and it's going well. But this time it stuck at blank screen. The BIOS already updated to the last version...
  20. Burke_a_lot

    Question Intel USB driver version no working

    Hey all, Got a bit of a problem with my Precision Rack 7910. About 12 months ago the USB ports would not work after rebooting. Restarting a few times seemed to have fixed that and as long as the system was running it was fine. Now they won't work at all. No keyboard, mouse, flash drives...
  21. etiekyed1

    Question PC booting very slow and not recognizing SSD ?

    So recently, I cleaned and moved my computer into a new case due to unclean-able amounts of dust. During the process, i damaged a cpu socket pin, therefore having to purchase a newer CPU and motherboard (used to have a I7-7700k but was discontinued). After purchasing and installing my new...
  22. mcan226

    [SOLVED] How does the 12400 power usage work?

    Hi, i've rad that the 12400 uses 65W on idle and between 117 and 150w on "turbo". What exactly is that turbo about? the 10400 on the other hand only uses 65w all the time afaik. Why does the 12400 eat so much more energy? does the turbo means 100% usage? or is it some kind of overclock I have...
  23. T

    Question 0x124_16_GenuineIntel__UNKNOWN_IMAGE_GenuineIntel.sys

    Hi Guys, I'm sorry to bother you today but i need huge help about my problem.Here it is, yesterday while i was playing with my friends on apex legend, the game's texture began to glitch and my pc frooze/crash and reboot in a short time. ( Pc of 4 years ) Now its like that on every game, and...
  24. yasaiikai

    Question SSD Initialization failed. Intel S3710 800G

    1. How I got the problem: Recently got an Intel S3710 800g SSD. Since I wish to transfer data between mac and windows, I tried to reformat it into exFAT. File explorer got stuck some a while and then windows can not detect the disk. 2. Current status: -When I put it into an external case, the...
  25. C

    Question Input Lag/Float Mouse After Upgrading RAM Processor And Motherboard

    I've never been this frustrated with my PC. This is just getting on my nerves now. Need some serious help. Recently I jumped from: Intel Xeon 1230 V2 8 GB DDR3 RAM Intel Dq77 MOBO To: Intel i5-10400f 16 GB DDR4 MSI h410-M B motherboard. I am still using the same Power Supply which is...
  26. P

    Question i9-12900K Heatsink Cooler

    I am putting together a system with an i9-12900K Desktop Processor. My question is this, is there not an Intel brand heatsink cooler (thermal solution) for that processor. I have searched high and low and cannot find one. If anybody knows the answer please share it. Or if you have a link to the...
  27. MoeNAGY22

    Question i9 12900k 5.1 P-Cores / 4.0 E-Cores @ 1.29V | LLC 6

    My experience overclocking the 12th Gen i9 12900K CASE: Thermaltake View 51 MOTHERBOARD: MSI MPG Z690 EDGE WIFI DDR4 CPU: Intel® Core™ i9-12900K Processor MEMORY: Corsair Vengeance RGB Pro 32GB (2x16GB) DDR4 3200 (PC4-25600) C16 GPU: GeForce RTX™ 3090 24GB GDDR6X - GIGABYTE GAMING OC POWER...
  28. AdrianTheHumble

    Discussion Sold my approx $3500 PC for a PS5 and Instantly regretted it.

    Hi guys so I sold my $3500 approx PC for a brand new PS5, I live in India and tech are very expensive here, an iPhone 13 max pro 1tb costs a whopping $2355 here, I sold my PC for various reasons and I sold the parts separately so I can't tell u how much I sold it for, my PC specs are - AMD...
  29. MoeNAGY22

    Question i9 12900K Overclocking at 5.1 [Questions]

    Hi all, I have got a couple of questions on overclocking my i9 12900K. Set P-Core to 5100 MHz Set E-Core to 4100 MHz CPU BASE CLOCK SET TO 100.0 CPU ratio when running AVX | Set to 0 Ring Ratio | Left on Auto CPU core voltage set to 1.30 C1E Support | Disabled EIST / Inter Turbo Boost |...
  30. Question Sudden drop in power

    System: CPU: I5-12600K GPU: Inno3D RTX 3050 RAM: 32GB Kingston DDR5 Motherboard: Gigabyte z690ud ddr5 PSU: Corsair RMx 650 HDD: Seagate 2 TB 7200RPM SSD: Samsung 980 1TB My PC was working was it was my first build, it is not even a few weeks old, everything was working fine, I plugged in all my...
  31. GigaNOT455

    Question First Ryzen build. Need some help with OCng/Power limits.

    First Ryzen Build, 5950x, seems way more convoluted than it needs to be compared to Intel, It's actually getting quite annoying. So i have a stable Manual/All Core oc AT 1.29V 4.67 ghz. (get 72 degrees max at around 20-30 mins) Yet, my cpu z scores for single core fluctuate constantly from...
  32. M

    Discussion Thoughts on increasing GPU power usage and global warming

    Hello everyone, this is something that's been on my mind ever since the launch of the 3090, and especially now with the 3090 Ti and the upcoming launches of RDNA3 and, in particular, Lovelace, I feel like it's something I want to discuss with the community. In last couple of years, governing...
  33. J

    Question New build parts list

    Looking to build a new setup for gaming and online classes. Already own a 3060ti and 6700xt to use for graphics card ( might use both to mine in the same build for the time being ) Any thoughts on this list below ? Fairly certain I want to go with 12600k 0r 12700k, 1tb os storage, 1tb game...
  34. G

    Question Need to build a rig 12th gen Intel-Asus Setup

    Need to build a rig 12th gen Intel-Asus Setup Budget($2500) Requirements: 12th Gen Intel Core i9-12900 GPU RTX 3080 EATX Motherboard DDR5 WiFi 6 PCIe 5.0 support Lian Li fans 4k Monitor Thank you
  35. P

    Question Black screen after enabling Secure Boot ?

    Hi, wondering if anyone can help me. I recently bought a used gaming pc and I am having great trouble getting it to boot. About a month ago now, I went into my BIOS and enabled Secure Boot, nothing else, just clicked to enable secure boot. I saved the settings and the PC did not reboot as...
  36. S

    Question "Turbo Boost Power Max" and "Turbo Boost Short Power Max" exceeding max TDP of 125W. is this normal ?

    so in the Intel® Extreme Tuning Utility, I can see that Turbo Boost Power Max and Turbo Boost Short Power Max are set to 288W while the reported maximum TDP is 125W. is this normal? Intel® Extreme Tuning Utility CPU-Z Max TDP
  37. M

    Question PC restarts itself under high CPU load without BSOD

    Hi all, My PC sometimes just restarts by itself when I launch my warzone. I have a high suspicion that is cause by my CPU load. CPU never goes above 80C and gpu is essentially capped at 20%. Probably because the CPU bottlenecks it. CPU load hovers around 90-100% when playing. I make sure that...
  38. NewMemberLooking4Help

    Question Importance of the CPU performance compared to the iGPU performance

    Hi, im trying to buy a new laptop and im in a small struggle right now. I want to buy a laptop with an integrated GPU and i don't know how important the performance of the iGPU is, compared to the performance of the CPU. I want to use my new laptop primarily for work, studying and a bit of YT...
  39. NewMemberLooking4Help

    Question Importance of the iGPU compared to the CPU performance

    Hi, im trying to buy a new laptop and im in a small struggle right now. I want to buy a laptop with an integrated GPU and i don't know how important the performance of the iGPU is, compared to the performance of the CPU. I want to use my new laptop primarily for work, studying and a bit of YT...
  40. Intel_Pentium_4

    Question Small circuit board that was soldered to the CPU

    Why do some CPU models have a small circuit board with them (like the Intel Xeon Prestonia and Intel Itanium 2)? What is their purpose? What if we desolder the chip out of the board(because these models of CPU are BGA chips)? Is the chip itself still functional?