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    Question Amd to Intel- Help with moving

    I need to upgrade my 3700x/B450 combo to 13900K/B760. The PROBLEM is that I've got +300 games installed and +200 programs, 50% of which are essential for my work and have config files/templates/presets which would take months to track, something that I don't have. Reinstalling all the games and...
  2. T

    Question i7-8700 Temperature Issues & Power Limit Throttling

    Hello everyone, I recently bought a second-hand i7-8700 processor and it's worked fine for a few weeks until recently, where I noticed the PC dumping out lots more hot air than usual, causing my room to be seriously hot and uncomfortable to be in. Upon further investigation, the CPU...
  3. C

    Question CPU thermal behaviour can change depending on BIOS/Firmware?

    Good afternoon guys, I'm Marco, I'm new and I come from Italy. I'm here to hope to have a clue about my new cpus laptop behavior. Recently I bought an Alienware M17 R4 10870H/3080 laptop. I bought it used, but seems to be ok. The fact is that when I try to reset the pc I notice huge heat and a...
  4. K

    Question What is this random flickering and can it be fixed?

    Okay I've tried a lot of things to fix this issue, if it can be fixed at all, and none of them worked. The issue is in both GTA 4 and GTA 5, where there is a strange graphical flicker whenever I move the camera. Here is some footage of it in GTA 5 and for some reason when camera is facing...
  5. S

    Question When I turn on Power Saver on My Windows 10 Power plan my CPU temperatures decrease dramatically. Is it a bad thing to keep my pc on power saver mode

    Hi, I turned on "Power saver mode" on my windows 10 Power plan. And it dramatically decreased my CPU temperature and power consumption. Where I am from the Ambient temperatures are really high around 42c. So my I7 13700K runs hot even with a 280 MM Aio. I didn't undervolted my cpu. I just want...
  6. imranfp

    Question Bought an excellently certified refurbished Asus TUF Gaming F15 and unfortunately having some issues which i am not sure are software or hardware of t

    Hi all- 2 main issues here: it doesn't connect to my (most capable) external monitor at 144hz, instead running at 120hz. What's weird is that my internal laptop screen itself is 144hz IPS so not quite sure what to make of this? Is it a software fault or is my laptop actually incapable of...
  7. ClassV

    Question PC Freezing on idle

    Hi, I had this exact problem a while back and it was resolved through getting a new SSD. However, I never knew the source of my problem. Basically my PC would just freeze on idle and would have to be hard reset in order to be used. It would also have weird extreme lag spikes occasionally while...
  8. S

    Question VGA light on

    Hello, I have just built a computer with CPU:i5 12400 Motherboard:gigabyte Z690 UD AX Ram:16x2 corsair vengence 3200mhz SSD/HDD: 512gb crucial p3 plus GPU: Inte hd 730/ integrated graphics PSU:EVGA G5 750W Chassis: Fractal Design meshify 2 OS:None(planning on installing ubuntu server)...
  9. P

    Question CPU Temps.

    Hey, so I just ordered a new AIO for my desktop. I suspect my old AIO(NZXT M22 Kraken 120mm) was dead, so I ordered a new one (NZXT X63 280mm).I’m not sure when it started happening, but my CPU (I7-10700K) was running pretty hot usually around mid 80’s to mid 90’s °C, so here’s hoping it helps...
  10. airwickk

    Question Could I swap out the boot drive from one computer with another’s?

    To make a long story short, I have two desktops in my home, and one of them currently doesn’t work. Both PCs only use a single M.2 SSD, therefore both have Windows 11 installed onto them, and both are the boot drives for their respective desktops. Each system also has an Intel processor, so...
  11. T

    Question What should I upgrade to? Currently on i5 8600k

    Hi everyone, I am considering upgrading my CPU (as well as mobo) and wanted some suggestions that won't break the bank. I am currently on an EVGA Z370 board with an i5 8600k @ 5GHz all-core. At this point, 6c/6t just isn't cutting it anymore so what would be some solid value upgrades? If I...
  12. Melvin Mogwera

    Question Which Graphics Card Is the Best for the I3-13100F preferably Nvidia

    Best Nvidia Graphics Card I3-13100F Max Nvidia GPU without Creating a Bottelneck?
  13. EzPzStreamz

    Question Intel i9-13900k temperature spikes seem odd

    Hey everyone, I just installed an 13900k on a MSI Z790-A cooled by an Corsair H115i Pro. I have been tracking temps while idle and while playing games. I've noticed everything seems as expected with sudden temp spikes of over 10C. I will be idling around 38C and then it spikes max to 49C. When...
  14. jnjnilson6

    Question Ten Years or Twenty?

    For the Consumer Fastest Intel CPU in 2003 - Pentium 4 EE @ 3.2 GHz (130 nm / 1 core and 2 threads / 3.2 GHz) Fastest Intel CPU in 2013 - Core i7-4960X (22 nm / 6 cores and 12 threads / up to 4.0 GHz) Fastest Intel CPU in 2023 - Core i9-13900KS (10 nm / 24 cores and 32 threads / up to 6.0...
  15. W

    Intel Core to Ryzen Core

    I recently switched to a ryzen core from some ancient dusty i5, as well as improving many other things in the PC. Recently, I have been surfing through my computer and am finding numerous applications and background processes that all have intel in the name. Due to no longer using anything intel...
  16. A

    Question Msi z97 gaming 5

    Hi, I was browsing internet my computer went off suddenly, so i tried it to turn it on back but it did not turn on ( electricity did not cut)so i open casing and check then i saw blue light is blinking, Tried No bend pins Reset cpu Tried 1 ram in all slots Tried new power supply Tried cmos...
  17. Oktavian Rez

    Question PC won't boot after a cpu upgrade

    So i have a friend who use a Intel i3-2120. I have a i5-3570, and after i buy a new pc i decide to give my old cpu to my friend since its have the same chipset (H61, his using a p8h61-m lx r2.0) But after installing the cpu, my friend PC doens't boot at all. Black screen, the mouse light doesn't...
  18. W

    Question Upgrading from 7 3700x to an i7-13700k

    Hi guys, I was thinking of starting to upgrade my pc however start with the cpu first. I currently have a 1070ti and a ryzen 7 3700x. I mainly play comp. games such as csgo and valorant on 1080p. I was thinking of upgrading to an i7-13700k. Do you think it is a good decision? Will i get better...
  19. CapeTown

    Question PC66 RAM question

    Hi All This is my virgin post on TH so I apologize for any jank formatting or missed procedures, I will learn. I appreciate your time and responses regarding this post…. I’m currently building a OG battle station and had a quick question regarding upgrading the RAM Currently it has two of the...
  20. X

    Question Bottleneck i7 4790 RTX 3060Ti or maybe 3070

    Hello i have a question : My current system is I7 4790 GTX 970 16 gb Ram 1600mhz so the question is: If i buy the rtx 3060 ti or rtx 3070 will they bottleneck the i7 4790 because its old gpu or whats the best gpu for this cpu!
  21. antony_k

    Question Intel i5 9300H frequency/voltage drop and shutdown

    Hi, everyone. I am facing an issue of shutting off my laptop while playing videogames. Whenever I play a game titles (even 5 years old) I noticed a significant fps drop (from ~80 fps to 10-20fps) for a 3-5 seconds. After 3-4th rep laptop just shuts off without any errors in a Windows logs...
  22. L

    Question CPU temp permanently at 100c and will randomly boot at low speeds like .8-1.2 instead of 3-4.2

    My computer for the last month or so has randomly been throttled after being booted. Sometimes it starts up just fine with CPU speeds of 3-4.2ghz and run normally meanwhile other times it'll start up at around 1.1ghz base and get slower and slower if I decide to play a game. The only way I've...
  23. J

    Question Lenovo Blocking Driver Updates

    I have a Lenovo Yoga running Intel i7 8th Gen. Recently, I downloaded Diablo II Resurrected but the game prompts me to update my Intel drivers or suffer stability issues and crashes. I've updated as much as I can using the Lenovo Vantage updater, Windows Updater and even downloaded a free...
  24. S

    Question Pre-built Computer -- Possibly Overclocked -- Need Help

    So, I bought a pre-built computer with an Intel i9-10900K and an Nvidia 3080 I'm pretty sure my system is overclocked (my temperatures run high on idle and in games) but I'm unsure how to confirm or even what I can do to fix this. I was wondering if anyone knew how to or has any tutorials on...
  25. jonathanbj1977

    Question guys Overall this PC is performing below expectations (38th percentile)???

    guys Overall this PC is performing below expectations (38th percentile)??? is time to replace my entire pc or I just upgrade GPU/CPU??? best CPU/GPU to upgrade please? UserBenchmarks: Game 111%, Desk 93%, Work 84% CPU: Intel Core i7-11700F - 74.2% GPU: Nvidia RTX 3070 - 143.7% SSD: Samsung...
  26. jnjnilson6

    Question A Question Ahead

    A question ahead! Well, this would constitute a rather simple question and that would be - When will you upgrade your CPU again? Now, I know that mostly this would be fictitious and guesswork due to the sole fact we may never truly predict what will happen in the hardware world within and...
  27. P

    Question Best configuring BIOS settings ASUS PRIME B550-PLUS

    Hy guys! I would like your help, because for some reason the game is not smooth(CSGO,CS1.6, and whatever fps) and I have a G-sync 240hz monitor, and I think something needs to be set in the bios, but I don't know, Windows was installed today. I attached the rest below. Thank you for the help...
  28. Microsoft Changes

    Question Higher than usual GPU idle power consumption and temperature

    Hello there So i build this brand new system yesterday, mainly for HTPC usage (Watching videos, Etc.). I installed windows and it boot up flawlessly but i noticed that the GPU heatsink is very warm even at idle condition. So i opened GPU-Z and saw high core temperature of 54 celcius and power...
  29. ccoo84

    [SOLVED] Upgrading from i7 7700k to the best choice cpu for the money?

    Hello I'm thinking about upgrading from a i7 7700k to a new processor, I have a 3090 So now I want to upgrade the CPU.. Whats the best choices for gaming mostly & content creation like Creation Kit etc? AMD or Intel, it doesn't matter thank you. Please brand & model.
  30. GraptikBlizzard

    Question CPU Degraded in a Day?

    I upgraded to a 13700KF about a week ago and have been tweaking my overclock of it ever since. I got it stable at 5.5GHz all P-Cores with E-Cores disabled. I also overclocked my RAM from 3600MHz CL16 to 3900MHz CL17. This configuration was rock solid stable, passing hours of Cinebench...
  31. Psycho381

    [SOLVED] Higher RAM frequency than the CPU supports

    My CPU supports ram speed up to 2666mhz, is there a point in upgrading to 3200mhz, are there any benefits going above 2666 ( mostly regarding FPS, but other stuff to) Full pc spec: RAM: G.Skill Ripjaws 2133mhz cl15 (2x16gb) Cpu: i7 8700k cpu info Gpu: MSI 1070ti data sheet, next week...
  32. bankrolldisplayname

    Question ASROCK Z170M EXTREME 4

    HI, I have a ASROCK Z170M EXTREME 4 and im trying to under stand the full thing, i have a few questions if you guys could help! What are the compatible CPUs ? Does it matter if its Skylake, Coffee Lake or Kaby Lake? Does the ram have to be compatible to the motherboard or the cpu? What if the...
  33. ayoowavy

    [SOLVED] Should I stick to amd or go with intel for my upgrade?

    I am planning to upgrade both my cpu and mobo together. I currently have a 3200g apu and an rx 5600xt inside a gigabyte b450m dsh3. I am choosing between upgrading to a 5600/5600x paired with a b550 motherboard or change platforms and go with the 12400f/12400 and b660. My third option is to...
  34. jnjnilson6

    Discussion Windows 12 - CPU Requirements

    Where would the dividing tab be placed when Windows 12 arrives on the scene? Would it be 10th or 11th gen? Or would CPUs further up too be ineligible for the OS? This notion duly regards AMD processors and their particular architectures too. Would more than 2 cores be required and at what...
  35. patrickinho

    Question CPU usage is high effortlessly

    I recently upgraded from a 1050 TI/R3 2200G to a 3070/i5 12400F. Ever since I upgraded, I never felt like it was a new PC. Things stuttered, took a long time to load and even crashed at sometimes. I thought maybe that was normal because I use an old Sata SSD, but now I really don't think it is...
  36. dexud

    [SOLVED] Is there any way to limit turbo mode?

    Well that, it turns out that the temperature of my cpu increases a lot with turbo mode, but the base cpu frequency is somewhat low, so it would help me to be able to limit the ghz of turbo mode, the cpu does not support undervolt, nor overclock since It is a server cpu, it is an e5 2689 version...
  37. S

    [SOLVED] Undervolting my i7 13700K

    Today I decided to undervolt my i7 13700K. And I also changed Changed Long duration power limit and short duration power limit. What I did are as follows (1) Disabled enforce all limits (2) Changed Long duration power limit and short duration power limit 125 and 253 respectively (3) Global core...
  38. H

    Question Should I buy Intel "F" series Processor or the simple one will work

    I am on budget is it worth buying "F" one as i already have a graphics card so display is not an issue As for specifics i am looking between Intel Core i5-11400 AND Intel Core i5-11400F For anyone entrusted i am buying from here
  39. someonecurious

    Question My laptop is throttling after 5 minutes of gaming ?

    hey guys, first of all sorry for my bad English, so whenever i play games, everything seems fine for the first couple of minutes, 60 fps, great graphic and all of em, you said it, but then when after 5 minutes, it drop into 30fps or even below, and when i check my cpu speed, its down to 0,79...
  40. D

    [SOLVED] Intel i5-13600k thermal throttling with noctua nh-d15 in cinebench

    Hi all, did a similar thread a couple weeks back but I recently swapped out my cooler as it wasn't keeping temps in check for the chonky noctua to d15 and idle temps have improved drastically around 35 degrees but in stress tests its shooting up to 97 to 100 degrees in under a minute. Tried...