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  1. C

    Windows 7 Won't Boot and I Can't Restore It, Reinstall?

    Well this is interesting... Thursday night I decided to run Defraggler because defragging your computer is cool, right? So I decided to defrag my whole HDD (with Windows on it). I left my computer on overnight because it said it would take more than a day to complete. The next morning, I...
  2. A

    display is not fixed

    i am not getting display adjustable option pls help me
  3. K

    GPU Problem :(

    Recently I bought the XFX R9 280x. It has been fit correctly but my PC doesn't seem to connect with it properly. Its not the power supply because I have a 750w and that's more than enough, and the card itself is not faulty because it works with a friends PC. I thing it might be the motherboard...
  4. meloninja

    Best GPU for Skyrim and Fallout: NV

    What would be the best NVIDIA card for running Skyrim and Fallout: NV at high setting at around 40 FPS? I would prefer the card to be under $300, but if there is one for around $330 or less, let me know. I won't be using any graphics mods. My build is below,,, Intel i5 4690K Cooler Master Hyper...
  5. I

    Wifi On Custom Build?

    Im not sure how I will get wifi. My motherboard is the Gigabyte GA-Z97X-UD3H-BK. Does this board come with built in wifi connectors, or do i need a plugin? I cant use a LAN cable.
  6. Stevo97

    Twitch Stream Lag

    Hello All, So here's the problem. Recently I've noticed issues with my stream on the user end. Everything locally runs smooth omitting my FPS since I don't have a decent graphics card, but this still never affected anything before up until recently when World of Warcraft released 6.0.3 Patch...
  7. T

    Can't raise CPU multiplier

    Hi all, I am hoping this is something simple, maybe I am just not aware of some setting to change. I have an Asus Rampage IV Black Edition and an i7-4930k, and I am trying to do a simple overclock on the core. I used the water-clocking profile in the BIOS, and changed the core ratio limit to 43...
  8. B

    is this pc good for gaming

    i'm thinking of getting a pc,i have one in mind and if i leave a link on Amazon please can someone tell me if it can play arma2/3 and games like that...
  9. M

    my acer aspire E1-531 is failing to boot saying no bootable device found after 2seconds of flashing an acer logo, what do I do

    my acer aspire E1-531 is failing to boot saying no bootable device found hit any key, (for which only enter button is responding) after 2seconds of flashing an acer logo, when I press enter it goes to boot manager>boot option menu>enter to select options_pressing enter is not responding ...
  10. X

    1080P vs 1440P 34" Ultrawide

    On my screen right now I have two separate tabs. One has the LG 34UM95 for $999 The other has the LG 34UM65 for $679 I've done my research and I'm sold on 34" widescreen gaming. The difference between these two monitors is that the 34UM95 is 1440P and the 34UM65 is 1080P. I have a GTX 780ti...
  11. C

    Changing Wifi card in laptop

    I've deduced that my wifi card is faulty. My sister-in-law has an old laptop that has one and says I can use that card. I have 802.11 b/g/n, if hers is the same then would they be ok to swap out?
  12. R

    intel gaming rig

    I want to assemble a gaming rig that can play all latest games on high settings don't care about very high or ultra settings my budget is strictly 65k
  13. D

    120mm water cooler

    I need a water cooler that is considerably slim and still able to perform very well. I've seen that water coolers have one bump on either side of the radiator and im looking for one where there is no bump or a VERY small one where the water tubes aren't coming out of
  14. G

    unique keyboard switching question

    So a few months back I finally gave using my 37" tv a shot as a pc monitor... and I love it :D The "problem" I have now, is that I picked up a ps4 when it released last year... and I'd like to be able to use the same keyboard for both if possible, without having to physically move the usb plug...
  15. D

    Power consumption for a AMD 8 CORE 4K+ and GTX780 TI

    The title should be pretty self explanatory. I have a gold rated corsair 750w psu that I purchased in preparation for an upgrade to my system. I plan on either placing a 780 or 780ti in my system, as well as a whole new CPU because I currently only have a 4 core 3.0. Could my gold rated 750w...
  16. M

    FX 8350 Hard Crashing ASUS M5A97 R2.0 Motherboard

    Hey everyone. Im at the end of my know-how here and was hoping that someone else might be able to give some insight. I upgraded my computer in September. Put in a new CPU, motherboard, and GPU. Everything worked fine until the end of January. I started getting freezing while the CPU was...
  17. R

    MSI gaming edition GTX 760 vs 770?

    Hi im ricardo and i was wondering if there is a huge difference between the GTX 760 and the GTX 770 from MSI
  18. T

    R9 270X vs GTX 760

    Some people say GTX 760 is better than R9 270X but some of my friends say R9 270X is better in some point. (R9 270X has mantle tech) So which one is better? Is the difference big?
  19. E

    Computer freezes while watching videos online. (r9 290)

    Like the title say. When i watch videos or streams online my computer freezes (youtube, twitch, facebook videos etc) And i think it might be related to my new graphics card. Last week i bought a R9 290 and i got the right drivers to get it working correctly yesterday. (Had problems with low fps...
  20. S

    gtx 780 and 500w psu

    will an i5 4440 with a 500w or 550w psu run a gtx 780 ? I did a calculator and it says it came to 470w...? oh also a 500gb SSHDD with 2x4 gb corsair 1600mhz ram. This is the psu I have I think
  21. G

    Computer start up Issues

    HI guys, new to the forums and i have a bit of a issue with my computer. I bult a gaming rig 2 years ago with a i5-2500k, 8gbs of vengance ram, gtx 560ti and a 700w psu and a z68 extreme3 gen3 mobo./ so about 6 months ago i turned my computer one day and it literally took 30 mins to go from...