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    Question namp&ettercap not same result for hosts on Wi-Fi

    Hello, I would need some clarifying about Nmap and Ettercap. I just run thru my home wi-fi network and realized one thing I don't understand. When using nmap I can see all my devices in netwrok. So I assume that works great. When I run ettercap it says 0 host in network, which is weird bcs I...
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    Question VM kali linux freezes at installing system

    Hey everyone, I want to install kali on my VM, everything is fine except the fact that towards the end the installation freezes (cant move cursor inside vm). I dont know what to do, all it says is installed "eatmydata (amd64)" and the intsallation bar won't move. If this matters: -I used...
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    Question Need a graphics card for Dell XPS 8300

    My girlfriend's Dell XPS 8300 has been going strong since 2011. It came with an ATI Radeon 6700 Graphics card. She uses the PC mainly to browse the internet, play Minecraft, and play Overwatch. I know the PC is old, but right now she doesn't have the money to get a whole new PC. I'm looking...
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    [SOLVED] Tried to dual boot but windows disappeared.

    Today I tried to dual boot kali Linux and Windows 10 but when I finished, Windows 10 didn’t show up on the boot loader. I am very sure that I created a partition and a swap partition and that I put it on the correct partition. At the end I of the installation it said there was another operating...
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    Help finding a replacement M2 screw for this Acer laptop

    I need help with this weird M2 screw standoff combo, I'm wondering if I can use any kind of screw or if I need to get another screw like this from Acer, or what kind of screw do I need to set this in place. Laptop model is Acer Aspire A515 Photos of the situation http://imgur.com/a/2wlzHr0...
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    having issues with my display, at times i think i can see it doing a refresh, lines

    okay so I recently built a new pc, before that I had a laptop with an extra monitor attached via vga, I built my pc and used the extra as the only monitor using a dvi. in the game stick fight I started noticing lines that start at the bottom of the screen and going up. then in many other games...
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    software to monitor my gpu/cpu stats

    i want my msi afterburner ingame monitor to look like this from a youtuber who said he is also using msi afterburner this is how mine looks
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    fan cable extenders?

    I have six fans in my new build. There are three on the front rad with a splitter that joins them all into cpu fan 2. The other three are on another splitter and they are plugged into one of the system fans. In trying to keep the case as clean as possible, I'd like to route the wiring behind...
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    can quadro 2000 SLI ?

    i have 2 quadro 2000 , can it be SLI ?
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    Accessing HDD after unplugged and booted on Ubuntu

    Hello, So basically my problem is that I'm booting off a USB with Ubuntu on it. To do this I've had to unplug the HDD due to BIOS complications (I can't access the BIOS and the CMOS method isn't viable). When the PC is on the Ubuntu desktop I want to be able to access the files on the HDD...
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    Deleting duplicate OS?

    Hello. I have windows on both my SSD AND HDD I assume I can't just delete the windows files off of one.... is there another simple way? I have windows 10 Have windows 8 CD with key tho
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    Did i missing some parts and it will fit in cooltek umx3 ( costum loop)

    Planing to buy costum loop for pc costum waterloop parts : http://prntscr.com/91ap22 this is site of case cooltek umx3 : http://www.cooltek.de/en/jonsbo-powered-by-cooltek/umx-series/157/umx3-window first question is do i have all needed parts (exept water) ? second is did anyone try that...
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    FX 8350 upgrade issue

    So I've been using my Fx8150 for about 5 years now and my cousin wants me to build him a new PC anyways so I thought I should upgrade to FX8350 and give him my 8150. I got and installed the 8350 today and the first thing I did was to try out my games... CSGO and GTAV to be specific but now I...
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    Red And Cyan 3D Glasses Not Working.

    i have a pair of red / cyan 3d glasses .. i have watched 3d videos and stereoscopic 3d games like :cod4 wearing that glasses ... i can feel the depth and effect but there is a shade of red and sometimes blue that is disturbing too muchh . pls help me . AND SORRY FOR MY POOR ENGLISH.