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  1. Rizzler101

    what laptop specs should i go for?

    Been looking at getting a laptop for studies and fun, I think i found good deal, just not sure if i should look for something different Budget= $2000AUD=$1350USD Lenovo LOQ 15APH8 AMD Processor : AMD Ryzen™ 5 7640HS Processor (4.30 GHz up to 5.00 GHz) Operating System : Windows 11 Home 64...
  2. Aera1132

    i want to buy best laptop

    i want to buy best laptop with Best Battery High Performance 8GB RAM 512 SSD
  3. I

    [SOLVED] PCIE SSD max sizes in laptops

    I have been searching for a new gaming laptop and ran into an interesting (first world) problem I hadn't realized was a problem. So it seems the Lenovo Legion 7 and the ROG Strix Scar can both (as per their support) only accept 1TB SSD cards. This gives a max of 2TB only. I say only because the...
  4. AmineMO

    Question high laptop gpu temperature while idle (1650ti)

    My gpu is running at a high temp while idle. when i turn my laptop on the temp is around 25C to 30C then it keeps rising till it reaches 55C. (not using any program at all) note that windows apps are running on the Nvidia gpu like searchapp etc. and the core clock stays at 300mhz and gpu temp at...
  5. Elias1996

    Question my laptop underperforming!!!

    i have an asus fx506lu laptop core i5 10300h with gtx 1660ti and it stutters like crazy in games with low fps i have reinstalled windows 3 time updated bios and drivers and nothing works i used benchmarking software and it is normal all high scores it just stutters and bad performance in games...
  6. R

    Question Chromebook versus PC for programming ?

    Hello all, I am a Uni student in business analytics and I need a laptop. I was hopping you lovely people could help answer my question. Should I get a Chromebook or a PC for coding purposes? Which would be better?
  7. N

    Question Hard disk usage jumping to 100% every few seconds ?

    My laptop's disk usage is jumping to 100% after every few seconds. There are now such processes running in the background or foreground which could consume disk. But still its happening . The problem is reached to the extent that my laptop is freezing every time usage reaches 100% . There are...
  8. A

    Question Should I buy a new Lenovo IdeaPad 5 or a used Dell XPS 13 ?

    Hey! I am going to buy a new laptop for 600 - 700 Euro and had decided to buy a Lenovo IdeaPad 5 14 ”with AMD Ryzen 5 4500U 2.3 GHz and 8GB RAM. But now I am thinking about if I instead should buy a refurbished Dell XPS 13 9370 with Intel Core i5-8250U 1.6GHz and 8GB RAM. Which do you think I...
  9. A

    Question Keyboard get disconnected from laptop

    Laptop: HP Pavilion Laptop 15-cc0xx Problem: my laptop keyboard gets disconnected while I'm using it, and I cannot interact with it. The Caps Lock button keeps flashing. Also the laptop cannot connect to internet whether it's wifi or wired. But the mouse and Bluetooth still working. Restart the...
  10. G

    [SOLVED] Windows 10 activation

    I have a quick question for you guys. I own a lenovo ideapad 110-15ISK with windows 10 home 64bit pre installed. If i upgrade to windows 10 PRO via Microsoft Store, will i be able to retain my PRO licence when i change laptop in the future? Say if i buy a new laptop with windows 10 home, will i...
  11. Tech_noob8910

    [SOLVED] How many ssd or nvme slots does my laptop have ?

    I have a HP 15s-1008tx that i bought from china, this thing only has 512gb of ssd i would like to increase that to at least 1 tb.
  12. Equlilty

    [SOLVED] I need help with my graphics card options

    So I am running a laptop to play games and it came built-in with: AMD Radeon R2 Graphics and AMD E2-7110 Processor and 4GB of RAM. Just 30 minutes after posting this thread I took it apart and put in 16GB of RAM, my question is do I need to change my Graphics card the make the ram run at full...
  13. D

    Question Difficulty playing even older games at higher resolution...

    My laptop can play relatively modernish games like fallout 4 or Battlefield 1 at 720p low(30 fps), so I thought going to pre 2010 era for 1080p. But even games as old as Hitman: blood money can't go higher than 900p with smooth framerates.. I'd like to know why.. GPU: Radeon 520 CPU: i3...
  14. QuowLord

    [SOLVED] Custom Laptop Parts?

    I am trying to build a custom laptop, and I am aware that this will probably be rendered used primarily as a proof of concept. I am also aware that this has likely already been done. My question is whether anyone can find a way to reduce the cost of the parts listed in the spreadsheet attatched...
  15. A

    Question Celeron J3160 and YouTube Full HD

    Hello! I have cheap laptop with Intel Celeron J3160, Intel HD Graphics 400, 8GB ram and 70+ SSD. But I have problems with it. I can't even watch YouTube in Full HD or HD. CPU is load on 100%. And it lags very much. Is it so bad? My OS is Windows 10. P.S. Sorry for my mistakes.
  16. W

    Question CPU fan noise

    CPU fan on my MSI GS65 Stealth laptop started making a grinding noice today. Here is a video with the noise View: Not sure if the fan just needs to be cleaned. I took it apart and air dusted the fan in question, it was not very dirty at all. And it did not help...
  17. I

    Question Need suggestion for new laptop

    Hey everyone looking to purchase a laptop looking to spend between 1000-1300. Need some suggestions. Using it for maybe some content creation basic editing watching netflix and watching twitch streams.
  18. A

    Question Will gaming while the laptop is kept on bed dangerous as it generates a lot of heat?

    I just bought an asus laptop about a month back and i have been gaming on it quite a bit and as i don't have a table or anything i use it on my bed and it generates a lot of heat. Will this deteriorate my laptop's performance/parts?
  19. K

    Question best laptop $500-$600

    In the market for a laptop that performs well, not too thick, and ensures durability from the $500-$600 price point.. Would be using the laptop everyday, at least 256gb ssd or 500gb+ if not ssd. Need to buy the laptop by today July 31, 2019. Thank you! reposted, just trying to get a variety of...
  20. E

    Discussion Slow Bootup Time on Laptop

    I just a bought a new laptop, specifically an Acer Nitro 5. The specs are i5-8300h and 4 gb ram with GTX 1050 4GB and 1 tb hdd. It has a slow bootup, about 1 min - 2 mins. Is it because of lack of RAM? Or is it because I do not have an ssd? I tried making my GTX 1050 the main graphics in this...
  21. Karim Mohammed

    [SOLVED] My laptop is overheating,,,

    Hello, I have a problem... since 3 month My laptop is overheating when I playing any game CPU reach 70:75 GPU reach 95!! with 10 FPS !!!! I am using a cooler and in a normal status CPU reach 40:45 GPU reach 40:45 I just repaste theCPU&GPU with Arctic Silver 5 and clean it...(since 24 hours)...
  22. I

    Question Video Editing with DaVinci Resolve 16

    Hello everyone, I'm looking for a Laptop for video editing in DaVinci Resolve 16( when its out of it's beta) . I'll only be editing 1080p .mov files so no 4k or something. I have a pretty low budget though(~500€), so Ill probably get it second hand. I found an ACER A717-71G-72W2 with -intel i7...
  23. exaiwashere

    Which is Better?

    Dell Latitude E6410 14.1" Laptop Intel Core i5 1st gen 2.40Ghz 4GB Ram or DELL LATITUDE E7240 ULTRABOOK / I5 CPU / 4GB RAM / 128GB SSD / 12" TOUCHSCREEN. I'm thinking to buy for my office needs one from both. Which is better?
  24. U

    Question How can I get a better gaming performance on my laptop?

    Laptop: Lenovo Ideapad 310 Touch Processor: i7-7500u Ram 12gb Gpu: Intel HD 620 Windows 10 From what I know its the GPU that is bottlenecking my performance, however I'm not sure how I can upgrade it in a laptop. I want to play games like GTA 5, fortnite, apex legends, cs go, sea of theives...
  25. D

    Direct X Help

    Hey, I am currently running windows 10 on direct x12. I know that by running dxdiag in the run program. I am planning on getting a asus 750 ti OC (Overclocked). It says the card has directx 11? Will this card work with the current version of direct x I am running now? Please this would be...