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  1. J

    Question I need help with touchpad

    Hello guys. I bought a new HP laptop without OS, i used win10 usb to install and then i install all the drivers from HP site and all laptop is nice,, But Touchpad is dead since i open it.. can someone help me? i tried everything.. Install BIOS updates, Install the latest touchpad driver but...
  2. FrancisFoRL

    Question Very slow start with SSD on HP Pavilion dv6-6c80la laptop

    Hi, it turns out that I recently put an SSD in my HP Pavilion dv6-6c80la laptop, which has an i7-2670QM and 2x4GB of Ram. Well the SSD I put was a Kingston A400 480GB and when the system is on, all correct, it goes fast and so on. The problem comes at startup, which takes 1 minute and 30...
  3. A

    Question Laptop bad IPS Display

    I hope that's the right category for the post so i got an HP G8 255 (3500u) 1920x1080 ips screen...and yes there is no way this screen is IPS,the viewing angles are horrible the panel ID from AIDA 64 is AUO3791 the question is, what can I do? how can I find if there's any other better...
  4. TrustButVerify

    [SOLVED] i5-8265U Core Clock keeps dropping significantly.

    Hello, As the title says, my (laptop) CPU keeps dropping in "constant" intervals under load. I took this screenshot while playing rocket league. Every single time the CPU usage drops, I get a quick but huge fps drop from 60 to 20-5 fps. Min and Max cpu usage in windows power plan are both set...
  5. H

    Question Speakers mute by themseles

    I have a reaktek speaker that came with the laptop (HP SPECTRE). I recently installed Focusrite Scarlett and suddenly I have this icon that shows up at the top left corner of the screen, see picture. And it keeps auto-muting. So every time I increase the volume, this icon slowly moves the bar...
  6. J

    Can i use a gt 630 heat sink on a gtx 750 ti?

    I am wondering if i could use this heat-sink: on this GTX 750 ti: the card will not fit in my system with its...