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  1. Warrior_Unicorn

    Question Loud fan bursts on Alienware Aurora R8 not appearing on MSI Afterburner

    I’ve had the R8 for a year now with the constant problem that whenever I play a resource-heavy game, the gpu fan accelerates like crazy for about 5-10 seconds and then stops. I’ve tried multiple things and have uninstalled AWCC completely, only using MSI Afterburner. In afterburner was able...
  2. F

    Question No signal on display and really loud fan noise on 1660TI

    Specs: TUF B360-Plus Gaming Galax GTX 1660ti (no oc) i5-8400 Silverscreen ST50F-ES 500W Hello, So recently I have upgraded my graphics card from a GTX 1050ti (MSI) to a Galax GTX1660ti about 3 months ago. I did all the standard procedures when replacing the graphics card and I had no problems...
  3. A

    Question Watercooling extremely loud

    Hi, About 6 months ago I bought a custom built PC, which was assembled in company and sent to me. About a week ago water cooling system started to get really loud. Noise is similar to vibrating sound. At first I wasn´t so aware of it, but now it´s really annoying. What do you think it is and...
  4. S

    Question Loud PSU fan with rattle sound

    So at first I though my cpu fans were making a lot of sound but it turned out it be my psu fan. The psu fan is really loud and makes a annoying rattle sound which is very noticeable while gaming. This happens after I cleaned it with a air compressor before that I didn’t have this problem. Also...