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  1. J

    [SOLVED] Low PSU probably damaged my pc

    Sorry for any grammatical mistakes, english is my second language. I chose pc parts and got it assembled because it was cheaper than buying already finished one. But when a was choosing parts I didn't know about psu efficiency so the psu wasn't probably enough. From start all was working...
  2. P

    Question Cpu underperforming and not enough wattage...

    Despite headroom with my 750W psu, i'm getting terrible results on benchmarks for my 7700k processor, and it seems to not be drawing enough power too. Recently attempted a cinebench processor benchmark and Performancetest 10 benchmark with extremely low results, comparable to a 4770k on...
  3. R

    Version of Nvdia Driver

    What is the best Nvdia driver for my GT 610 2GB DDR3?..To improve the GPU performance in many games..Especially NBA 2k14.. Can someone suggest a Driver other than the latest driver...for my GPU..a driver which can give the best performance for gaming..
  4. blackhawk23518

    Bad WiFi connection on good computer.

    Hello, I bought a computer about 2 months ago and the PC seems to have really bad WiFi connection. Every other device in the house seems to get full bars, but the PC i am using is usually 2 or 3 bars behind. Please, I need help on fixing this, I am willing to pay a bit of money to get this...