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    [SOLVED] Success or failure of a BIOS update seems to depend on the USB drive ?

    Hello everyone. I am using the MSI B450 Gaming Pro Carbon AC. I have read MANY forum replies of different users expressing their concerns over failed BIOS updates even though they followed the motherboard vendors' suggested process to the book. Many have even said that when they retried the...
  2. S

    [SOLVED] Please help! WD Elements SE problem!

    Hi all! My external WD Elements SE became unusable after I reboot my pc because it was not accepting some files transfers. It's stuck on RAW format and I can't do nothing with it. Sometimes the Win Explorer recognizes it, others doesn't. I went through several tips on the internet and I will...
  3. [SOLVED] Not able to extend or split any drive in my PC.

    I want to move 100GB from E:\ to C:\ but Minitool gives an error for every action I perform with these drives. I even tried to change E:\ to Logical drive but errors and nothing else. What's wrong with my drives and how can I fix it? Here is the screenshot.
  4. T

    [SOLVED] Moved SSD to new computer but will not boot

    Looking for a bit of help with a SSD I have physically moved from a Lenovo ThinkServer over to a Lenovo Legion T530 PC. It will not boot. Below is an outline of the issue. The drive boots fine in the ThinkServer The BIOS in the Legion T530 DOES see the SSD I have moved over I have tried to boot...
  5. A

    [SOLVED] Cannot fix/rebuild MBR

    Everyone’s solutions to fix MBR after a new system being built just seem to not work for me. I’m a complete novice when it comes to things under the hood as I’m used to building machines from scratch, this is actually the first time I’ve upgraded parts for someone. I have tried a number of...
  6. MalakiArtook

    [SOLVED] can't install windows after removing linux

    Hey guys i got a big question here! So the issue is I have been trying to install windows on a lenovo YOGA 710 all morning to no avail! I booted from Hirens on a usb, ran AOMIE, deleted the partition, converted it to GPT, and rebuilt the MBR. I'm still getting the " A media driver your...
  7. A

    MSI B350 PRO VDH Power Connector HELP!!!

    i bought a bitfenix nova case and i plugged all the headers into my mobo (MSI B350 PRO VDH) and there are 4 thin wires left. 1 says power 1 says reset one says h.d.d led and one has 2 wires at the end one says positive and one says negative...Where do they go???