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  1. afatpigeon

    Question Sudden mic quality drop:(

    Hi all, So. My headset is a Razer Kraken X. One day, I go onto my PC (I think it was after uninstalling drivers, but am not sure) and my mic quality was awful. It sounded demonic. 'Mic Boost' was on all the way, I turned it down. However, the quality of my voice is awful. Some words wont...
  2. T

    Question Help! only hear "beep" noises when connecting microphone on the front pannel.

    Hello, yesterday finally my computer arrived, I'm really happy to finally be part of the community. Anyways, since the beginning I had problems with the audio on the front panel. I used driver easy to download the drivers but it didn't download the drivers for the front panel audio. So, after...
  3. Bahazbz

    [SOLVED] [Weird Issue] Computer is Recording Sound WITHOUT a Microphone attached

    Hi all, I have a kind of weird issue I seriously can't figure out. Today I was playing a game with friends online. I currently do not own a microphone so I wasn't expecting to be able to chat. To my surprise, when I launched Left4dead2, my friends in discord were not able to hear me, but I...
  4. Endre555

    [SOLVED] Microphone works with mobile phone but not with PC

    I bought a cheapie 3 dollar lavalier mic from ebay, and I gotta be honest for the price it's absolutely amazing. Only problem is it doesn't work with my computer. When I plug it into my phone, it works fine and records audio normally, but when I plug it into my PC, it detects it as a microphone...