Jul 4, 2016
I bought a cheapie 3 dollar lavalier mic from ebay, and I gotta be honest for the price it's absolutely amazing. Only problem is it doesn't work with my computer. When I plug it into my phone, it works fine and records audio normally, but when I plug it into my PC, it detects it as a microphone but can't pick up any sound from it except a constant static noise. The microphone has a 3.5mm jack connector, and 4 pins on it. I guess it is wired up differently than what my motherboard's 3.5mm audio-in jack needs, or it only accepts 3 pinned microphones. I'm pretty sure I need some kind of adapter and then it might work, but I don't know WHAT adapter. Could you help me?

P.S.:I've used my compter with other microphones and it worked fine with those.
yes you need a three ring (4 conductor) to 2 x two ring (three conductor) splitter.

the three ring setup is for mobile devices, PCs use the two ring ports only.
example only not an endorsement shop around.

three rings in, two two ring ports out