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    Question all microphones stopped working, when listening to mic audio there only is a static noise with no sound input.

    a few weeks ago my mic stopped working bought a new and the same problem persists so it's likely to be the mother board drivers. i reinstalled realtek drivers but that didnt solve the problem. my motherboard is the H310M-PRO-M2-PLUS
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    [SOLVED] My Mic On My Earbuds Not Working

    So i use my hyperX cloud 2 control box with my ear buds. Everything used to work, i could hear and the in line mic on the ear buds worked. But now all of a sudden the mic no longer is working. I tested the mic using my phone and it works, so the mic isnt broken, but when i plug it into the...
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    Question mic doesnt work after win10 update

    my mic doesnt pick up sound from the outside anymore but instead it now plays my pc sounds meaning that if im in a call with someone on disc they cant hear me but they can hear my music... how can i fix this? i tried reinstalling drivers, disabling stereo mix, plugging it off and on again and...
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    [SOLVED] Microphone Not working on headset

    Hey, i have recently run into a massive problem for me, i was recently using my V2 Pro headset when the microphone stopped working and i thought its time has come but my new headset mic doesn't even work aswell So i tested both of the headsets and they work fine. so it is something with the PC...
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    Inexplicably logical problem (optical fiber, wi-fi)

    Is it possible for the browser to display incorrect information on some pages, and some correct, in the form of text, by a single use of Google, in the same language? For this simultaneous, strange behavior of email accounts and instant messengers, type AIM? When seemingly nothing extraordinary...