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  1. S

    Question MSI GTX 970

    A week ago I purchased a used MSI GTX 970 on eBay. Got it last Saturday and have now spent every night this week trying to get it working. It started with buying a 550 watt PSU. The 970 wouldn't display, so I thought I didn't have enough juice and returned it for a 650 watt. Still no dice...
  2. brandoncuff

    Question System wont register 144hz

    So I recently bought an MSI 1440p 144hz 1ms response time monitor to hook up to my laptop & just use the monitor as a "PC". (I am building a pc atm will post specs below so people can make sure I won't run into any issues) I cannot get 144hz when I go into settings or display settings or...
  3. N

    Question WIFI is not giving me the provided speed

    Hey guys, I have "MSI MPG Z390 Gaming Edge AC" Motherboard with built-in WIFI, its "dual band " and I'm connected to the 5Ghz network. Anyway since the day I got this PC the WIFI is so weak even though our network is Fiber with an average of Ping 3 and speed 80-110 Mbps, when I do speed tests...
  4. K

    Question Msi z370 krait usb ports not working

    So I bought this motherboard "used", the seller got it from the factory with one usb port broken and got it fixed. He hadnt tried if it worked. I paired the board with an i5 9600k (I was told the bios would be compatible) and now there is 1 single usb port in the whole system that actually...
  5. Gosraj

    Question Which MOBO works best with this setup?

    Turns out I lied when I said that my last post that, well, was my last post. Now I'm here to just ask which motherboard would go best with this setup: Really just making sure it's compatible with everything (NVMe M.2, DDR4 3200, etc) I'd like to keep the...
  6. S

    Question High idle temps since bios update

    I've recently updated by BIOS for my MSI Pro Carbon x470 mobo and my idle temps seem to have jumped. Before the update I was idling at about 35 degrees, now it idles at 60, though only getting to about 65-70 when stress testing. So I would assume those idle temps should be a lot lower. Normally...
  7. M

    Question Heat problem Ryzen 2700X

    I built a new system and everything worked fine. After a while the pc got very loud and I noticed very high cpu temperatures. My system: CPU: AMD Ryzen 7 2700X (with Wraith Prism boxed cooler) MB: MSI X470 Gaming pro GPU: AMD Radeon Pro WX 5100 RAM: 32GB (2x 16GB) G.Skill Aegis DDR4-3000 DIMM...
  8. mcanavino

    MSI GE75 Raider or Lenovo Y740?

    Hi, Looking at either an MSI GE75 Raider (GE75023) Or an Lenovo Legion Y740 (81HH0003US) Both seem to have same general...
  9. S

    Question Game crashes after installing another RAM module.

    Upgraded my PC back in 2017. MOBO: MSI b250M PRO-VDH RAM: HyperX Fury Black 8 GB (hx424c15fb2/8) CL15 DIMM DDR4 2400MT/s I got the same RAM again a few days back. So, now I have 16 gb in total. I did run Windows Memory Diagnostic test. Still, it showed me no problems. I have no problems in...
  10. D

    Question RAM upgrade

    Hi I am currently using the MSI Nightblade x2 but i want to upgrade to 16 GB of RAM but i dont know what I need
  11. P

    Question Usb ports is not working during boot

    Hello , I have the MSI z87-g43 motherboard. When I boot my computer the Usb ports don't work until windows is starting. Does anyone know how to solve this problem ? Reseting bios, unpluging, installing new drivers and windows reinstall doesn't help All answers are appreciated
  12. T

    Question got msi ge75 8sf. should i do one of the following. ?

    i got the msi ge75 because im never in one place. but i like to game. i got the 8sf with 2070 and single channel 16gb intel 8750h. i have some fps problems in game. i get 200+ in practice mode on overwatch. 100+ hearoes of the storm.. still not happy with the fps considering the hardware i got...
  13. T

    Question New setup

    Im planning to upgrade and switch some parts in my pc. Current pc: MSI 1080ti gaming x i5-8600k Asus z370-f Corsair H110i gtx Nzxt s340 elite 2x250gb ssd (raid 0) 128gb pm961 nvme Corsair CX550 psu New pc: MSI 1080ti gaming x i7-8700k Asus z370-f Enermax liqfusion 240mm Nzxt s340 elite 1tb...
  14. Z

    Question is samsung 970 evo m.2 compatible with my MSI (Micro-Star) Notebook GT80 2QE Titan SLI

    Hi there, I want to upgrade my storage on my MSI (Micro-Star) Notebook GT80 2QE Titan SLI with the Samsung 970 evo plus 1TB m.2 I wonder if this is even compatible with the motherboard. I didn't change any parts of the laptop, only added some ram. if it's not compatible what ssd is recommond...
  15. T

    MSI laptop running oddly slow

    So I bought an MSI GT62VR Dominator pro a couple months back and I've been using it for a little bit of gaming here and there; thing is, it's oddly slow in some places. In certain instances, I'll just be playing a moba like league or something that doesn't require a lot of juice like oxygen not...
  16. RustyVaper

    Question ASUS GTX560 1GB vs MSI GTX650 OC 2GB

    I had to buy a GTX650OC 2GB on eBay as my 560 died and artifacted a lot. Is this an upgrade or an upgrade as I have seen some specs and realised my new card has only 1 6pin connecter where my old card had 2. Have I accidentally downgraded? If anyone could help by telling me what to choose as...
  17. D

    Question Installed ram and now the computer won’t display any thing and beeps 3 times (long beeps)

    Cpu i5 8400 Gpu 1050 ti Motherboard Msi h310m pro-vd I already have a Corsair vengeance lasts lpx 8gb stick installed 2400 MHz then I tried to install a crucial Ballistix 4gb DDR4-3200 udimm then when I booted up the computer the pc didn’t recognise the ram even in the bios then I swapped...
  18. Loki_TSO

    Question Rgb LED without 3/4 pins mobo header + Mystic Light?

    This question is probably asked often, but can I plug RGB led strips without a 3 or 4 pin connector on my motherboard? I searched a bit and I found a Cooler Master RGB controller ( ) the thing is, I don't know if it's compatible with...
  19. FluffyFlounder

    [SOLVED] Can I flash my bios without purchasing a new compatible cpu?

    Question; if I get the i5-9400f with the MSI z370 a-pro, will I have to buy a compatible CPU just to update the bios? TIA
  20. I

    Question How determine bios version on MSI mobo without turning on

    Large screen of MoBo Z170A-G43 PLUS: Where exactly is the BIOS version information located?