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  1. D

    Question Disconnect/Reconnect sound and 2 second hang when secondary display is Off

    Using a custom build PC. Graphics Card: GTX 1080 Primary Display: Asus VG248QE Secondary Display: Samsung Series 6 4k (UN43NU6900) OS: Windows 10 Pro (latest build) Both displays work fine when intended When want more FPS in games, i need to turn off and disable my TV (secondary display) i...
  2. I

    Question DisplayPort to HDMI converter behavior

    Hi, I just got a graphics card with 3 DisplayPort, 1 HDMI and 1 DVI-D port. I also have one monitor which supports HDMI and DP. A second, old one which only supports VGA(connected to my motherboard for now planning to replace with another HDMI/DP monitor). I just learned of this inexplicable...
  3. T

    Power supply cable

    I've just bought a power supply and it's came with a us plug, I'm not too sure which plug to buy of amazon and would appreciate some help
  4. P

    External Graphic cards

    is the...
  5. C

    UEFI Windows 10 USB not booting, just goes to BIOs screen

    Hi everyone! I'm an extreme newbie at building computers, and for the life of me I cannot figure out what is going wrong with booting the Windows 10 USB that I have. I've consulted Google and while there seem to be people with the same problem, either they never got resolved or the problem was...
  6. A

    2k? 4k 60? Stupid expensive?

    I'm struggling to decide what to upgrade my 1080p 60hz to still and looking for opinions. I am waiting for one of the 1080ti's with integrated water blocks to be in stock and then I'm pulling the trigger. I know 2k at 144hz will be a huge step up, but I also feel like the 1080ti is possibly...
  7. Mochithecat

    Need help clearing up PCI lane misconceptions

    I was looking into building a PC and have been stressing over trying to find out how these lanes worked (the one that i wanted most at present was the i7 7700). Just about all the Intel processors I looked at outside the extreme series always seemed to have only 16 PCI 3 lanes. From all the...
  8. S

    Windows 10 wont automatically boot, asus bios

    My computer is self assembled from parts I bought on running windows 10. (first one I've ever assembled) Anyways, this week I had a crash apparantly. and now the computer only boots up to the Asus Bios. I can see the bootable drive under bootable devices, and clicking on it...
  9. J

    XM300: Good Mouse?

    Hello, I am searching for a gaming / all-round mouse and I've come across the XM300 from Gigabyte. Does anybody know if it is a good mouse for gaming and all-round uses, or would you recommend me another mouse?
  10. F

    Can my psu handle a gtx 1070?

    I know that 550Ws is good enough for a gtx 1070 but I want to make sure my psu doesn't fry instantly Here's the link: (I would have typed it out but I'm on mobile so yeah)
  11. H

    Upgrade to my PC

    I was wondering if this build would be worth the money. Been needing to upgrade my PC entirely because of random reboots and blue screen crashes due to faulty ram. My current Build is: CPU: AMD Athlon II X4 645 GPU: NVIDIA GTS 450 Ram: 4GB Ram. What I want to upgrade into is: CPU: AMD...
  12. A

    Looking for a good upgrade

    About 5 or 6 months ago i purchased a Athlon 860k and a fairly high end motherboard along with a gtx 950ssc Now i have a intel core i5 750 running hapily @ 4.5 ghz on air and a biostarr h55a+ and im looking for some thing that will render 1080p30 videos for youtube and something thats amd i...
  13. A

    University laptop for computer science

    Hi there, I am starting university in ~5 months and will need a laptop for general use, programming, note taking and league of legends. I realise that in 5 months time there are likely to be new release and/or better deals, but my parents and I are looking for a rough idea of how much it will...
  14. T

    Computer will not power on

    Hello everyone, im not sure if this is the right place to ask but here we go. I have a Dell Studio 540 that is out of warranty and i cannot get it to power on. I have tried a new power cord, and also plugging directly into and outlet (that works fine), and nothing. I have unplugged the 24 pin...
  15. D

    Constant BSOD need help!

    So I've been having constant BSODs for about 4 months and it seems like i've tried everything. Most often it seems to happen when Gaming, CS:GO in particular but sometime I can play without problem. AMD HD 7970 AMD FX8350 Eight-core processor Currently running windows 10 64-bit (but had the...
  16. S

    looking dor2K or 4K monitor

    hi, im looking to buy a new monitor that will go along with the new pc i want to buy, im thinking about 4K or 2K monitor and its important that it has 144Hz and 1/2ms response time. try to keep the offers at the lowest price possible and not go crazy, i need to see the price difference and then...
  17. M

    some downloads exceeding my isp max downloading speed limit

    hey guys ! i have a very very slow internet connection 1 mb - yes, it exists :D - which means my download speed generally ranges between 100 - 130 kb\s ! lately i found out that downloading driver updates from nvidia or any downloads from microsoft raises my download speed too 400-500 kb\s ...
  18. J

    Which laptop is better:

    hp pavilion 2.4 GHz MD Quad-Core A8-6410 APU A-Series Quad-Core A8 or hp pavilion 4th Gen Intel® Core™ i5-4210U mobile processor. I use microsoft excel and powerpoint very often.
  19. P

    Workstation and some gaming Laptop <$1400

    Hey guys, I'm a bit out of my normal league (gaming) here. My gf wants a laptop to run all of the adobe cloud products WELL and be able to some gaming with me on the side. I know under $1400 is a huge budget cut for a workstation, especially a mobile, but it's what we have to work with...
  20. L

    New Computer severe under performance on day 1?

    I have Purchased a brand new laptop see link: It is an Asus N550JK-DS71T Specs: Processor: Core i7-4700HQ 2.5 GHz Memory: 8gb DDR 3 Storage: 1 TB 5400 RPM Storage Graphics: NVIDIA GTX850M I have an...