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No audio output device installed

Forum discussion tagged with No audio output device installed.
  1. A

    Question Audio and Video problem - Windows 10 1903

    Good day all, I am having two issues with my laptop as stated below. Please note that these issues were not present when I previously used the laptop (3 days ago). I am using an ASUS Laptop X541UA running the following OS: Windows 10 Home Single Language Version: 1903 Build: 18362.418 64-bit...
  2. anasslak

    Question no audio after leaving my pc for a while ?!

    hello, after 3 mouths of not using my pc (the audio was working back then). I was suprised that there is no audio at all. when i troubleshoot the problem ... i only saw the AMD HDMI audio drivers only. i look everywhere but i din't find a solution. so i give up and bought a cheap usb audio...
  3. C


    so i recently installed the ryzen 5 2600, and upon doin so everything was dandy :D until i noticed my audio was not working. so i did hours upon hours of research and found one "solution" saying to uninstall all realtek related things (which i did) and then to restart, thus windows installing...
  4. J

    Ram speed please help?

    Can someone please help me and tell me what is the ram speed on this laptop? http://i.imgur.com/fd47g2N.jpg Thanks.