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  1. qounik

    Question CPU/MOBO doesn't detects any GPU

    I had a perfectly running PC. Then a while back I bought a new casing for it. I swapped all components from my old case to new one myself and afterwards when I turned on my PC, there was no output through the Nvidia GPU. After some minor troubleshooting I disconnected the whole GPU and started...
  2. UTO389

    Question Mini desktops that can run lightroom/photoshop and rimworld

    Hello, I'm looking for a small pc that I can carry on a plane that can run photo editing software and rimworld, a game that only utilizes a single core. I don't game other than that so no gpu card is preferrable but an external gpu port is welcome. Thank you
  3. Hamayun005

    Question my pc won't bootup need help

    so i got a local chinese vendor Graphic card. it showed my cards name on bootup. it started to stuck in between usage and i had to restart it but from some days its not turning on completely. And by turning on i mean its not booting up. when i plug in the wires the computer is on but it doesn't...
  4. J

    [SOLVED] No output from gpu and gpu not detected

    Hello, I have a gigabyte z370 aorus ultra gaming wifi op motherboard and a zotac gtx 1050ti graphics card. Everything was fine until a few days ago. Suddenly the display got blank, saying no signal. I tried reconnecting the hdmi cable and all but no use. Since then I have checked a lot of...
  5. F

    [SOLVED] Makeshift Server without GPU

    I recently built a new desktop and am looking into converting my old computer into a dedicated storage box (DAS). I have about 60TB and growing worth of data to store so housing it in a single computer is getting slightly unreasonable. outwitting both my new computer with 10GBit Ethernet, I was...
  6. K

    [SOLVED] My new PC keeps turning on and off

    So today I built my first gaming pc. I didn’t encounter any problems but when I turned it on for the first time, everything seemed to work fine I.e case fans and cpu fan spinning like normal but after about 10 seconds it turned off for about 3 seconds then came back on. The cycle the. continues...
  7. M

    Need Help Building Cheap PC

    Hi. So here's the thing: I want to build myself a gaming pc that can handle games like Dark Souls, GTA V, Far Cry Primal, and have the budget of 450$. I am not an expert, but have made a small list: -Intel Core i3 6100 3M Cache, 3.70 GHz Processor -Cooler Master - CPU...
  8. L

    Operating System Upgrade Help.

    I am looking to upgrade my pc to a more usable state without spending too much money. Basically at the minute i have a 32-bit Vista OS and i am wanting to upgrade to a 64-bit 7/10 OS to get a bit more out of my hardware. My pc will support a 64-bit OS as i have checked this in line with my cpu...