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    Need help in hardware question

    So I have been having some computer problems from time to time when it comes to gaming and I believe I have narrowed down the possibility of it being a power supply problem. The thing is though I dont know much about hardware and I want someone to double check what I have put into this site...
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    Motherboard speed cpu?

    Ok so my motherboard I plan on buying says the max speed is 2400mhz does that mean if I have a CPU that has 3700mhz that it won't run over 2400mhz ? Should I choose a different motherboard?
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    Faulty Graphics after 4 months - Dual X - R9 280

    Hi I have a Sapphire Dual-X R9 280 graphics card which I bought four months ago. It has worked fine and hasn't show any signs of problems, overheating or the like. Last night i was playing football manager and after 5 minutes my screen went completely green whereby I couldn't even run task...
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    Case fans not working. Help!

    So I have 7 NZXT case fans all of them worked 6 120mm 1 140mm and 3 of the 120's are red LED and same with the 140mm worked yesterday PC works but fans just dont turn on anymore for some reason. I shut it off from the power supply last night could that have caused it?
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    No picture through HDMI

    So I have a R9 290x with displayport, DVI and a HDMI cables hooked up but I was hoping to run a 10m HDMI cable from my motherboard to my TV. One problem, there is no picture. Please help.
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    usb mouse and keyboard not working in all modes

    usb mouse and keyboard are not working in all modes, only ps2 keyboard and mouse I need help