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  1. C

    Question Internet doesn't work on just my PC.

    I have a 5G router from 3 that is using an EE sim. It works on my phones and my laptop and it used to work on PC, but stopped. I have tried changing the APN to the same one that my phone is using, but that doesn't help. I have reset my network adapter and it works on my VDSL connection. I have...
  2. Ferrariassassin

    [SOLVED] I build my new PC but can not connect to internet even by Ethernet.

    My build is. i7-1700K MSI MPG Z590 GAMING FORCE 850W 80+ Bronze PSU 16gb DDR4 ram. Samsung Sata SSD WD HDD I have windows 10 installed from a thumb drive because my PC says it does not support windows 11 because all of my parts are to old and outdated so i had to go with windows 10. It all...
  3. Muhammad Jahid

    Question Does Windows 10 connect to internet automatically after fresh installation?

    Recently, I did a fresh windows 10 installation to my pc. After Installation, I couldnt connect to the internet because the network adapter was missing. It says you have to install the lan driver. I hadn't have the lan driver in my storage drive and also couldn't update it through device...
  4. RTX30XX2021

    Question VirtualBox WiFi Kali Linux

    Hello everyone, So I have a ALFA AWUS 1900 usb wireless adapter. I have installed a Kali Linux virtual machine in virtual box and when I run it, it has no internet connection. I believe there is no internet because I need to install necessary drivers for the adapter to work, however I can not...
  5. Kilo702

    Question Only have network connection after restart pc

    Hi all, I've been having some trouble with the network connection on my pc When I turn my pc on, all the software and peripherals seem to work just fine, but it can't connect to my internet network. Only after restarting my pc (with the windows 'restart' button), it connects after about 30...
  6. Xarold

    Question Installed new gpu and no internet

    I recently bought the asus gtx 1070 to replace my rx 580. before I switched anything, I used ddu to Uninstall any existing drivers and then I switched my rx 580 for the 1070. Afterwards, I booted up my pc and noticed a message " PXE-E01: PCI Vendor and Device IDs do not match " and to be honest...
  7. beepadyboopady

    [SOLVED] Ethernet "Unidentified Network - No Internet" but wifi still works

    So my Ethernet stopped working one day, and in Windows it says "Unidentified Network" and "No Internet", but the Wi-Fi on my PC still works. I have tried multiple different solutions after browsing online for 2 days, but none seem to work. Some of the things which I have tried are using the...
  8. L

    [SOLVED] Internet connection problems with ASUS PCE-AC56 PCIe WiFi adapter ?

    So to fully describe my problem and the situation I'm in I'll need to start back in December of 2019. I had just build a new computer with the ASUS PCE-AC56 wifi adapter (link) and that was that. The adapter worked great until around the start of this year. At the start of this year I switched...
  9. J

    Question Internet losing connecting until manually reconnected

    Hi, Ever since I built my computer 2 years ago, I have had this WIFI problem combing back at random times. My WIFI every 10 minutes (or sometimes less) will suddenly get no internet connection from my network, until I manually reconnect and then it acts normally. Then 5 minutes later it will...
  10. J

    Question Internet losing connecting until manually reconnected

    Hi, Ever since I built my computer 2 years ago, I have had this WIFI problem combing back at random times. My WIFI every 10 minutes (or sometimes less) will suddenly get no internet connection from my network, until I manually reconnect and then it acts normally. Then 5 minutes later it will...
  11. S

    [SOLVED] No Ethernet or WiFi

    Hi all, I am having an issue and I can’t seem to get to the bottom of it. I was playing online when I suddenly lost internet connection. I use a 5G router with a 5G SIM card. I figured connection must have dropped and shut down for the night. The next day I noticed that my PC wasn’t connecting...
  12. stephanie234

    [SOLVED] Reinstalling network adapter

    Hi, I was wondering if someone could help me with some troubles I'm having. I was connected to the WiFi but it said I had no internet connection so I was searching about and it told me to uninstall the network adapter, so I did. It also said it would prompt me as to how to reinstall it after I...
  13. T

    [SOLVED] Can get internet through browser but nothing else

    So we've just upgraded the network in our office to a 1Gb up&down lease line, had some problems and we've now gone back to the old connection for the time being. For some reason on one of our machines we can only access the internet through chrome, any separate application that uses internet...
  14. F

    [SOLVED] No Internet in Windows 10 even though it's fine on other devices

    So yesterday after a reboot I just lost internet connection in windows. Thought this was a problem with my network but it was fine on my phone. Booted up in linux and things were working fine. So I reinstalled the network driver but it didn't help. Surprisingly I could still connect to my ftp...
  15. U

    Question No Internet on main ssd

    So yesterday I was gaming regularly and I noticed a little window popping up from the notification(bottom right) saying "drive error restart to repair" Or something along the line, after 8 hours I totally forgot about it and shut down my pc, upon waking up and turning on my pc the next day I...
  16. N

    [SOLVED] Problems connecting to lan via Ethernet.

    Hello, I am having a problem connecting to the network via the Ethernet cable. Windows shows this network as an unidentified network with no Internet, whereas my laptop can easily connect to the internet via the same cable. The Ethernet jack acts like this continuously.
  17. S

    Question Mobo not detecting Ethernet cable right away

    Whenever I boot up my computer my motherboard doesn't detect the ethernet cable plugged into it. I have to go to network connections and disable and enable the ethernet connection about 30 times, or change the speed/duplex setting a few times until the cable is detected. Those are the only two...
  18. F

    [SOLVED] "No Internet" problem on one WiFi connection despite being able to use different connections.

    My family has 2 different WiFi profiles/connections (or whatever you call them). One of them is slower and one of them is faster, I believe that the slower one is 2.4 GHz while the faster is 5 GHz. I recently installed a wireless WiFi-adapter to my PC. Now, for some reason, I can connect and...
  19. TheLootist

    [SOLVED] Ethernet drivers not working on ASUS ROG Strix Z490-H Gaming + after bios black screen

    Hey all, I've just built my new PC today, I've been unable to get the Ethernet drivers working. I've installed all the software from the disc with the board, reinstalled windows, windows is unable to find any drivers for the device when using device manager. Does anyone have any ideas on what I...
  20. M

    Question Reoccuring error in Win10 WiFi

    Hello everyone ! Below I posted 3 pictures that describe exactly the procedure I have to go through on my laptop every day, 3-4 times per dan, for several weeks now and I have no idea how to fix it. The main idea is that wireless network keeps shutting down on itself and it looks like the...
  21. B

    Question No Speed Through Powerline Adapter

    Hey all, I have been troubleshooting recent issues with my TrendNet Powerline adapters. The models I have are a TPL-406E plugged into my router upstairs as the source, and the TPL-410AP two-port plugged downstairs as the receiver and wi-fi extender. The issue is that lately my Roku TV and...
  22. A

    [SOLVED] All existing LAN cables broken but new cables work? No Internet

    So last night around 5AM my computer in stopped receiving internet and now all the computers can't receive internet. My father’s computer was still receiving internet until about 1pm. The computers say that the cables are connected to the modem but “no internet”. I have a few computers connected...
  23. C

    [SOLVED] Hyper-v has crashed my internet!

    Hello, A little while back I installed hyper-v on windows which I found too complex for what I wanted to do so I deleted it. Since then my internet kept dropping in and out. So I did a little looking around and realised that there were some virtual network adapters for hyper-v still active. I...
  24. S

    [SOLVED] Programs Can't Access Internet

    I just installed unactivated Windows 10 on a used PC. There’s this weird issue where some programs can’t access internet or seem to download anything. For example, in Firefox, I can view and access websites, but if it try to download something from a website, I click save file, and the download...
  25. Y

    Question HELP!! Netgear R700 Won't get internet access, ISP Router does!

    Hi there, Im hoping you guys can help me as literally nobody else can, Not my fibre installer, not my ISP and not even Netgear community... So I purchased a second hand R7000 Router and I got home and literally plugged it in and all was sweet! One day the internet was going slow, so I hit the...
  26. J

    Question Windows 10 Reports "No internet" incorrectly.

    Windows 10 says that I do not have internet even though I am indeed connected. Background information. I am a contractor for Comcast(Xfinity), that does internet/TV/Phone installations for businesses, so I know a fair amount more than the average person when it comes to Networking, Modems...
  27. S

    [SOLVED] All network adapters disconnect intermittently

    Whether I use the wifi or ethernet the connection drops for about 10 seconds randomly and then comes right back. It happens on ~1-2 hour cycle. I get a correlating warning in the event viewer that says: "Name resolution for the name {X} timed out after none of the configured DNS servers...
  28. C

    Question Opticover Access Point Set-up

    I have an opticover wifi extender from 2018 and I am trying to use the access point but it says no internet. What do I need to do in order to get the internet connected when my repeater mode works but...
  29. T

    Question After Power Outage, Internet Don't Work

    Hello, After an outage, my Internet stopped working. When I click the Internet icon, the computer is very slow to load. I cannot ping any website, and no connection is detected. I built the computer long ago and remember nothing except that I didn't allow for Wifi, only a cord. I bought a...
  30. I

    Question PC not getting IP address.

    Firstly, sorry for bad formatting, I'm on my phone. Router - TPLink Archer C60 Modem - Technicolor tg58 vac v2 Motherboard - H97 PC Mate (MS-7850) Power Supply - Alpine JSP-500P12P Adapter - Realtek 8812BU Wirless LAN 802.11ac USB NIC OS - Windows 10 - version 10.0.17763 ISP - SSE 1 device...
  31. B

    Im poor bros

    Ok im looking for the cheapest pc that will play ultra in 1080p 60fps, whatcha got?
  32. H

    Graphic card missing from device manager

    I have a XMG505 laptop, since 2015, and it was working fine until 2 weeks ago where my NVIDIA Geforce 980 M gone missing from device manager and games are not working but the laptop still working, when I go to device manager and try Action>Add Legacy Hardware, and install one of those default...
  33. Gabe_G

    Question about computer

    Hey guys I am using win7 as it works for my setup and I am wondering if one update failed to install the first time. Do I need to wipe my computer back to factory condition and reinstall Windows all over again or if I remove a simple program such as cleaner for example? I look forward to to...
  34. F

    PSU changed: now CPU can't power up enough

    I put a new power source, NZXT HALE82 N SERIES 550W 80 PLUS BRONZE, to this CPU: H110 HDMI S1151 8GB DDR4 1TB SATA3 Geforce GTX 1050 2GB DDR5 Thas had this other PSU: Sentey BXP65 650W I connected everything, but windows doesn’t start. All the coolers are running, thought, but it feels...
  35. E

    How do i connect my Canon (Legria HF R606) to my computer via HDMI?

    My camcorder's HDMI port is out and my computer too. How do i connect them and what can you do with the HDMI cable? Can you use it as an external monitor or what is it for?
  36. A

    How to connect a 2.4ghz wireless camera directly to mobile phone

    How to connect a 2.4ghz wireless camera directly to mobile phone
  37. A

    Deepcool Dukase V2 case fan controller

    Hi, recently i bought a new case for my PC, the Deepcool Dukase V2 and unknow to me until it arrived this case has a built in fan controller and one fan pre-installed aswell as two 120mm fans i ordered with it. The fan that came with the case has a double sided molex adapter, male on one side...
  38. kep55

    Endless Reboot after enabling in Registry AHCI

    For some reason none of the solutions to enabling AHCI after installing Windows 7 works. When I installed a SSD in another unit, I was able to change the setting in BIOS and then do the Registry change. Could it be that when I cloned the HDD over to the SSD Win7 decided it was a new install? I...
  39. S

    2016 Desktop Build

    I'm working on putting together a new desktop gaming PC build. I'm looking to order the parts in a couple weeks. Any help I can get to make sure I'm getting the most bang for my buck would be appreciated. Here's what I'm looking at: MSI GeForce GTX 1060 DirectX 12 GTX 1060 GAMING X 3G 3GB...
  40. C

    Random shutdowns on thermal events

    Hi folks, I have a dell tower T3500 series with a XEON quad core W3565 chip, running on windows 10. I have been getting thermal shutdowns, at first labelled as such by the system, but more recently more frequent, without the warning prestartup on screen. I have run fan tests (They are all...