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  1. N

    Question PC will not boot. Stuck on CPU debug light ?

    I noticed some artifacting while playing a game earlier and the same problem seems to be causing some of my programs to randomly close. I removed the GPU and ram to blow everything out with air and after putting everything back in it no longer boots. Initially the debug light stuck on the VGA...
  2. M

    Question No output from GPU, even though power is fine and no EZ debug LEDs turned on.

    Hi, I'm really at the end of my technical expertise (which is not too good tbh). I just built my pc with a few parts i already had and some new stuff i bought. Unfortunately, there is no output from the GPU. I can hear no beeping from the motherboard/BIOS, also no EZ Debug LEDs show any sign of...
  3. L

    Question Installed new RAM, no signal to monitors. Swapped backed to old RAM, still no signal ?

    I bought 2 8gb DDR4 2666MHz ram sticks for my PC and when i installed them, i wasn't getting any outputs to any of my 3 monitors. My motherboard is an Asus Prime A320M-K, so the ram sticks are compatible. My CPU is a Radeon 3000g (integrated graphics), and my GPU is a GTX 960 (2gb Vram) and my...
  4. B

    Question PC wont boot and VGA LED is ON ?

    Hello, I recently started getting issues with my PC where it didnt want to boot anymore. From working fine for months, to suddenly this. Simply put, turned it on, no video output, but the leds on the motherboard/ case fans etc worked fine. VGA LED was on so i assumed it had something to do with...
  5. Lucas G

    Question Second monitor no longer working from iGPU ?

    Hello, I've been having problems with my second monitor that was plugged into the HDMI port of my motherboard. For a while it did work, after turning on the integrated graphics on my BIOS and turning the type to IGD (I'm pretty sure it's called that). It worked perfectly until I went back to...
  6. Roasteg

    Question No display output after upgrading pc.

    Hello! A friend of mine bought new cpu, motherboard and ram. We assembled everything and we're getting no display output. The monitor says "Entering power saving mode" or "No signal" We tried: Reassembling everything Removing motherboard battery Switching ram sticks Leaving only 1 ram stick at...
  7. xXMatr

    Question GPU gives no signal output ?

    Recently my gpu just stopped outputting any display, I had a spare gpu laying around so I decided to test the system and it worked so I concluded it is the gpu. The gpu turns on completely, fans spinning, lights on and so on. I tried all the gpu ports and different monitors. The gpu is a MSI...
  8. GiovanniGiorgio1212

    Question "No Signal" --- Gigabyte X570 AORUS ELITE with Ryzen 7 5800X

    I updated the bios of my motherboard with Q-Flash Plus following the right steps (downloaded the files, version F33h, i extracted them to a Fat32 usb, renamed the bios GIGABYTE.bin... ) then i connected the CPU, ram and a gpu. When i try to turn on the pc i get no output and the monitor says no...
  9. N

    [SOLVED] How do I solve this 'No signal output' problem?

    So this is a problem that I woke up to today (a single on Valentines day) where my new build that’s been working pretty great since November suddenly won’t output any signal to my two monitors. After looking around I’ve already tried a bunch of different things. New DisplayPort cables, tried...
  10. N

    Question Random No Display Output on PC Bootup - Doesn't happen always

    Hello Everyone! I recently built this computer for my friend (less than two weeks ago) and this issue has happened about 4-5 in that time. Issue: Computer turns on but does no display output. It doesn’t happen every time. Description of the what happens to my friend: Every now and then...
  11. qounik

    [SOLVED] CPU/MOBO doesn't detects any GPU

    I had a perfectly running PC. Then a while back I bought a new casing for it. I swapped all components from my old case to new one myself and afterwards when I turned on my PC, there was no output through the Nvidia GPU. After some minor troubleshooting I disconnected the whole GPU and started...
  12. Davidsin98

    Question New PC has power but won't output anything

    Hello, I already read the other post where there were like 20+ steps of making sure everything is in the right place and stuff like cmos I already did but nothing helps, when I first got pc about two weeks ago it worked just fine, when I left it in sleep mode for night woke up the next day and...
  13. Gooselegs

    [SOLVED] No Video Output After Moving PC

    Hi everyone, I've been having an issue with my computer for a little over a year, and I finally decided to ask here after exhausting everything I could think of. I'm a student, so I move frequently, and often after moving my tower will no longer have any video output. In the past, I was able to...
  14. J

    [SOLVED] No output from gpu and gpu not detected

    Hello, I have a gigabyte z370 aorus ultra gaming wifi op motherboard and a zotac gtx 1050ti graphics card. Everything was fine until a few days ago. Suddenly the display got blank, saying no signal. I tried reconnecting the hdmi cable and all but no use. Since then I have checked a lot of...
  15. S

    Question Purchased replacement RAM for DELL Precision Tower 5810 no output on boot

    Hi I purchased 4 X 16GB Corsair DDR4 2133MHz replacement RAM for DELL Precision Tower 5810 and inserted them in DIMM slots 1-4, but there's no output on boot. The old RAM that was in the PC is 8 X 4GB PC4-2133P SK Hynix. The PC boots fine if I put the old RAM back in. I also tried putting...
  16. O

    [SOLVED] I tried to fix my friend's PC and now my PC has the same problem.

    My friend's PC suddenly stopped displaying to the screen (no video signal), the PC turns on but it doesn't turn off when holding down the power button (the LEDs in the PC keep flashing). So I put my PSU into his PC but it didn't work (same as before) but when I put the PSU back into my PC it...
  17. akhileshbc

    Question 5 beeps on booting and no display

    I recently bought components from a local shop and setup my new PC. These components were suggested by the executive in that shop itself. Intel i5-9400F 9th Gen Processor (LGA1151) Gigabyte B365M Gaming HD Motherboard (LGA 1151) CoolerMaster MWE WHITE 450W 230V Power Supply (MPE-4501-ACABW-IN)...
  18. D

    Question MSI Gtx970 not appearing in device manager/not outputting image when it does

    Hello! Today I got a used gtx970 but I'm having trouble installing it My roommate helped me and we tried many things but nothing seems to work! First of all, here are my specs 2x8gb ram Intel i5 2400 Mobo biostar h61mh Video card Msi gtx970 twinfroze V And we connect the card to the screen via...
  19. C

    [SOLVED] Why does my newly build pc cannot detect my monitor?

    Mobo: Asus prime a320m-k Cpu: athlon 200Ge Ram: 4GB DDR4 Gpu: nvidia 310 Psu: 750W (not true rated) Everything was working, the fans of cpu, gpu, cooling fans and mouse. But cannot detect my monitor. I already tried removing the battery. Rechecking the rams and gpu but still it's not working...
  20. Adrian.ahsin

    Question No output from external gpu but getting output from internal gpu?

    Hi everyone! So lets go straigt to the point.... I am using gtx 1060 on gigabyte b85m motherboard. I am having this problem sometime. But I somehow get rid of it. Sometime I don’t get any output from gtx 1060 at this moment if I connect cable on internal gpu then everything works fine. After...
  21. S

    Question No output.

    After getting seriously desperate after three hours of installing, uninstalling, and reinstalling pieces of a gaming PC which I recently invested in (which means literally everything in this PC is brand new, bought separate, and practically out of the box) I'm confiding in you guys to help me...
  22. andorr02

    Question No Video After New Thermal Paste Application

    Hi all, I've had an issue with my Gpu and really hoping I can find some advice here. So earlier today I received a used Vega 64 GPU. All was going well but the thermals were a bit high in the benchmarks I ran. I decided to swap around the thermal paste/pads to help with this. I disassembled...
  23. EddGamesHD

    Question Motherboard with integrated graphics but no video output?

    Hello. I have an Asus M2N-XE motherboard, and on the website it says it has Nvidia GeForce 6100 integrated GPU. However, there is no video output on the motherboard. Keep in mind I'm asking this question just out of curiosity and I have a dedicated ATI GPU
  24. T

    [SOLVED] Need help with newly built system please

    Hello I recently built myself my own system and everything went great it worked and I was pretty happy but while playing a game I attempted to (alt + tab) in order to check something else and my screen just went black. I left it alone for a couple hours still black so I shut down the computer...
  25. G

    Different ip classes

    Hello. I own a hikvision dvr with 8 cameras. I have a big problem because i have 2 different ip classes and now my dvr doesnt recognise it. What shall i do to make it work? If i cant see the cameras on my phone the whole system is useless. Please give me a solution someone..
  26. U

    Headset 7.1, headset without microphone is better ?

    hallo, goblins! someone like me and maybe lots people want expand his/her knowledge about microphone/headset #audiothings #audioisinsideme. Q N. 1 Headset without microphone increasing quality/performance itself generally ? Q N. 2 Headset with 7.1 (i focusing) channel wich specs do you advice...
  27. M

    Removing the front panel on cooler master k280

    I never really thought about having to clean it before, but it's disgusting. However, I don't see any way to make it out. Anyone happen to know how?
  28. M

    Can I buy RAM that is one model number off if it has the same speed and timings?

    I have the Corsair LP memory model CML16GX3M2A1600C11, however that memory is very hard to find. I commonly see the same thing, except with C10 at the end instead of C11. I haven't checked the timings, but if it is the same frequency and timings and they're both LP, will it be OK to mix them?
  29. L

    External Hard Drive Won't Connect

    My external hard drive won't connect with my HP Envy laptop all of a sudden. It's worked fine for months, but now it won't show up at all, not even in disk management. All the USB ports wok with other devices, but none for the hard drive, while the hard drive works fine on my other laptop. Both...
  30. J

    need help with upgrade

    I have a stock Lenovo h520 and i'm getting into cnc using cad/cam. I have an intel hd graphics card with 32mb ram and need to upgrade. can someone tell me what I need to upgrade to be able to run cad/cam . I'm looking at something like autodesk 360.also i'm using two monitors, one regular and...
  31. S

    Looking To Upgrade

    Here is my current specs Z77X UP7 MOBO I7 3770K 8 GIG DDR 3 RAM GTX 770 4GB ANTEC 620 WATT PSU 1080p MONITOR Now, im looking to upgrade my GPU when i have the cash because my GTX 770 is falling behind and current release games i need to tone down some graphics to get a solid 60FPS Will the...