Question MSI Gtx970 not appearing in device manager/not outputting image when it does

Apr 21, 2019
Today I got a used gtx970 but I'm having trouble installing it
My roommate helped me and we tried many things but nothing seems to work!

First of all, here are my specs
2x8gb ram
Intel i5 2400
Mobo biostar h61mh
Video card Msi gtx970 twinfroze V

And we connect the card to the screen via HDMI

In the first try, we connected it to the 6pin power adapter, the card appeared on the windows device manager but outputted no image, installing drivers didn't seem to do anything
The video card LEDs weren't lighting up

Then we switched to the 8 pin connector, the card LEDs light up and all but it stopped appearing on Windows and not even the msi driver cd recognizes it

I cleaned the pci slot, looked for stuff in the bios, removed and refitted the card...

We even tried using a Radeon hd6670 to check if the slot was working, and we had the same issues but it got recognized

Nothing seems to work please help.
Apr 21, 2019
Update, I switched to the 6pin power cable and updated windows
It recognizes the GPU now, but it says
"Windows has stopped this device because it has reported problems. (Code 43)"

The only solution I could find online was reinstalling the drivers, but that didn't work for me