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    Audacity not working after WIndows 10 update

    Hi, After I upgraded to Win 10, AUdacity came up with the error message, 'Internal PortAudio error' Or somthing like that, and the microphone wont work. Thanks
  2. B

    Windows 10 update failure

    So this morning I began to download windows 10. Everything went smoothly, installed up until the configure settings portion. At about 2%, it blue screens with a big " : ( " saying system_thread_exception_not_handled (ntsf.sys). I've looked online and the only things I've seen is that it could be...
  3. M

    Graphics card and 4k gaming

    Hi guys, Im currently in a position where I will be building a new Rig in a few Months, around June/July/August What im wondering is it worth sinking a good $1500 Aus (or more) on a 4k setup. ( only monitor and GPU ) Atm Most cards ive seen struggle to run 4k gaming above 30 FPS and after a...
  4. T

    Which of these mobos are better for fx 8350?

    I want to know which is better for an fx 8350 and possibly overclocking. This...
  5. F

    4gb 760 sli vs 980 4gb

    I currently have 2x 4gb 760 in my machine and have the money. Would it be worth it to go to a single 980 4gb card? Would I see much of a difference to make it worth it? Thanks.
  6. D

    My New Amazing Alienware

    Hey guys, I just recieved my new super-gaming Alienware laptop in the mail. The total cost was about $5,000, this including 32gb of 1600ghz of ram to replace my old ram (the memory chip broke) and also Dell's premium keyboard and mouse combo for an extra $60 (to get extra fps). I just wanted to...
  7. V

    Monitor says "no signal" at BIOS screen.

    I have my monitor connected to my graphics card (gtx 760) but it doesn't seem to display any pre-boot information or bios. When I used the 'go2bios' option from MSI the monitor said "no signal". Should i plug the DVI into the motherboard?
  8. S

    XP does not recognise any USB devices

    Hi there. . . I am a lay computer fixer :bounce: and very frustrated after searching the net for the last three days. . . Microsoft refuses any support since they stopped it a few days ago. upgrade your software. . . am I a millionaire? NO! I just reinstalled XP, including SP1, 2 and 3. Since...