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    Question Compatibility SSD NVme vs m.2 SATA

    Hi guys, I would like to know can I use NVme ssd for this slot on the picture below? Becouse I have asus zenbook with m.2 SATA (about 500mbs read/write speed) and now I would like to replace it with NVme Samsung Evo 970. Will it fit/work?
  2. R

    Question B350 Prime Plus Strange Nvme disk behavior

    Hello I hope I write in a good section. I have a problem with the Nvme disk, namely with the Adata SX8200 PRO 512Gb. The disc will work with the ASUS B350 Prime Plus and the Ryzen 1700. The disc has the latest bios and everything flashes, everything except this funny disk. If I put a disk...
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    Question Testing nmve m.2 slots on a Asus TUF Z390 Motherboard

    I have an ASUS TUF Z390-PRO Gaming motherboard and am trying to test the m.2 slots on it to see if one is faulty. This started when I was attempting to clean install windows on a brand new build using a pair of crucial p1 nvme ssd's with 500 gb each. At first, the motherboard and windows...
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    Question One of my M.2 NVME drives works only after reboot

    Hello. I've had the disk in question for less than a year now. Adata SX8200 M.2 NVMe PCIe 480GB https://www.amazon.com/XPG-SX8200-480GB-Gen3x4-ASX8200NP-480GT-C/dp/B07BLMP9ZT I'm using two nvme drives and one sata ssd drive in my pc currently and one day the ADATA nvme drive started to...
  5. Question Slow NVME speed

    I have a NVME Samsung 970 with heatsink connected to motherboard directly through M.2. It's not the boot disk. When i turn on the PC, if i test with crystaldiskmark i get slow speed read/write results: However, if i reboot the PC and i execute the test again, i get correct results: If I...
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    Question Samsung 970 EVO Plus 1TB(NVMe) or WD Blue SN500 500GB NVMe x2?

    I'm after a good nvme m.2 ssd card. After some comparison i came to the conclusion that evo plus>evo pro>wd black>evo. 1tb at $225 then i noticed a WD blue 500gb at only $65(no 1tb version avaliable) Normally I'd go for the Samsung EVO without second thought, but the new WB blue NVme is at...
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    Question Booting from SSD M.2 NVMe

    Hello everyone, I'm trying to solve problem with upgrade my laptop with SSD 250Gb Samsung 960 EVO (M.2 NVMe). I installed Win 10 to this SSD and when i want to boot, it doesn't work. I googled some recipes and tried to activate Legacy booting, turned off CSM etc. but nothing works. Please...
  8. U

    Question M.2 not listed under mobo support. Will it still work?

    The patriot scorch nvme is not listed under my mobo m.2 drive compatibility list. Will it still work? Also, I don't know if this should be in the storage category or motherboard category can someone tell me.
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    Question 2nd m.2 slot not reading my drive

    I built a new PC recently and had a Intel 660p 512GB (M.2 pci-e NVMe 3.0 x4) installed in my Ultra m.2 (PCIe Gen3 x4) slot on my Asrock Steel Legend B450m mobo. It worked great for a couple months but I decided I wanted a larger, better, faster, longer endurance OS/Apps drive as games have...
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    Question M.2 is showing in Device Manager and BIOS, but not in Disk Management and as a drive

    I have installed both of my M.2 drives, I can see the drive in the BIOS, and in Device Manager. However, it is not showing up as a drive I can download stuff onto, and it is not showing up in Disk Management. Any ideas? Screen shot for proof: View: https://imgur.com/8I3AD9B
  11. Question 970 Pro has very high response time

    I just got my 970 Pro 512 GB a few days ago. I tried to run crystaldiskmark and checked the average response time on task manager and here's what I got: The average response time is in seconds when writes are performed. Does my SSD have problems? Samsung Magician and Crystaldiskinfo says the...
  12. J

    Question Is it possible to set up raid 0 with M.2 SSD and SATA SSD

    Main Question I'm building a new rig for game development, music production, and some rendering here and there so I want to have really good storage performance. I have a 1TB SATA SSD on my current rig. I want to transfer that SATA SSD over to the new rig and buy a 2TB M.2 NVMe SSD to set up a...
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    Question updated bios problems

    I recently bought Intel 660p m.2 ssd and testing the read/write speeds which were a lot slower than expected. So i updated bios which I have never done on my Gigabyte GA-Z97-D3H. When I ran userbenchmark after bios update everything except GPU (GTX 1080) was running at like 1/3 of what it should...
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    Question Crucial P1 500GB NVMe

    Is the crucial P1 a good NVMe? I know it’s not got as fast read and write speeds but it’s currently £61.19 for 500GB and wondering wether I should get the P1 or spend more on a better one? Won’t be using it for gaming. Just AutoCAD and photos.
  15. Gosraj

    Question Which MOBO works best with this setup?

    Turns out I lied when I said that my last post that, well, was my last post. Now I'm here to just ask which motherboard would go best with this setup: https://pcpartpicker.com/list/vyXL8Y Really just making sure it's compatible with everything (NVMe M.2, DDR4 3200, etc) I'd like to keep the...
  16. Question EVO970 stuck at pcie 2 x 2

    Hello guys, as the title says, I have EVO 970 plus plugged into Gigabyte X99 UD4 and I'm stuck at pci 2x2, thats what samsung magician says. The performance is abysmal, I'm seeing people posting over 3000 MBps read/write values for this kit, whle I'm getting 800/600 R/W, my other SSDs (both 840...
  17. T

    Question New setup

    Im planning to upgrade and switch some parts in my pc. Current pc: MSI 1080ti gaming x i5-8600k Asus z370-f Corsair H110i gtx Nzxt s340 elite 2x250gb ssd (raid 0) 128gb pm961 nvme Corsair CX550 psu New pc: MSI 1080ti gaming x i7-8700k Asus z370-f Enermax liqfusion 240mm Nzxt s340 elite 1tb...
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    Question Which SSD would you choose?

    Hello! there's currently a promotion running with my local e-tailer on SSD's (% discount and you get accessories / gifts with any SSD in the promotion) I've Been looking into getting one for a while now, currently have a firecuda 2TB SSHD. and a really old 1tb 5400rpm drive, which i want to...
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    Question Abkoncore Spider Spectrum fans

    Hey guys Im planing on buying 10 of the abkoncore spider spectrum fans with the abkoncore 350m case I've heard the fans are bad and the case has bad airflow. I just wanna clear it out, if it's really that bad... My setup will be: Abkoncore 350m 10 abkoncore spider spectrum fans 1080 asus strix...
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    Question Nvme in asus prime z390-p?

    I am gonna build a pc soon and was wondering if the asus prime z390-p motherboard supports Nvme m2 storage. (And perhaps which sata port it uses) Also can you tell me if that motherboard will be good enough for gaming?