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  1. C

    Best high end am3+, i5 LGA 1150, i7 LGA1550 cpu

    I am currently planning on upgrading my computer. Right now I have a Asus M5A99FX pro r2.0 AM3+ motherboard with an amd fx-4130 that is due for a major upgrade. The motherboard is still completely fine so if I was to go the amd route again I would not be replacing it, and sticking with the am3+...
  2. J

    Build custom ps3

    I have a great 700 dollar pc that I, as a young person, am very proud of. My brother ,however, doesn't quite have the same appreciation for graphics as I do, and chooses to play minecraft on it. With a controller. *shudder*. In order to get him off of it, would anyone think it would really be...
  3. K

    How to disable vdrop

    I cannot find the option to disable vdrop on my msi 970 g43 mb I clocked my fx6300 at a stable 4.5 1.4vcore and whenever I stress test the vcore drops to about to 1.31 how do I fix
  4. J

    Mods for Skyrim

    Hello, I want to play skyrim modded im all about graphics. i have a i7-4770k and a GTX 980 TI i want decent FPS and best graphics possible what should i install?
  5. C

    Hi guys when i start to power on my computer it seems i have encountered a 3 beeps and short 2 beeps and it just keeps repeati

    Hi guys when i tried to start my computer it just beeps like 3 normal beeps and 2 short beeps.i dont know what happened .my mobos manufacturer is eMAxxtech i dont know about its bios im not too techie
  6. K

    PC ran into some trouble restaring your PC now.Is it a CPU or Memory problem

    My PC has always been crashing saying PC ran into some trouble restarting your PC now.The PC is running extremely slow even when I tried to format and reinstall the windows it extremely slow.I have a i7 4th gen 477 processor ,Asus Maximus Hero vi mobo,Corsair Vengeance 16 gb ram.
  7. qwertyu8

    GPU pined at 100% usage on desktop

    got a gtx 680 4gb. when i start the computer its fine but after 10 minutes it shots to max usage. i reinstalled the latest driver and still does the same. i also full system scanned with avast and malwarebytes. is there a program that can point out what is using up my gpu power (as in a program...
  8. D

    GTX 970 Low Usage?

    Hello! I just recently bought a gtx 970. I decided to launch it up and benchmark some games. When I did I noticed my GPU usage not getting up to the 90's and only staying in the range of 50-80 and it fluctuates. I do not know what is causing it and am starting to believe Nvidia has garbage...
  9. J

    [~$1000 PC Build] 3D CAD, Matlab, Photoshop, some games, etc.

    Greetings everybody, I finally created an account on this forum after lurking about for the last couple of years. I've routinely found myself on this site after searching Google for solutions to my common issues with computers, phones, etc. My HP Pavilion M7 is still kicking after a few years...
  10. A

    How does a PSU fan system work?

    Hi, I have a Cooler Master G650M 650w PSU. Its +80 bronze cert or something like that. What does that actually mean? Here's a link on the PSU, for the lazy ones. http://www.coolermaster.com/powersupply/gaming-gm-series/g650m/ So, how does the fan system work on these things? I have a ancient...
  11. S

    Help installing the R9 270X

    I just bought the R9 270x, and hardware wise i think its all hooked up. The fans are going its hooked into the motherboard and it has the pci-e cords plugged in. Yet when i plug my HDMI cable into it i dont get any picture. Does this mean i have to uninstall the drivers for my integrated...
  12. O

    Can you get a kettle lead with the wire on the opposite side?

    Hello, I've just built a media server using a passive cooled PSU but the case i'm using has the PSU facing downwards to the floor and ive got to have the PSU this way round as the vent is facing the correct way currently. Is it possible to get a right angle kettle lead where the wire comes...