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  1. fr4mes

    Question PC Crashes without overheating, tried multiple things, ran out of luck

    I've recently (as of 3 weeks) been encountering some really weird crashes, where my just goes out as soon as it's stressed, hilariously I crash even with roblox. First, I thought it was an overheating issue since it had already happened before (my build is really old) and I change thermal paste...
  2. Matěj M.

    Question USB keyboard not working on old pc

    I recently bought an USB keyboard Genius Slimstar 126 for my older computer. Unfortunately it doesn't work with that old pc. It doesn't work in neither system (I tried Win 7 and Linux Mint) or the BIOS. However if I plug it into my newer laptop or PC, it works completely fine. Other USB...
  3. Y

    Question Is there a way to salvage this old PC?

    This PC was used for typical home office and general task system in 2019. The motherboard is NEC mate MS-7479 VER1:1. Here is some pictures of the motherboard and its connections: View: https://imgur.com/a/91qo6v2 I did not touch the connections or rearrange them in any way. The problem is...
  4. ICY11

    Question Can I Upgrade by Core 2 Duo E8400 TO Core 2 Quad Q9650

    I Have an HP Compaq DC7800 Compatible Minitower with an Intel Core 2 Duo E8400 Installed, I was Planing on Upgrading it to Core 2 Quad Q9650 for better performance, here are my PC Specs: Mobo: HP 0aach (Intel q35 Chipset) Ram: 8GB DDR2 Ram @ 800Mhz Graphics Card: Nvidia Geforce 8400gs PSU: 365W...
  5. registersano

    Question Upgrading old but still kicking PC, need advise on parts

    Dear members, I like to upgrade my PC and wondering what new parts are compatible for my built, PC birth : Year 2015 Processor : Intel Ci5 3.50Ghz 4690K (4th Generation) Motherboard : Gigabyte Intel Z97X-SLI (Intel Z97 Express Chipset, 4 x DDR3 DIMM sockets) Ram : Kingston 4GB DDR3 1866Mhz...
  6. D

    Question old Windows 7 PC and a HDMI video card

    please ignore. The problem was solved. Currently trying to figure out how to delete this
  7. M

    Question Ubuntu Mate or Ubuntu for Old system ?

    I found an old Acer Aspire laptop which I dissambled, cleaned and made little modifications recently to make it alive again. Changed LCD cable, upgraded ram from 3 to 6, replaced the disk with a 120 gb ssd. CPU is I3. I am very happy with Ubuntu Mate on my real old tablet pc. My Aspire' s...
  8. K

    Question GPU started overheating on games that worked well before

    Hello everyone, I have an old gaming PC, almost 9 years old and I am going to replace it for a few months., but I still want to use it before I replace it :) My specs are: Intel i5 3570k, MSI Radeon 7870 OC, Asus p8z77-v lx motherboard. I know it is an old rig, but GPUs performance shouldn't...
  9. L

    [SOLVED] Can I use this gpu and ssd with my current parts?

    I built my own pc 8 years ago for $600. I want to upgrade it. According to userbenchmark, the hdd and graphics card are my main slow points. Here is the link to my test run. https://www.userbenchmark.com/UserRun/33005292. It also seems like I need to upgrade my ram though. I was think about...
  10. [SOLVED] Does anyone know the name of this connector?

    We have this old proprietary PC at work built for our gate system. Recently the power supply on the controller for the gate went out and the tech replaced it for us. So now I'm wondering if I can buy something like that myself as a backup. This is the picture of the old power supply that went...
  11. Z

    Question CPU keeps overheating up to 95C with barely anything opened.

    Hi, I've been using this PC for quite years, and it have been running very fine, But for some reason, recently, The CPU gets overheated to insane degrees such as 80-90C even with only Google chrome. It's a very, very, Very Old PC, But Im poor and indebted, there's no way i can buy another, so...
  12. time-flight

    [SOLVED] Is this power supply still safe to use?

    I recently received an old desktop computer from a family member which contains parts from around 2006. The plan is to use it as my main PC even though the parts are old, since the rest of the components are still working and perfectly fine for what I would use them for. It contains a Corsair...
  13. F

    [SOLVED] What GPU to buy for an old PC

    Hi guys, I have a somewhat aging PC: Intel i5 6500 ASROCK B150m Combo G 1 x 8GB Corsair Vengeance DDR4 Sapphire R9 270X CoolerMaster Thunder 600W PSU 240 + 480GB SSD Zalman T4 mini Case 1080p monitor I want to spend 300 GBP/~400 USD on a new/used graphics card so that I can play games at 60...
  14. vineeth.konavoor

    [SOLVED] My CPU idles at 70C. Cleaned fan and applied new thermal paste. Still no good

    I have an old pentium dual core 1.80GHz CPU with me. The mother board is Intel D945GCNL. I was hoping to hook it to my tv to play netflix and stuff. So i took it put of the dust and gave it a spin. Even by just staying in the bios, the temperature slowly climbs to 60C. I tried running puppy...
  15. nachop

    [SOLVED] Recently Rooted old Computer with LUBUNTU goes SLOW

    I Have an old PC that i wiped with DBAN and then installed Lubuntu 19.10 with a rooted flash drive. Now is going slower than before. Any recommendations? Its a HP compaq dc5750 (2007). It used to have a couple of disk partitions (windows 7 and Ubuntu 18.04). The hard drive has only 80gb and...
  16. G

    [SOLVED] What will be the ideal gpu for my pc?

    Hey guys i have a really old pc im planning to upgrade it by getting a used or new graphic card and it would be great if you also suggest me other components i should get as i am trying to install windows 10. my pc spec; CPU: Intel Pentium E5400 Ram: DR2 4Gb 800Mhz HDD: 500Gb OS: Windows 7...
  17. S

    [SOLVED] Built PC in 2014, I've been out of the game for a while. Should I upgrade off what I have or start new build?

    Hi Guys, I built this PC in 2014 and I haven't really looked at components/upgrade/what's out there since. Running into a few performance issues at the minute - Randomly freezes, cannot handle big Adobe Premier/Photoshop files, ran out of C Drive Storage I'll post my specs below but should I...
  18. P

    [SOLVED] How much for old parts?

    Hi! Can someone help me to value my dads old pc? It's close to 10 years old, so I'm not expecting much. All drivers are removed. Partlist: cpu: Intel Core i7 950 3.06GHz 8MB LGA1366 mobo: ASRock X58 Extreme3 S-1366 ram: Transcend 6GB DDR3 kit (3x2GB) 1333MHz Non-ECC CL9 gpu: XFX Force HD5850...
  19. Y

    [SOLVED] 2009 mediocre PC graphics card upgrade

    I have this PC: https://www.cnet.com/products/asus-essentio-cg5270-bp003/specs/ I'm thinking of getting GeForce GTX 1060 Gaming X 6G. Would it be an overkill? I'm a newbie on this, so I would be grateful for any help. The most intensive game I would play is probably Skyrim. Thank you!
  20. JacsserM

    [SOLVED] PC Suddenly Reboots when Playing Games

    Hello, So I am really confused right now about my PC which suddenly reboots when I am playing some games. It does happen, but not really often in games like GTA V, BeamNG Drive, and Planet Zoo. But in one specific game, which is Rainbow Six Siege, it happened every time I get into a match, it...
  21. T

    [SOLVED] What to upgrade in an old PC to make it functional for basic stuff

    Hi everyone, I have this old PC which is almost 10 years old and it has become really slow, as I have also removed parts like the GPU and one of the RAM cards because they stopped working. I am interested in making a little faster so that it can handle basic daily stuff like browsing, videos...
  22. JohnTGamer

    [SOLVED] Old games keep crashing on startup after driver update

    As the title says, I updated my graphic drivers and now old games that used to work before aren't working anymore. My PC was lagging on some games so I updated my drivers, but they didn't change anything, ok. I decided play some other games but only the newer games are working. The older ones...
  23. cm6870

    Question GTX 1650 SUPER / CM6870

    Hey community, i have a question about my old pc. I have a ASUS CM6870 desktop pc with P8H77 M PRO Motherboard and I7 3770 I want to upgrade system with a new gpu to use 1-2 years more with decent gaming performance, i have decided to buy GTX 1650 SUPER+8GB ram for that. First question will it...
  24. SlaKer440

    Discussion TDIL; my NCIX built PC from 2013 has been running its 8gb of RAM in single channel for 7 years

    Trouble shooting some issues on my aging machine when I come to find out that my 8gb of ram have been running in single channel mode since the assembly of my machine. I paid an extra $100 at the time of purchase to have my machine built by a “trained professional” and he couldn’t even manage to...
  25. G

    [SOLVED] Should I look to Upgrade?

    My current PC Parts: Mobo: MSI MS-Z87-G45-GAMING CPU: i7-4770 Max for the LGA 1150 Ram: DDR3-16 GPU: GTX- 1060 6GB Its been about 6 years since i bought the PC. I been thinking about upgrading but at the same time I don't know if I should or just upgrade my my GPU to an RTX 2070 or 2080. I...
  26. J

    Question PC won't turn on and need help wiping a hard drive

    So my friend recently gave me his old PC Components: GPU - GT 610 CPU and Motherboard - no idea, but it's AMD PSU - some basic one that gives out a power of 450 The issue is that the only hard drive i have that i could use for it is from my old Xbox, but i haven't wiped it yet. when i turn the...
  27. R

    Question My friend wants to know what kind of cpus this motherboard support.

    So my friend has an old pc and decided to fix it recently. He has a Fujitsu Siemens D2828-A1 motherboard and he is wondering what cpus he can put on it.
  28. H

    Upgrading PC or buying a new one?

    Hi! I want to upgrade my PC or buy a new one. I have a i5-2400, 8GB DDR3 and a RX 460 right now. It is on LGA1155 If I upgrade this PC at it is right now, I'd buy an i7-3770(SH) and RX 570(SH) and a new PSU [maybe SSD and more memory too (not important)]. ~ 200 Euro I buy a new PC I'd go for...
  29. F

    [SOLVED] Makeshift Server without GPU

    I recently built a new desktop and am looking into converting my old computer into a dedicated storage box (DAS). I have about 60TB and growing worth of data to store so housing it in a single computer is getting slightly unreasonable. outwitting both my new computer with 10GBit Ethernet, I was...
  30. C

    Question Old PC-What should I upgrade CPU VS GPU

    Hello, Right now I have a pc with a i5-3470 with a gtx 770 and 8gb ddr3 ram. Since I currently dont have alot of money a friend of mine offered me a deal on his 5 year old I7 4770k + z87 asus maximus formula vi for 200-250€ Should i go for that or with the same money buy a new gpu?(prolly a Gtx...
  31. arcadeamazing

    [SOLVED] I need a gtx 750ti build

    I just got a Geforce GTX 750ti for my birthday but I my pc is a little bit old and I dont wanto to damage something there. I have an AMD a6 6400 APU An Asrock fm2a58m vg3 And 4gb ram ddr3 I can run a very few games at 15fps most of the games I have runs at 1fps. I'm also in a low budget so I...
  32. RishabhfromIND

    Question Can I add a Case fan to my old PC ?

    I have desktop from Dell Inspiron 620s with ATI RADEON HD 6450 1GB DDR3 , INTEL pentium G620 and 4GB RAM. I want to add an extra case fan to my pc for extra cooling. I am worried if i can do this or not.
  33. B

    [SOLVED] CPU Swap - Screen not getting signal.

    I have just swapped out my i5 6500 for an i7 7700. However, when turning the PC back on everything seems to start up as normal, except that the screen doesn’t ever display anything/doesn’t seem to get a signal. I’ve removed the graphics card and tried booting off of the motherboard display...
  34. D

    Disk space 100% used

    When i start pc every thing runs too slowly. When i start task manager it shows disk space usage as 100%. It kind off irritates me My specs i3 6300 Ram 8gb Gpu rx 470 gaming x 4 gb
  35. B

    Two desktops sharing Ethernet.

    I currently have a Mac setup in my home office. I have an Ethernet connection at the wall currently connected to my Mac Mini. I’m going to be adding a PC to the office for work related stuff. I also want to connect it to Ethernet, but I just have 1 line coming from the wall (The router is in the...
  36. hyper15francismiguel

    What m.2 ssd is this?

    This is my first time to upgrade ssd to my acer aspire e15 e5-575g-78sn. I don't know what kind of m.2 ssd should I put with it.
  37. Oxicoi

    RAM usage spiked to 100%!!!

    Memory: Corsair Vengeance 16GB 2400mhz 2x8. Was playing Fortnite and it just spiked up, using 14GB. No, it isn't the game as this has never happened before. I have it overclocked. Could it possibly be a bad overclock?
  38. L

    Which GPU is better?

    Hey guys, I'm planning to upgrade my graphics card, but I can't choose which one to purchase. The 1st option is the Zotac GTX 1050 Ti OC Edition. Link: https://www.lazada.com.ph/-i102432592-s102697521.html?spm=a2o4l.order_details.details_title..50e93e17BGHvqE&urlFlag=true&mp=1 The 2nd option...
  39. supermanu15

    [SOLVED] Remote access/control a phone with a fuzzy screen?

    My Xiaomi Mi4i's screen is busted, is showing fuzzy images and lots of orange to white lines so I can't use it, so I bought another Android phone, my question is how can I export my SMS messages from there to the new phone? What app should I use? I can't do Vysor(the chrome plugin) that allows...
  40. S

    Need For Speed: ProStreet Best NFS Game Ever?

    Best NFS Game ever? I really love Need For Speed: ProStreet for PC. I finished NFS: Underground 1, 2, Undercover, Carbon, NFS: SHIFT, NFS 2015, The Run, NFS: Porsche but ProStreet it's so awesome. NFS 1-6 it's good too.