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    Question Power Supply SATA power restrictions?

    I have an old Rosewill Silent Night 500w PSU that has 4 8-pin connectors on it for pcie or sata connections I guess. It doesn't look like a standard 8 pin sata connector fits so I'm assuming they are specific to the power supply. My question is I only have one cable that fits into the socket...
  2. E

    Freshly Installing Windows 10 on Dell XPS 15?

    Hello! So this summer, I am planning on attempting to use the Windows 10 Media Creation tool to do a fresh install of Windows 10 on my Dell XPS 15. I do not enjoy the bloatware that comes installed with my computer, including all sorts of Dell software and many other things. I want to do a full...
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    Premium headset for gaming

    Hi all, I'm just asking if there are any premium headsets with mic included that rival Sennheiser as I'm a little unsure on brands? I've looked at the Steel series siberias dont like the look of them and cant find much information on the likes of Audio-technica. Ive tried Astros in the past and...
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    Internet slow on only one device

    Hi all, I recently got new internet in a new house and have speeds on my phone of around 40-50 but my laptop is only around 5-10. The laptop is reasonably new and has 360 free version installed. Is there anything else I can install/run that will check if there are any nasties on my computer...