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    Question PC Won't Boot, Possible Mobo Failure?

    System Specs: i7-4770k CPU Asus Z87-A MOBO Kingston HyperX 16 GB RAM Samsung 860 EVO 500 GB SSD Saphire RX 580 GPU Corsair Pro 650 W 80+ Gold PSU Last night I was gaming, and then the pc just shutdown. I waited a bit and tried to start it but it wouldn't boot. When I press the power button...
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    GT 1030 OC Phoenix Edition on an MSI H77MA-G43 Motherboard

    I have an MSI H77MA-G43 that will NOT support the newer GT 1030 OC Phoenix edition. The older ATI HD 5830 runs very well in it though. When I boot up, the resolution is all messed, making the BIOS all jumbled up. I can start windows, but the resolution is so low, that I have just a few of the...