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  1. BladMark

    Question Corsair CX600 instantly turning off.

    Hello! Yesterday I got a CX600 power supply for free from a friend. He said that it's randomly turning off in his system. I happily accepted it, thinking that it must have just not been enough for his system. I got it home and realized that it was full of dust. I've disassembled it. (Since the...
  2. S

    Question After major PC upgrade the PC boots, powers off after a few seconds, then boots into Windows normally without issue

    Hello all, I recently upgraded everything in my PC besides the SSD, power supply and GFX card (new motherboard, CPU, RAM etc). The issue described in the title did not start immediately, rather it started two days after I completed the build. Right now my PC boots but even before POST it powers...
  3. iliec37

    Question Pc powers off by itself whenever it wants to

    Hey, recently I have been facing an issue with my pc.It powers off by itself like its a blackout, except it isn't and it's started getting on my nerves. The thing is it started to do that after I moved it in another room and cleaned it (dust:() and I forgot where 2 screws fit,could the screws...
  4. S

    Did anyone figure this out? Limit network access by AMOUNT of time per day??

    gblasiusSep 19, 2014, 7:14 AM I am looking to limit a particular device's access to the internet by cumulative daily time, as opposed to unlimited access during certain time periods. EG, rather than merely limit device A to access between 7-10PM, I would like to limit the access time to 1 hour...
  5. S

    Asus ranger vii M.2 not seen

    i have asus ranger vii adn have bought samsung 512gb m.2 ssd the model number is NTE5120 i have put the bios setttings to m.2 but still not seen by computer mangment bios or any third party program i have no clue what to do to fix this any help would be greatly appreciate