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  1. M

    Question RTX 2060 not working properly

    Hello. Have a good time. Recently I upgraded my ( A10-7860K | Rx580 8GB | 8GB RAM ) to ( I5-9400F | RTX 2060 TUF | 16GB RAM | Asus H310M-C R2.0 ) Before connecting my Boot Device to this new rig, I uninstalled my AMD driver with "AMD Cleanup utility" and after connecting it to the new rig, I...
  2. aeteer

    Question GPU Causing Static Speakers and No Internet?

    Hi guys, I've been in the midst of trying to fix my pc for the past few days... So my old GPU broke and I decided to go get a replacement NVIDIA Ge-force GTX 960 whilst I wait for the 3070's to come back in stock as I'm in no rush. Everything seems to be going well, I plug the new GPU in and...