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  1. WOWDood

    Question PC not giving any signal after turning on some settings in BIOS

    So basically, here's my issue; Looked at some Windows 11 videos and thought that the OS looks cool and was curious to try it out. Tried to update PC from Windows 10 but it said I needed TMP 2.0 and safe boot turned on. So, regretably, I did turned on safe boot first and sadly the last one...
  2. J

    Question Screen all not working properly is this a GPU fauli

    Hi I have sold my strix 1060 pc and he is saying it is broken. It is posting and running though hdmi. He sent some images of the screen what I would like to know is if it is a GPU issue if so is it it fixable or if it an issue with the rest of the pc . And if it is fixable Thanks
  3. J

    Question CPU usage remains at 100% without slowdowns

    The CPU utilization repeatedly shows as 100%, despite no slowdowns or noticable errors. The active window often appears to be the most demanding window, but the most demanding program often flips, especially while on desktop, with programs utilizing 90% or more of the CPU by themselves. Odder...
  4. C

    Question I reset my pc and my usb with windows 10 recovery won’t complete

    I need help desperately I reset my computer and I made a windows 10 usb recovery and I start to recover but right when it hits 75% it fails and says it has ran into a error no changes has been made. Is there any solution?