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  1. LlamaCat

    What should I upgrade?

    Hello people. So, I decided to upgrade my gaming rig in about 2.5 - 3 months, and I don't really know what to upgrade. I want to be able to play new-released and old games on highest settings for at least 2 - 3 years. Here's my current system; Intel Core i5 4670k MSI GTX 770 Twİn Frozr GSkill...
  2. A

    Will a PCI wifi card mess up my 660's airflow?

    It looks pretty close: I want to be sure it won't cause issues before I purchase a wifi card. In any case, how are the USB wifi adapters? GPU:
  3. S

    Laptop stuttering when watching videos online

    Hi, its my first post here. anyway as above, my laptop stutters when playing vids online. vlc/games is fine, it does happen rarely though, unline youtube where its more consistent. i have a sony vaio E series. memore about 50% used, flash player and windows updates all up to date. hmm. what...
  4. Z

    Constant blue screens on my friends build.

    Build: A10 5800k(stock) 8GB of gskill ripjaw 2133mhz (dual channel) XFX 6670 MSI FM2 A75 E35 Mobo 1tb HDD 500w Corsair PSU I can't figure out why he is having so many blue screens and why he is getting bad fps on not demanding games with crossfire enabled. I've seen people on youtube get 60fps...
  5. Dylan1999

    AKG Q701 or Sennheiser HD598 or other?

    So, I am looking for a good pair of cans and want to spend $250 - $300 or so. I am looking for over ear. Which of these headphones do you think are better and why. Or can you suggest another pair of headphones that are better within my price range? I need an answer quick because Im kind of...
  6. Q

    Motherboard temps 50*C idle ??

    Hi there, I have got an msi 970a-g46 motherboard with an 8350, and i am getting weird temps; this is what hwmonitor says: temp0 27*C temp1 49*C temp2 35*C and the 8350 is at around 15*C. But when it is on full load temp1 is above 70*C and the cpu at 50?? Are these temperatures normal??!?
  7. C

    Best Budget Gaming PC possible for ~800$

    Hi guys, I would like input on what you think would be the best budget gaming PC I could get within ~800$ range. Would really appreciate any input, thanks! ===================================== Approximate Purchase Date: within 2 weeks Budget Range: ~800 USD System Usage from Most to Least...