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  1. C

    Question Can´t control fan hub PWM

    So, I just installed a new fan kit (Game factor fkg400). To control speed, it comes with a 4 pin fan connector, with only the pwm cable attached to it (energy is supplied through hub). I connected said cable to my MSI b550 mag tomahawk, in a fan connector. The problem is, profiles do nothing to...
  2. K

    Question PWM Fans seem to be really loud after change of PC-Case (incl. Fans) - can´t put them lower than 60 %?

    Hello everyone, I have just finished installing the old setup of my girlfriend in her newly gifted PC-Case. Since the System was running before, it was pretty clear that everything should work fine after the rebuild. The Problem we are having now is that the Case-fans, which were included with...
  3. Kevin_debruyne

    Question PWM fan speed depends on which things?

    I have msi mobo. Other than cpu fan port there are four number of 4 pin pwm fan connector. If cpu fan port speed depend on cpu temp than what other 4 pin ports speed depend on.??
  4. Piotrunus

    Question How to connect all these fans to one sysfan

    Hi! I just got a gift - MSI Gungnir 110M It contains 4 x 3 pin fans. I have 2 loose PWM ARGB Fans. My Motherboard is Gigabyte AB350M-DS3H V2 I need to power up 6 fans (4x 3 pin, 2 x PWM) I Have only one sysfan on motherboard. CPU fan slot is populated by two 3 pin noctua coolers from NH-D14 If...
  5. B!gMeme

    Question Best way to control fans without motherboard

    My system does not have PWM headers for case fans, so I have been searching for temperature-based fan controllers. I have come across a kit board that does precisely this, albeit using a thermistor, which can only read the ambient case temperature: ...
  6. Szabi1850

    Question BIOS reads 0RPM for system fan, they always go 100% speed

    Hello everyone! I have a new case (Genesis Irid 505) and a Gigabyte MB (B450M DS3H). I've connected the Fan HUB, which holds 4 RGB fans to the MB's Sys_fan 1 (PWM) pin's. The cable has only two connection on the left and right side, so the two in the middle are missing. I am not sure if that is...
  7. I

    Question Case Fans 100% speed when waking up from sleep mode Phanteks PWM Hub

    Mobo: Gigabyte AB350 Gaming-3 CPU: Ryzen 5 1600 CPU Cooler: Hyper 212 Evo w/ be quiet Pure Wings 2 120mm PSU: EVGA SuperNova 750 G3 GPU: R9 380 4G CASE: Phanteks Enthoo (PH-ES614PTG_BK) Case Fans: 2x stock 140mm Case Fans, 3x ThermalTake Pure 12 120mm ARGB, 2x BeQuiet Pure Wings 2 120mm BIOS...
  8. J


    I’m new to rgb / argb. I don’t really know the difference but I think argb is for 5v 3pin header mobos and rgb is for 12v 4pin mobos. I have a msi z390 a pro with 12v 4pin. And I bought 6 pwm argb uphere fans that come with a fan hub. I plugged everything in except the 5v 3pin cable. I’m...
  9. S

    [SOLVED] Confused between PWM and SYS_FAN headers connections

    Hello, I bought a case Gaming Spirit Of Gamer Ghost 5 ARGB Edition, it has two 200 mm and one 120mm case fans, and it is accompanied by an ARGB hub which has cables outputs ( 3pins RGB & VGD, 4pins PWM). Fans are pre-configured in the Hub. (To be honest i could not find the brand of the hub to...
  10. F

    [SOLVED] 4-pin PWM headers for fans without one

    Take a look at the fan below. Delta Sensflow EFC1212D 120mm x 120mm x 25mm Tri-Blade Server Fan DC 12V 0.75A 4-Wire 0.75A I'm curious to know if anyone has actually tried giving fans like these a 4-pin fan header. They're considerably cheaper than most case fans out here (SE Asia) and I...
  11. alarbcoin

    [SOLVED] Fan RGB with molex pin to motherborad pin ?

    Hi!! I have case with one Fan RGB have molex pin for power in PSU but i want add this fan in motherboard MSI Z390 (pumb_fan1) (4 pin). How I do this?
  12. L

    [SOLVED] Fans connected to fan hub, but they run at max speed despite all of them are PWM?

    Fans: Lian Li Bora Lite 120 Fan Hub: Cooler Master Masterfan PWM Hub Motherboard: Gigabyte B550 Vision D I have ten of the named fans connected to the fan hub, which the hub connects to the...
  13. A

    [SOLVED] Does my MOBO (auss h270f strix) support pwm fans?

    I am planning to buy 2 12v scythe kaze flex pwm 120mm fans, but I took a momento to take a look at my MOBO manual about it's fan headers. According to this print screen I took from the manual: The CHA_FAN headers have a +5V pin. I don't know what +5v pin means, I want to...
  14. DanielC98

    [SOLVED] Triple PWM fan splitter, 1 fan at full speed

    Hi guys Just got a phanteks sk 120mm pwm fan 3-pack for my case to add PWM control to my PC. It comes with a triple PWM fan splitter which I need to use as my Aorus x570 elite wifi does not have many fan headers. 2 of the fans on the splitter run as expected but one of them is constantly running...
  15. carlosriosness

    [SOLVED] control a pwm fan header that has an LED strip plugged into it

    I have a LED strip (2 pin) plugged into a 3 pin adapter that is plugged into a 4pin fan header on a z170i asus mobo. as the pc starts the led strip is dim, but once windows loads, it goes full bright. is there a way to limit the power to that fan header so the strip will stay dim? i tried...
  16. P

    [SOLVED] Is this a fan controller would i able to see each individual fan temperature of each fan

    Not sure if this is a fan controller, would i be able to see the individual fans temperature/rpm of each connected to this hub i am trying to connect it to CHA_FAN2. I am using thermaltake 12 ring syn 3x120mm fan and a tuf b450m-plus gaming and a coolmaster masterair ma610p DeepCool FH-04...
  17. A

    Question Does the MSI motherboard RGB software work if a rgb splitter cable is used?

    My MoBo (MSI Z370 pc PRO) has only one 12v rgb header and 4 PWM case fan headers along with a cpu fan and a pump fan header. My case has 4 led fans preinstalled (not rgb just red led) which i have connected to the 4 fan headers on the MoBo. i have connected Cooler master hyper 410 cpu cooler...
  18. Mika Horward

    Is it normal for a CPU fan to not spin upon booting up the system.

    Quite a simple question, I plugged my CPU fan into CPUFAN1 in my mobo and my case fans into SYSFAN2 on my mobo but neither spin upon booting the system up. Is this normal or should this not be happening? MOBO: MSI Bazooka B150M Case: Phanteks Enthoo Pro with standard case fans CPU Cooler...