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  1. A

    Question Does the MSI motherboard RGB software work if a rgb splitter cable is used?

    My MoBo (MSI Z370 pc PRO) has only one 12v rgb header and 4 PWM case fan headers along with a cpu fan and a pump fan header. My case has 4 led fans preinstalled (not rgb just red led) which i have connected to the 4 fan headers on the MoBo. i have connected Cooler master hyper 410 cpu cooler...
  2. Mika Horward

    Is it normal for a CPU fan to not spin upon booting up the system.

    Quite a simple question, I plugged my CPU fan into CPUFAN1 in my mobo and my case fans into SYSFAN2 on my mobo but neither spin upon booting the system up. Is this normal or should this not be happening? MOBO: MSI Bazooka B150M Case: Phanteks Enthoo Pro with standard case fans CPU Cooler...