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  1. M

    Question Is my Display dying or what are these (picture in thread)? (Acer Predator 27" QHD (1440p) 144Hz (165Hz with OC)

    Hello, I am worried my monitor is at the end of its life. I started having these artifacts (picture 1) a while back, first only 2-3 not theres more and more. These artifacts are visible in this order of color from left to right - green, green, red, green, green, red. They are at the exact...
  2. S

    [SOLVED] Does my laptop support QHD monitor?

    I have an asus laptop UX430 two years now, and I am very pleased. Now I would like to buy a new external monitor to connect it to my laptop. I use my machine as a web development enviroment, programming, casual office tasks, light video editing etc. I never had a 27" QHD, but I am afraid of...
  3. Mr.Stork

    Need some laptop recommendations

    My Budget is 80,000 INR which is around . Can push it to 90,000 INR (1200 USD) if needed. I have 2 types of laptops in mind, first is a 4k UHD display with low graphics power, or a 1440p QHD (2k) display with midrange graphics. I am a designer/animatior, and I also play games, but I have a Pc...
  4. J

    [SOLVED] QHD Gaming Monitors: IPS Flat or VA Curved?

    I'm stuck between these 2 monitors LG 27GL850-B: £350 Flat IPS Panel 1MS 144Ghz...
  5. W

    Question 4K or QHD

    Hello everyone! Should I buy a 4K screen and in heavy games play on 2K (because there are still no video cards that run in 4K all heavy games above 90 FPS) or just buy a 2K screen (because I realized that if you play below the natural resolution of the screen the picture does not look good) Does...
  6. lucas adrian rocher

    [SOLVED] Best display 144hz 2K?

    Hi everyone! I wanted to know your opinions about which could be the best display nowadays (144hz and 2k-1440p), for games and eventually graphic design and illustration purposes. I found this offer and it seems powerful: -...
  7. B

    Question Help choose monitor 27" 144hz QHD

    Hello community ! After hours of looking, i come here to ask some help and advice to choose my monitor. Mainly gaming monitor (wow, the witcher, lol, path of exile, pubg...) Here is what i got: i7 4770k (not overclocked) GTX 1070 LG screen 24" 75hz (i think) who is dead I'm looking for a...
  8. S

    Question Is this 4k 60hz / 2k 1440p 144hz legit?

    So I'm trying to get more info on this monitor but since it's new there's just none on the internet. Supposedly this monitor has 4 modes, 4k 60hz, 1440p 144hz, 1440p 120hz and 1080p 144hz. Is it possible for this monitor to have all these modes? And if so is it real 4k or is software tampering...
  9. D

    Question [Monitor] PRISM M27EQ 165Hz 1ms 27 inch LED 2560 x 1440 QHD Gaming Monitor + Remote = $249.99

    I found this on Reddit threads, [PRISM M27EQ 165Hz 1ms 27 inch LED 2560 x 1440 QHD ] - i've never heard of this brand but as far as looking for the specs it's great for the prize. will check upon it much detail after posting this thread. Here are the specs for the monitor 27 inch QHD Real...
  10. Review Dell UltraSharp U4919DW Monitor Review: Two 27-inch QHD Screens in One

    Tired of the bezel line between your two 27-inch QHD screens? The Dell UltraSharp U4919DW is the perfect solution. It’s a gently curved 49-inch panel with 5120x1440 resolution and precise color. Read more here. CHRISTIAN EBERLE @ceberle Christian Eberle is a Contributing Editor for Tom's...
  11. M

    I bought a game on Origin and it isn't appearing in the game library

    I purchased Need for Speed: Most Wanted 2012 and it appears in my Origin order history but not in my game library. I've tried contacting EA but they're hopeless. Thank you for your time!