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    Oc`ing i2500k with a Zalman CNPS7X LED viable?

    Hello, I wanted to OC my i2500k and my hardware store recommended the Zalman CNPS7X LED. They installed it but when i got home and ran some IntelBurn tests i got this: 40x multiplier(4Ghz) will start to go over 80 degrees C in the 1st test if its set at maximum(out of 10, i was told to test it...
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    speakers not working

    I unplugged all the wires from the back of my computer to clean it and when I plugged everything back in the speakers are not working. Is there a specific spot that they need to be in or can they be in any usb port?
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    Two Questions About Networking.

    I can't find a semi-good answer by googling so I thought maybe someone here will know. What setting on an operating system will allow the operating system to access content on another network? How many identical IP addresses can exist on a single network? Thank you.