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  1. S

    Question RJ45 Crimping/Connector Kit

    Hi all I am looking to redo the rj45 connector on my ethernet cable. I was wondering if there was a connector pack on the market (i.e. RJ45, crimping tool, and protective hood) that you could recommend I purchase? Ideally, I am looking at something competitive price-wise (I know, I might regret...
  2. Memphisto

    Question 10 G-Base T Network Card (RJ-45)

    Hi there! I am wiring up my local network for 10 G over CAT7/CAT8 Cables. Got my router and switches sorted. Now my question is... is there a good top 10 list of network cards for pcs? i dont really know much about PCIE Network cards... what i do know is that some cards have a management chip...
  3. ChonkyCookie17

    [SOLVED] CAT 5e and CAT 6e not exceeding 94Mbps on a 300/300 Mbps connection

    Long story short, When I use the cable provided with the router on any of the LAN ports on my router, i get full 300Mbps speed. I recently got 2 cables, 5e and 6e, and manually connected RJ45 heads on both endings (all 4 pairs) and verified them using a LAN tester, with all 8 working...
  4. A

    [SOLVED] Ethernet socket cables

    Greetings, To start of, this is my first time posting here so excuse me if I've done anything wrong, for whatever reason. I have a TV box 2 stories below the router and the ethernet sockets have not been installed yet so the only way I can connect it to the internet is through a WiFi range...
  5. T

    [SOLVED] Converting copper to ethernet

    Problem:1)My house has copper outlets in every bedroom which supposedly has a direct fiber connection (so basically it needs a modem at every outlet) What I need: Ethernet ports in place of the copper (on the wall) so that I can use the Internet directly. What I know:1)Fiber from ISP turns to...
  6. Y

    [SOLVED] Weird problem in ip camera

    Hello I'm facing problem with ip camera never seen before I have 1 ip camera with distance of 20 meter The cable I'm using is cat6 rj45 came with conector already attached When I plug the cable of camera with nvr or my pc it's work great But when I cut the cable and attach new connector it...
  7. I

    Question hp nc523sfp capped to 300mb/s [SOLVED]

    The problem I have bought a hp nc523sfp 10gbe network card for my server (dl380g6) because I upgraded my internet plan to a 10gb/s connection. The problem is that my server is recognized by the rooter as a 10gb/s capable and my server is capped to arround 300mb/s even using the old peripheral. I...
  8. R

    [SOLVED] Router to Cat5e to switch to Cat 6

    Will this work? I have a 5e cable already from my router to a switch in the loft, i will be moving house soon so im not going to replace the Cat5e cable. To future proof our next home i will get a Cat 6 cable or better. Can i use this from switch to a new device for now?
  9. [SOLVED] Help identifying color codes for RJ45 sockets

    Hi guys, I’m currently wiring my house and have run into some issues while trying to connect the Ethernet cables to the RJ45 sockets. I have these two types of sockets: For the first one I can’t identify where any of the wires would go, and the second one is missing brown altogether. Would...
  10. elhadi91

    [SOLVED] is Asus RT-AC58U a good router for ADSL ?

    Hello, I intend to buy a new router, as my current one is extremely old and doesn't even have the standard normes and it's being a bottleneck for my internet connection. I must point out that i'm a beginner when it comes to this field. So, after some research i came across this one in...
  11. A

    [SOLVED] [SOLVED] Did the RJ45 port of my new motherboard kill my modem-router?

    This will sound ridiculous. I have a new build with an asus tuf gaming x570-plus wifi motherboard, whose BIOS I can't update using a CAP file downloaded from the official website ("Is not a proper BIOS" message, and yes I formatted my usb key in FAT32). So I wanted to use the feature that...
  12. Nil10

    Question ethernet port on side of computer stopped working.

    randomly my ethernet port on my laptop stopped working. was wonder how difficult or if it was even possible to repair/ replace it. laptop is almost 6 years old. It's a Toshiba Qosmio x70 gaming laptop. its not dirty and the pins on the inside are fine. i have a feeling it some how shorted out...
  13. elhadi91

    Question Lose internet connection in browsers

    Hello, I am seeking help from you guys regarding my internet connection that i keep loosing every now and then. What's weird about it is, i would be working normaly in Chrome or Firefox and suddenly it tells me that i no longer have internet connection, all thought the network icon in the task...
  14. Onyxacek

    Choosing new 144Hz monitor on limited budget

    Hello, I'm looking for a decent monitor on budget. I currently have BenQ GL2460 which I guess works well enough, but I want a second screen. Some time ago I bought another one (a bit newer) and I had it for a while. It was 1080p and 23.8" which bothered me and I sold it to one of my friends. Now...
  15. H

    PC will power on, but not display anything, is my motherboard dead?

    Hardware: Processor: Intel i5 7500 Motherboard: MSI B150M Gaming Pro RAM: 2 x 4GB HyperX Fury 2133 mhz PSU: Corsair CX600 GPU: MSI GeForce GTX 1060 6GB Gaming X HDD: WD Caviar Blue 1TB Whenever i boot up the pc, everything turns on, fans spin, psu runs, motherboard leds turn on, cpu heatsink...
  16. S

    New build - need advice!

    Hello, It's time for my gaming computer of seven years to be replaced. I've had a browse around and have come up with the following build - does anybody have any suggestions/advice. I'm trying to find a middle ground between good value, but also future proofing and performance. Thanks in...
  17. K

    Pc config help on low budget

    Hy guys. Im lookong for a new pc, and my friend give this config: INTEL Core i5-6400 2.70GHz 1151 BOX XFX RX-470P4LDB6 RX 470 4GB GDDR5 Black Edition PCIE Kingston 8GB DDR4 2133MHz HyperX Fury Black HX421C14FB/8 MSI B150M MORTAR NZXT Source 210 Elite Western Digital 1TB 64MB WD10EZEX XFX...
  18. P

    200-300 USD Low Profile Graphics Card

    Looking for a low profile graphics card to upgrade my dell optiplex 7010 DT. Also would like to know whether or not I'll have to upgrade the power supply to power this graphics card. Thanks in advance.
  19. S

    when i press fn+brightness key in acer laptop it doesnot work with the windows 10. earlier it was working when the laptop was

    brightness problem : when i press fn+brightness key in acer laptop it doesnot work with the windows 10. earlier it was working when the laptop was enabled with windows 8.1.
  20. E

    Asus Strix gtx 960 lower factory overclocked specs

    Hello everyone, I just completed my first build featuring the Asus Strix gtx 960 2gb version. When I opened GPU Tweak I noticed that in OC/Gaming mode the boost clock shows 1311 Mhz while according to the specifications it must be at 1317 Mhz. Is there something wrong with the card and should...
  21. L

    Should I Build a mid range desktop or trade in and upgrade my laptop?

    Hi all. I recently moved to the Netherlands from Ireland on very short notice for college. I had to leave a decent desktop build behind. All I could take with me was my Dell Inspiron 15R SE. I need some advice. Computer parts appear a bit cheaper here than at home. My laptop can run certain...