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    Question ROG VEGA64 not working with aura sync on my msi b350m mortar arctic,

    ROG VEGA64 not working with aura sync on my msi b350m mortar arctic, my team T force 300mhz delta rgb works with aura, and im wondering why my gpu doesnt, Thanks
  2. R

    Trying to decide between these two laptops for gaming .

    Number 1 $899-...
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    Question Asus ROG Strix GL503 plugged in not charging and cpu throttled to 800 Mhz

    Hi,I have an Asus ROG Strix GL503 bought 2 months ago.After a couple of days of travel,my laptop is suddenly facing this problem where my laptop sometimes shows that the laptop is plugged in but not charging(most of the time but sometimes it charges) and in this state my CPU is locked at 795...
  4. G

    Question Start up screen searching for boot media

    Hello, I have an Asus ROG Strix B450-I mITX motherboard with a Ryzen 7 2700 CPU, and I recently updated my bios to v2406, as well as my chipset. After updating it I noticed that when I boot up my pc it shows this screen as if it is looking for something, but only for a split second. Then it...
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    Question Will there be 2080 TI SUPER?

    I have an Asus ROG STRIX 2080 ti on order right now. As of mid June, there was speculation of a 2080 ti super, but since then, there's been nothing about it, so I had assumed 2080 ti wouldn't be getting a super. Do you guys know if there will be one? Should I cancel/return my order on the 2080 ti?
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    Question New Asus ROG Strix charging issue

    I have a month and a half old Asus ROG Strix GL503-GE i5 8th gen/ 8gb ram/1 TB HDD/256 GB ssd/1050ti I've been using it to play games with a cooling pad and as the processor was getting kinda hot (upto 80-90 degrees) I reduced the power level to processor to 75% in the battery management section...
  7. N

    Question Which Motherboard is better?

    So, long story short I built a PC a year ago with an MSI B350i Pro AC for my Ryzen 1700X and for a year, I've had so many problems with it from Overheating VRM's and absurdly long loading times in the motherboard logo screen (despite using an m.2 SSD) and RAM issues, I've decided to finally...
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    Question ROG Strix B365-G Gaming or B360 Aorus Gaming 3?

    i need some advice what should i pick from both of these options and why? or is there any other option for me (my budget around $180-$200), my CPU is i5-9400F and KLEVV16 GB RAM (2x8) 2666Mhz
  9. adit.ya

    Question How to switch the working of the Function (fn) keys in ASUS ROG Strix GL503GE?

    I have seen laptops which have options to switch the functioning of the Fn key. The current option is that I have to use Fn key to use the utility buttons like brightness and all. the F1, F2, etc keys are running by default. I want to switch the operation. I want it in a way that to press F1...
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    Question Computer will boot into BiOS and attempt to go into recovery only to go to black screen

    Hey everyone, I have an ASUS GL553V laptop that I've had for about a month now, haven't had any issues besides the occasional slowing down, until a few days ago. I slipped and fell and my hand landed down on my keyboard (around the right side of it), I heard a whirring sound and the screen...
  11. Latios

    Question ASUS ROG RAMPAGE VI Extreme PCI running in x8 only

    ok so i have done as much research as i could into this issue yet there is no direct answer to a problem similar to mine. just tons of people saying "me too" either that or i somehow kept missing the answers or threads with solutions, i spent hours researching this..... long story short, i have...
  12. J

    Question How does an ASUS VS247 compare to a ROG PG248Q in contrast?

    I know its an upgade in pretty much every way; however im hearing a lot about how the contrast (specifically blacks) are very flat/blanded and has a rather washed out image in general. I am aware that if you keep the ROG to 144hz, its not as washed out as if you OC it; however in comparison to...
  13. F

    Question ROG Maximus XI Formula + Samsung 970 Evo Plus

    Hello guys! I've bought a M.2 Samsung 970 Evo Plus. After updating the BIOS and fiddling with the BIOS settings, my SSD still isn't showing... From what I understood on the support page for my MOBO...
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    Question Help with LAN

    Hello everyone. I recently built my first computer but I am having trouble getting the LAN port to work. Main Components: Motherboard - ROG Maximus XI Formula CPU - i7 8700 Graphic Card - GTX 1070 I am not getting any lights on the back of my computer. I have swapped the cable. I have...
  15. J

    Question How big are the stands for ROG Strix monitors? (XG32VQ)

    Was looking into getting a new monitor, specifically the Asus ROG Strix XG32VQ (Monitor). I was curious if any of you have one of these monitors from the ROG series and know how big the stand is, I'm worried I won't have space and I'll have to dish out more money on a VESA stand. My desk has a...
  16. A

    Question Screen Black When Overclocking

    I have never overclocked anything before and have started to get low FPS in games with my new 2k 144hz monitor. I tried to overclock but nothing changed. I was using the Valley Benchmark 1.0 and wasn't seeing a rise in FPS. I kept going, the temperature was fine and didn't see any artifacts. All...
  17. G

    Question mobo audio codec

    i7 8700 b360 rog strix vs tuf gaming supremefx s1220a vs alc there is a noticable difference?
  18. Rudy La Fontaine

    Question Asus ROG G20AJ tower making obscenely loud noise out of nowhere

    Didn’t know if this was the correct forum/subforum to ask this, but starting recently my (~$800, barely a few years old) tower has been making a disturbingly loud humming noise that last lasts roughly a few minutes before dissipating. It seems to sometimes (not always) happen upon awaking from...
  19. AnirbanB

    Discussion RTX 2060 Gaming laptops with a great thermal output/cooling capacity?

    I used to be a Desktop guy and yes, I had a 9590 with 4.32 GHz clock speed. Coming to the laptop, I am a wee bit ignorant. I want that laptop to run for 3/4 years. Budget: $1400 USD Configuration: • Display size with 15" would be better •8/16GB DDR4 Memory • i7 or Equivalent AMD processor...
  20. Walkthrough [Build Log] -ColorFalls- A RGB Wall Hanging 3D Printed Case!

    Hello and welcome to my newest build :) I've been modding for 10 years now and usually my themes are of a pixelated design. This mod is named ColorFalls as the case will be built to hang from a wall and look like it's made out of hundreds of cubes that each have a LED and will have...