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    Question Laptop gets System_Service_Exception BSOD every time the Windows desktop loads ?

    As stated in the title, I get the "System_Service_Exception" BSOD every time the Windows desktop loads. WinRE didnt help. nothing in bios. Laptop is an Asus Rog Flow x16 GV601RW. any solutions? its very urgent.
  2. R

    Question CPU temp keeps climbing to 90-95C when gaming ?

    I have a ASUS ROG GV601RW, with a Ryzen 6900HS and a RTX 3070Ti, but for some reason the CPU keeps overheating to 90-95C while I'm gaming. My idle temps are fine at around 45C. I bought it a few months ago and it was working fine until recently it started overheating. Also, I keep getting...
  3. ColonelMustard99

    Question Can my laptop memory be upgraded from 2666 to 3200mhz?

    I have a Asus ROG GL503V Laptop running i7 (7th) and want to max it's potential. I've checked the current ram chip of 8gb of 2666mhz sodimm and want to upgrade to 16 or 32gb of possibly higher 3200mhz. Also I can only see one slot on the reverse is it possible there's another slot hidden?
  4. harsh44444

    Question WiFi ping issue on Asus Rog G15 laptop ?

    I have an Asus Rog G15 ryzen7 wifi6, and when I plug in the charger my ping spikes periodically .. as heartbeats like 20 to 200ms up and down ... also download speed changes drastically....when its unplugged its all normal avg ping is 15 -25ms.please help i tried all updates .. drivers reinstall...
  5. A

    Question Chrsitmas new build not working after working once!

    Me and my Son decided to build a gaming pc for his Christmas pressie..... RoG B5550 f motherboard Ryzen 5 5600 X Sapphire Radeon RX6500 XT Pulse 2 x8gb ram - Team group Vulcan RPG 500W power supply CiT GForce Mid-TOwer ATX RGB PC Gaming Case So I carefully put the PC together (never built one...
  6. Celalyvan

    Question Worth buying a 6 monthes of minning GPU?

    A friend of mine is selling an 3090 ROG strix gaming OC with, allegedly, 6 monthes of use with an average 2 - 4 hours of resting (turning off the minning setup), for like half the price (not worth sepcifiying numbers since I'm not from the US, but let's just say it's like a month of work and a...
  7. cromsoi

    Question The motherboard does not have enough Type E USB connectors for all the ports on the case"

    Building my first PC and I'm a little confused regarding the USB connectors. Got this message on a compatibility checker: The motherboard does not have enough Type E USB connectors for all the ports on the case". Also, on PCPartPicker I got these two notes about my build, but I don't understand...
  8. M

    Question Do Arctic Liquid Freezer II 420 and Asus ROG Rampage VI Extreme Encore really fit into Lancool III?

    According to PC Part picker, they do. But if I actually start trying to install them and put them together, I am struggling. First, I saw this problem. On the Lancool III case, there is this structure (I marked red in the image) that's blocking the installation of this big motherboard. But...
  9. I

    Question HDMI to DP 1.2 converter cable (adapter) not working on one monitor, working on another

    Hello, so I have this problem, I bought this HDMI to DP adapter cable (image and link below) to use with my Asus ROG PG278Q monitor (it has just a single DP input) and an older Dell Inspiron 15 3000 series laptop and it is not working, it is not recognized on the laptop when connected. The...
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    Question Asus ROG Strix bios

    Hello, im having troubles with finding any useful info regarding my problem, which is i believe master bios password? Exact model is : Asus ROG Strix G15R, mfd 2022 02 Long story short, i exchanged this laptop with one guy, to my phone. He didnt mentioned about any locks or anything. He said...
  11. Alexampp

    Question NorthBridge overheating

    Hi, I have Asus rog g751jy laptop and when I changed the old display with a new one (because the old one didn't show the color red) everything worked perfectly when I tested new display but when I installed it in it's case and I plugged the connector again my laptop didn't start, power light...
  12. A

    Question How to know if my Asus ROG G551JX laptop would support a 4tb ssd ? If so which one ?

    I have been using an Asus ROG G551JX laptop since 2015. It currently has a 1 TB hard disk. Due to some circumstances, I have to use the laptop instead of my desktop for music production. So I need to install a 4TB SSD, but a lot of people have expressed their doubts about whether a 4 TB SSD...
  13. Z


    Rog crosshair darkhero viii [problem] I installed everything perfectly, reboots random and when you have headphones you can hear crash incoming like type of cringe sound tek tek, i tried to play with the bios sometimes i manage to make it stable but like when i run call of duty or low...
  14. B

    Question Random Slowdown/Stuttering in Games, Videos, and YouTube

    I recently bought a new laptop: ASUS ROG Strix Scar 15 (2021) Gaming Laptop, 15.6" 300Hz IPS Type FHD, NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3080, AMD Ryzen 9 5900HX, 16GB DDR4, 1TB NVMe SSD, Opti-Mechanical Per-Key RGB Keyboard, Windows 10 Home, G533QS-DS96 And I noticed that when I play videos (windows media...
  15. sam382022

    Question DRAM voltage at 1.2v to 1.35v

    I have an ASUS G732LXS-94 motherboard (laptop) with 64GB of DDR4-3200MHZ memory at 1.2v. Is it possible to upgrade ram DDR4-3200MHZ at 1.35v to get a better CAS Latency?
  16. Killer Sleeve

    Question Asus Rog Strix B550F Gaming --- the "BIOS Flashback" button doesn’t do anything when pressed ?

    I have an Asus Rog Strix B550F Gaming motherboard. I placed my Ryzen 7 5800x in and get the orange dram light. I tried the fat32 with the renames and bios flashback. However, when I press the button on the back, nothing happens. At all. I hold for 3-5 seconds no led. Nothing at all. Just the...
  17. A

    Question which is the better motherboard?

    Hey everyone. Deciding between two MBs. Currently New Egg has some sales and came across two I thought looked pretty good. First Second ...
  18. B

    Question Micro-stuttering every few seconds while gaming

    Hello. I have an Asus ROG Zephyrus G14 [16GB RAM, Ryzen 5 4600HS, and NVIDIA GTX 1650Ti]. It's been less than a year, and my laptop was performing very well, and I had no issues with it. But I've been experiencing micro-stuttering in games for the last two days. I've tried on three games(WWE...
  19. Tackwood

    Question RADEON rx 6700s vs RTX 3060?

    Hi, I'm trying to decide between two different ROG Zephyrus laptops. They're both pretty much the exact same except one has a Radeon RX 6700S and 16GB DDR5 Ram for $1500 and one has a RTX 3060 and 16 GB of DDR4 ram for $1550. Idk anything about Radeon GPUs so any advice would be awesome. This...
  20. enlightener

    Question "Driver-Power-State-Failure" BSOD occurs on my laptop due to graphics card... AGAIN

    So a few months ago, I had this problem where I'd get BSOD'd every time my GPU showed up in my device manager. I was able to somewhat "solve" the problem, and I left it at that. Well, that very same problem is back. I looked at the previous question I asked about the same problem I had a while...
  21. Loka88

    Question What headset is worth to buy around 171 USD ?

    I'm looking for a nice headset. My budget is around Rp. 2.5 million (171 USD). Currently interested in the ROG Strix Go 2.4 wireless. Is there any headset better ?
  22. P

    Question ROG Laptop underglow LEDs not working ?

    ROG laptop's bottom panel LEDs not working, All the necessary drivers are installed and upto date. Tried updating BIOS and Windows reinstall/reset but none of them helped. Apparently it seems to have two LED controller board on corner and both of them not working, could it be hardware failure or...
  23. Jorgergo

    Question CPU Jumps from 50 C to 100C really fast

    Is it normal for my CPU to jump from average temperature of 50 Degrees to 100 Degreed in literally 1 second? I was trying to perform a Stress Test, My CPU was at 50-52 Degrees, but the second I click on Start Testing, the temperature goes up to 100 Degrees and the CPU thermal throttles. Any clue...
  24. Yeboochie

    Question Can't control fan speed ?

    I've tried MSI Afterburner, SpeedFan, and accessing the bios for fan speed control and have failed. It's either the fan speed controls are always blurred off out of access in the apps or just nonexistent. My laptop is a 4 year old ROG GL753VE and recently I've sought professional help with hard...
  25. B

    Question What is really happening with my audio?

    So recently a problem has occurred every day, and i really cant find the solution other than doing random stuff and it fixes itself. So here it is: My audio devices connected to my motherboard (3.5mm jack in front and the one in the back) suddenly stops giving sound. And no, it is not muted or...
  26. enlightener

    [SOLVED] "Driver-Power-State-Failure" BSOD occurs on my laptop due to graphics card

    As the title of the question suggests, I'm having an issue with my laptop regarding my graphics card and the BSOD. I have a big feeling the issue has to do with my Nvidia graphics card, as when I open device manager and check the display adapters, when my GPU is there, my computer shortly BSOD...
  27. Thanasis Gogas

    Question Suggestion for buying high end laptop Asus rog Zephyrus M16 2022 edition

    Greeting everyone,i'm in search of buying a laptop and i was mainly considering the price point between 1800-2300€ euros using it both as a working station and a gaming machine,i had some models in my mind until i stumbled upon this model that caught my eye which hasn't came out yet but it will...
  28. A

    Question Crash during BIOS update, unable to recover

    Hi all, today I was trying to upgrade from a 2600x to 5600x with my ROG B450-F Gaming motherboard. I had to update the BIOS to support the 5600x so I used Asus' EZ Update. The update started but the PC suddenly crashed and now it doesn't boot at all. I have downloaded the BIOS CAP file to a USB...
  29. Farhan Hayder

    [SOLVED] ROG Strix Gaming B550-f WIFI II with Ryzen 7 5800x is not booting... DRAM Error

    Hi guys, I assembled a pc with these specs... CPU: AMD Processor Ryzen 7 5800X (8C/16T) MB: ASUS ROG Strix B550-F Gaming WiFi II RAM [i tried 3 different kits of 32x2=64GB] 1st kit (Patriot Viper Steel RAM DDR4 3600 Mhz 64GB (2x32GB) C18 Kit) DRAM light ON... no boot, even wit BIOS update...
  30. batsy0110

    [SOLVED] Thermal Throttling Issue

    Hi guys, I am having thermal Throttling issue in my ROG Zephyrus laptop. Even the cpu temps are not above 48 degree Celsius but still the HWINFO64 test shows the throttling as Yes in CPU while doing the benchmark. Please help me with this issue. It has ryzen processor. Because of that issue my...
  31. zionkv

    [SOLVED] My PC doesn't want to start with RTX 3090 GUNDAM installed ?

    Hello, everybody! My PC doesn't want to even start with ASUS RTX 3090 Gundam series. When I put my friend's ZOTAC RXT 3090 - all fine. Where problem can be? Please, help. My current config is (clickable): MB: Pro WS WRX80E-SAGE SE WIFI CPU: Ryzen Threadripper PRO 3995WX RAM: G.Skill...
  32. Preatomic Bean

    Question Can't Update BIOS on ASUS ROG STRIX B550-F

    HALP! I can't update the BIOS on my new-ish mobo! ASUS chat support wasn't able to help. They told me to use FlashBack, but that just blinks the light three times, then stays on. I let it sit there for 30 minutes thinking it was doing something, but apparently a solid light after the blinks...
  33. grismeister

    [SOLVED] How do I get 9 fans in one case/on one motherboard

    Hello, I have the AUSS ROG STRIX Z 490-F and is planning to upgrade my cooling a little, but I am wondering how (I am really new to this and there is probably a really simple solution how) how do I get 9 NF-P12s in a single case when the motherboard has only 2 headers? and also if there is...
  34. P

    Question After repasting, GPU is underclocking at 300 MHz with absurdly high Board Power Draw, what happened to my GPU?

    Hi, here's my gaming laptop specs: ASUS ROG SCAR II GL504GW CPU: i7-8750H GPU: RTX 2070 RAM: 16GB DDR4 2666 MHz I have also previously undervolted my CPU to a stable level using Throttlestop and have MSI Afterburner installed but I didn't bother tweaking any of the values there since I purely...
  35. kdgbduyu28

    [SOLVED] Power-throttling issue on Asus Rog G752VS Laptop ?

    Hello Everyone, I am seeking an assistance on what should I do / what troubleshooting should I do in regards to my issue. When gaming, on cold start and launching a game, Board Power Draw / GPU Power is working fine 90W-120W / GPU Voltage 0.9V-1V But after few seconds (when GPU reaches 65c or...
  36. Wick422

    [SOLVED] Asus ROG G752VSK Memory Upgrade DDR4 3200 only running at 1600 Mhz

    So I have a Asus ROG G752VSK Gaming Laptop and I upgraded the 16GB of DDR4 to 64GB (4x16) Crucial's system told me that it supports DDR4-3200 so I got that and there are other owners out there that have their's running at faster speeds. Unfortunately all the forum posts out there talk about the...
  37. M

    [SOLVED] Is 240mm rad ok for 3900X

    I am doing a rebuild into a smaller case. And I’ll be using a different AIO. I’m using a NZXT z53 AIO which is 240mm. Will this work ok for a Ryzen 3900X? Parts Asus Rog crosshair VIII formula mobo RYZEN 3900X STRIX 3090 6 SL 120’s LIAN LI Casefans 2 SL 140’s LIAN LI case fans 32 go of...
  38. M

    [SOLVED] Flashing lights above Asus Strix 3090

    So I've got the flashing lights of above the my strix 3090. They only come on after I play street fighter V (LOL I know) and when I put my PC in sleep mode and wake it up. I have a 850W corsair gold PSU powering it. Do I need to actually get a 1000w PSU? Few things I am running a total of 9...
  39. T

    [SOLVED] Problems on Asus Rog G14

    Hello. I'm a new user of an Asus Rog Zephyrus G14 (Ryzen 7 5800HS + RTX3050 Model) with Windows 11. I'm gonna have so many questions here (anybody wants to help me? haha) Let me list the questions here, some dont relate to each other i saw a reviews on youtube, they played PUBG with all Ultra...
  40. Protadec

    [SOLVED] PC Crashes to black screen with sound freeze

    Hi, I'm having serious issues with my PC. Whenever I launch any game, it crashes the whole PC in no more than 5 mins. Black screen and loud sound freeze. And even without touching it, after a random amount of time, it occasionally just crashes on idle and restarts. I reinstalled windows, some...