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  1. M

    Question RTX 3060 VS 3070 for 1080p?

    Hello! I am looking to build a new PC because the market is looking better now. I have the option of a 3060 (for 525$ CAD) [MSI GAMING X Edition] or a 3070 gigabyte gaming OC for 720$. Is the 200$ difference worth the performance difference...
  2. Y

    [SOLVED] RTX 3060 TI on a 520 watts PSU

    Hi, I just wondering if my current setup can handle it. I am planning to upgrade next week from my 1060 to 3060 TI. I don't think I have any fancy components that consumes more power. Current setup: CPU - i7 7700(non K) MOBO - MSI B250m Bazooka LGA 1151 GPU - Palit GTX 1060 6 gb RAM - Crucial...
  3. notsohumblegod

    Question Is it safe to flash different vBios onto different manufacturer? but same model (RTX 3060 Mobile)

    Hello, I have laptop MSI GF-65 with RTX 3060 but the lowest RTX 3060 with only 75w TDP I wanted to reflash the vBios to Acer one with 100w TDP limit, since i got no thermal problem. The problem is i can't flash to the same manufacturer (MSI) vBios because TDP was too high for my adapter to...
  4. Question Is it normal for the second 8-pin connector to have less power than the first?

    I just saw this in GPU-Z and was wondering if it's a normal thing or is the cable faulty? I'm using 2 cables for the two 8-pins in my gpu, not 1 cable split into 2. GPU: Asus ROG STRIX RTX 3070 PSU: 750W 80+ Gold Corsair RM
  5. 112233jn

    Question LOD and anti-aliasing problems in all games ?

    Hello, I recently built a pc with a RTX 2060, I5 10400F and 16gb of 3000mhz ram but there is something wrong with it because in every game i play such as GTA, beamng drive, ground branch and much more the antialiasing is so bad that i can count pixels on my screen and not even nvidia control...
  6. F

    [SOLVED] Brand New 3080 Stuck at 480mhz core clock. 8 FPS on Furmark FHD.

    Hello, I just bought a new 3080 (https://www.gigabyte.com/Graphics-Card/GV-N3080AORUSX-WB-10GD-rev-20#kf) to replace my 2070. Upon installation I also did a clean wipe of all drives and a fresh install of windows (now windows 11 not by choice). After updating all the drivers to the newest...
  7. A

    [SOLVED] GPU starts producing weird buzz on above 40% load (Gigabyte Windforce 2080 OC 8G)

    Hi guys, I noticed that my GPU (Gigabyte Windforce 2080 OC 8G) started producing weird buzzing noise when the load is above 40%. This is not fans 100% since I start even before the fans start spinning, as the curve boots them up at a specific temperature. So here's an algorithm of what I did to...
  8. Williyami

    Question GPU blue screen

    I recently built a new pc and whenever I launch the pc right after I log in or when I try to change the screen hz I get a blue screen (video tdr failure nvlddmkm.sys error) I have tried everything from completely reinstalling drivers (uninstalling current and installing new) , installing old...
  9. bailey1920

    Question GPU drops to 0% in SOME games, after 5-10 minutes of gameplay

    I have scoured the internet and various forums for weeks trying to find a solution for this, and nothing has worked so far. I am experiencing major stuttering in most games, where my GPU usage drops to 0-4%, and FPS drops to 5-10 for a few seconds. I can play the games perfectly fine for...
  10. H

    Question GPU Drivers crashing

    Hello, I want to undervolt my RTX3060 to run cooler at same performance but I'm currently facing weird issue. When I lower core clock (even by 80mhz), then start Heaven benchmark and quit it the GPU drivers crash every time (I have 2 GPUs so I just reset setting on my other monitor and GPU jumps...
  11. J

    Question Is my brand new 3080 dead?

    Recently built myself a new lga1700 pc (specs below), however I have a sneaking suspicion that my GPU is a dud :/ Specs i7-12700K(F) ZOTAC RTX3080 Amp Holo 10GB 32GB DDR5 5200MHz Kingston Fury BEAST Gigabyte Z690 Gaming X A couple of decent m.2 ssd’s I have experienced a couple of crashes...
  12. Axolotl_98

    Question After restarting laptop today I'm only getting 20 FPS in Unreal Engine ?

    Hi, I recently brought a laptop and I have been using it for couple of weeks, It gives me decent 60 Fps when working in Unreal Engine, but since this morning the max FPS I got was 20, it mostly bounces around 18-20fps and I haven't even done anything, it happens on all of my projects, I also...
  13. B

    [SOLVED] ROG Strix LC GeForce RTX™ 3080 Ti in a Lian Li O11 DYNAMIC

    Hello Forum, I will soon buy the 3080 Ti ROG Strix LC to upgrade from my 2080ti, which because of some weird problem that i could never solve (factory defect maybe?) would always power limit throttle at about 68% to 70%, giving in average roughly the same performance as a 1070, but i digress...
  14. gigabelcior

    Question which graphics card can I buy for i5 9600K without bootleneck of CPU???

    Will a core i5 9600k bottleneck with a rtx 3060 Ti??
  15. U

    Question What reasons would someone upgrade solely for gaming and what would you upgrade?

    Intel Core i7 6700K @ 1598.83 MHz - CPU-Z VALIDATOR (x86.fr) This is my system rn (getting another ssd soon), I was pretty much future proofed for myself with the 1050 ti i had, but i really wanted ray tracing, but now learning it's not that great and with Unreal 5 i feel it's even less...
  16. SamuraiPanda2368

    Question GPU VGA LED light on for Graphics card RTX3070 TI Aorus

    Hello everyone, any help is much appreciated :D I've had the 3070ti for a month now, it was pretty much plug and play upgrading from a RX480. I've had no issues with the card until last night when the computer blue screened, i didn't manage to catch the description but after that the system...
  17. A

    Question RTX 3060 Help!

    Hi, I would really appreciate some help and advice on this one! I'm in the process of purchasing a used RTX 3060 ROG STRIX 12GB for a good price of £400! The chap had very kindly driven over an hour to deliver the GPU to myself to which he knew I wanted to test the card on my rig before...
  18. deathshound7007

    Question Dying GPU or something else ?

    I bought this GPU (Gigabyte Geforce RTX 3080 Aorus Master) roughly 5 months ago and had no problems for a bit but then suddenly started having issues where my monitors would get no display at all until I turned my computer off and on again. Happened a few times before I decided to change my...
  19. FantasticSocks422

    Question How can I clean my GPU pci connecters

    I recently got a 3060 TI for my new gaming rig. When I first got it I opened it up and it didn’t seem like I touch anything I wasn’t supposed to but I took it out a day later and noticed fingerprints on the golden fingers.Way I can clean it without damaging the card
  20. mcan226

    [SOLVED] Is 550w good for a 400w estimated system?

    Hello every one. I'm building my first gaming pc and have bought everything except the GPU. I'm planning on buying a RTX 2060 (plain 2060, not super) Currently I have a corsair CX550 which is relatively new, around 2 months of usage. I replaced an older one I had because it was over 5 years...
  21. MValles02

    Question RTX 3060 Laptop // Weird clock speeds

    I recently bought a MSI GF65, I5 10500H and RTX 3060. I started monitoring my games with MSI Afterburner and I noticed that the GPU is acting weird. It goes from 1402mhz to 420mhz all the time, even in standby while I am not gaming. Games works fine, but it is strange. Picture of MSI...
  22. hadiahmed29

    Question Should I wait for Nvidia 5000 series?

    Hi, guys so last year I bought RTX 3080 10GB and it's been superb for me but as you all know that nothing is future-proof in the tech world. So with Nvidia releasing 4000 series later this year do you guys think that I should go for RTX 4080 or wait for RTX 5000 series. I am currently using a...
  23. G

    Question Need to build a rig 12th gen Intel-Asus Setup

    Need to build a rig 12th gen Intel-Asus Setup Budget($2500) Requirements: 12th Gen Intel Core i9-12900 GPU RTX 3080 EATX Motherboard DDR5 WiFi 6 PCIe 5.0 support Lian Li fans 4k Monitor Thank you
  24. Y

    Question AGP error but gpu working fine ?

    hi everyone, I have a rtx 3070, for some time now. but ever since i installed it, my pc has been beeping 3 short 1 long. it says it's an AGP error but my gpu is working fine. does anyone have a idea what's going on? i have removed my gpu and but it back in and asked around before. sound...
  25. Ziplo

    Question Random clicking noise from GPU (like rattlesnake noise) ?

    Hey guys, I'm getting some clicking noise from GPU randomly (not constant) while idle. When I increase the fan speed to 60% or above it is gone or very rare. It is a HP Prebuilt and It has been just over a month getting the built and experiencing the issue for the past two weeks. When I...
  26. MadzMartigan

    Question How badly will a 7700k bottleneck an RYX 3080ti in 4k games?

    I've had a 1080 ti for years thanks to the gpu price price gouging and I finally scored a used rtx3080ti from a friend who's moving away. Problem is, even though I got a deal ($1200), now I have an aging system. I'm contemplating a full system upgrade that I'd rather avoid... The monitor I got...
  27. P

    Question Strange GPU noise? Coil Whine or fan related?

    Hi all, I'm hearing strange noises from my RTX 3060 I believe, at first I thought it might be coil whine but I couldn't confirm it. Changing fan speed doesn't seem to affect it either and it emits the winding, high pitched noise (last 6 seconds of the video below) every minute or so. What do...
  28. lonewolf2807

    Question Is there a water block for this RTX 3060 ?

    I can not seem to find a full water block for my RTX 3060 this is the card https://www.scorptec.com.au/product/graphics-cards/nvidia/90639-tuf-rtx3060-o12g-v2-gaming if you can find one that would be much appreciated if there isn't one please let me know if there is a different GPU with a...
  29. Xnairoz

    Question Fan speed Ignoring fan curve and going to 5000 rpm

    Hi im new on the forum but after some thoughts and searching the web i couldn't find a fix for my problem. I got a rtx 2080 and when i game the temps get higher of course, but my fan rpm goes from idle to 5000 rpm and back. So i installed Msi afterburner for a custom fan curve, but when i play a...
  30. B

    Question Is it worth returning a 3080Ti for a 3080?

    Recently bought a 3080Ti, and it seems a bunch of 3080 just arrived with a $900 price difference. Is it worth returning the 3080Ti to save the money?
  31. B

    Question MSI Afterburner not showing GPU temp with rivaturner

    Hello everyone, I recently bought a MSI Sword 15. Everything is working well, except that when I try to monitory my GPU temp using MSI afterburner there is no option for that. At first it worked fine, in the monitor tab I found GPU 1 temp and selected it to monitor using rivaturner while gaming...
  32. baynoma

    [SOLVED] Computer won't turn on after BSOD while playing game

    So my gaming PC, that I built in 2021, died on my last month when I received BSOD while playing gaming(Tomb Raider, during a cutscene). The BSOD put all my fans on high and wasn't restarting, so I force shutdown it. I tried to turn it on, it would turn on but no display, my GPU had red lights...
  33. Liam.O

    Question Is my 3070 underperforming

    Hello, It seems like my 3070 is underperforming my 2070 and in many cases, the same level as my 1050 with a single fan on exact same settings. It is an RTX 3070 ROG White edition. I contacted Asus directly since iv heard 5 times strange noises from the semi-transistors on the backplate. I...
  34. W

    [SOLVED] Will I lose a lot of performance with this setup?

    I've got an MPG B460I GAMING EDGE WIFI mobo/ Core i5-10600 and I'd like to add an RTX 3070 (if I can ever get one!) I game at FHD 1920 x 1200 right now, might go up to QHD 2560x1440 but probably not to 4k) I'm concerned that the B460I mobo specs indicate PCIe 3.0 but the RTX 3070 is PCIe 4.0...
  35. V

    Question Gigabyte Aorus RTX 3080Ti "No Signal Detected"

    Hello, I upgraded my PC this past 2 weeks from a 2060 Super, to a 3080Ti here's my current specs: CPU: Intel i9-9900k RAM: 2x16GB 3600MHz Corsair Vengeance RGB PRO GPU: Gigabyte Aorus GeForce RTX 3080 Ti MASTER 12GB PSU: Corsair RM850, RM Series, 80 Plus Gold Certified, 850 W Fully Modular ATX...
  36. S

    Question 3070ti not performing the way it should

    I recently bought a prebuilt with a 3070ti , i7 11700k, and 16GB RAM. Its getting extremely low frames in certain games. Doom Eternal for example with 1440P high settings and RayTracing sometimes only gets in the low to mid 20s. Another example is Modern warfare on 1440P high settings getting...
  37. N

    [SOLVED] AGP Error with RTX 2070

    I get an AGP error on my ROG STRIX RTX 2070 from my gigabyte b450m ds3h motherboard. One long beep, 3 short beeps. All the lights turn on, and the fans spin up but then turn off. GTX 1080ti works well on the same motherboard. Is there anything I should try before I bring it to an expert? Or if...
  38. MrPixelWarrior

    Question GTX 3060 TI has no display when installed on Intel PCs but works fine on AMDs ?

    Hello guys, My MSI GeForce RTX 3060 Ti GAMING X TRIO won't work on Intel PCs. I tested the GPU on three Intel PCs (i7-10700, i3-9100f, i5-12500) and it has no display at all. However, when I tested the GPU on two AMD computers (A8-9600 & R5 3600) the GPU works fine. Any help would be...
  39. S

    Question New RTX 3080 displays signal for a few seconds before losing signal

    So my roommate recently bought an EVGA FTW RTX 3080. When we built his new computer and booted it up, it booted like normal but after maybe 4 or 5 seconds the monitor lost signal. I looked in BIOS and it doesn't detect the GPU at all. I even took my card out of my computer and put his card in...
  40. S

    [SOLVED] Choosing a new gpu

    Hello guys! I am considering something and i will stop first here to ask you for little advice. Now i have Rtx 2080 ti with about 6 months warranty left, the card has been solid for those years, maybe the best one i had. But now i want to do a little performance upgrade i am playing on 1440p now...