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  1. mcanavino

    MSI GE75 Raider or Lenovo Y740?

    Hi, Looking at either an MSI GE75 Raider (GE75023) https://us.msi.com/Laptop/GE75-Raider-8SX/Specification Or an Lenovo Legion Y740 (81HH0003US) https://www.lenovo.com/us/en/laptops/legion-laptops/legion-y-series/Lenovo-Legion-Y740-17/p/88GMY701062#tab-customize Both seem to have same general...
  2. C

    Question Water cooling for Quadro RTX 4000

    Hello, I have a PNY Quadro RTX 4000 that seems to be thermal throttling. Currently, it is undervolted with better temps. However, I would like to run this card at full potential. Could I use a PNY GeForce RTX water block or is there a specific water block for this Quadro?
  3. G

    Question Low GPU Usage RTX 2070 max-q

    Hey, I recently bought a defiance laptop from PC Specialist. Its a really solid laptop and good build quality. However When running games, Ill take battlefield 5 for example, Im getting sub par performance for what a rtx 2070 max-q should achieve Im getting around 30-40 fps with a bit of...
  4. czcina

    Question Upgrading 1060 6gb for 1440p / 144Hz monitor

    Hi. I'm using currently: i5 6600k 4.5GHz z170-a gtx 1060 6gb sc ( single fan! ) with +50 / +200 I'm using 2x 1080p monitors, but I want to upgrade it all. Not at once, I need to spread it all, and that's with new AMD Ryzen, around June / July if you go by the rumors... So long story short, I...
  5. L

    Question Need suggestion for GPU (rtx 2060 amp /rtx 2060 twin fan)

    I will build new pc.I will take RTX 2060.But I'm confused about ZOTAC RTX 2060 twin fan and ZOTAC RTX 2060 amp and MSI RTX 2060 ventus.Please suggest me which one should I buy and why!!
  6. G

    Question RTX 2070 Chip

    So I heard there are 2 types of chips for the RTX 2070. TU106-400A and the non A so basically TU106-400. A is supposed to be capable of higher stable speeds. I've already ordered an RTX 2070 aorus Xtreme, does anyone know what chip that model has? Some say only cheap 2070s have non-A chips, the...
  7. S

    Question New PSU for vega64

    A friend doesn't have a profile here so I am asking on behalf of him. He wants to get a new video card and he is considering the Asus Rog Strix Vega 64. His components are: RAM - 2x8gb 3000mhz CPU - Ryzen 5 2600x stock 2 HDD 7200rpm PSU - System power 9 600W Can the PSU handle the Vega 64 at...
  8. K

    Question Brand new Ryzen PC Bluescreen (System Service Exception)

    Hey! I've recently built a monster of a PC consisting of: Ryzen 2700x Cooled by h150i Pro Asus Crosshair VII Wifi Asus RTX 2080 32 GB Corsair RGB Pro 3200mhz CL16 (2x 16 GB kits) RM 1000x using white cable extensions 2x 2TB HDD's Raid 0 1x 500gb 970 M.2 1x 500gb 860 Sata The rest i doubt is...
  9. C

    Question Doing an itx build in the dan case. Is a blower better than an open air cooler?

    I know this has been talked about a lot but not so much on the rtx cards. I want to put a rtx 2080. I've heard a lot that you should definitely use a blower in an itx build because it pushes the hot air out of the case instead of letting it sit in the case like an open air would do. This all...
  10. Gosraj

    Question Is Freesync worth it?

    I'm building a new PC, and would like to use an AMD GPU so I can use Freesync. However, AMD GPUs seem to cost more despite being sometimes being less powerful? Is it worth it to use Freesync? I'm choosing between an RTX2070 and the new Radeon VII for my GPU, with a 1080p 75fps monitor (haven't...
  11. A

    Question Difference between these GPUs? (Newbie)

    I was feeling confident pressing the "Checkout" button in my NewEgg shopping card and realized that there were better reviews for the same GPU I was getting, however for a different brand. They are both RTX 580 cards, however one is MSI and the other XFX. I don't know what the difference between...
  12. P

    Question How do I use RTX 260 without a DP port

    I've bought an RTX 2060 but my BenQ ZOWIE XL2411 144hz monitor doesn't have a DP port. What can I do? I do not have a lot of money left to spend.
  13. A

    Question Is it a good time to buy the RTX 2060

    I have a RX580 Red Devil Golden. In India all GPU prices are super high a friend of mine is going on a trip to US and the RTX 2060 Price is $400 for the Gigabyte Aorus and some benchmarks shows that an OCed RTX2060 is almost as good as a RTX 2070. Is there anything better than the RTX2060 at the...
  14. C

    Question Nvidia RTX 2070 + 8700K weird stutters

    Hello, I bought a RTX 2070 to pair with my I7 8700K last friday. And I'm having some weird stutters, some of them happen when I play youtube music on the background and It lags my games. I managed to capture a video of me playing WoW and when the video changes the clocks go crazy. View...
  15. J

    Question New rtx 2070 weird stutters

    So I've got a new GPU last week , it's RTX 2070 Ventus. I've noticed that I'm getting huge stutters on games, and when my browser changes music on youtube (tested different browsers) it also gives me a huge stutter. I got a rtx 2070 and i7 8700k paired with 16GB 3200mhz from GSKILL.
  16. RacAtat007

    Question GPU usage spikes while idle on RTX 2060

    A few weeks ago I got a Gigabyte 2060 OC Gaming Pro. For the past week I have been noticing random stuttering and after checking afterburner during the stutter my GPU usage and memory clocks will spike up to 100%. This is happening while watching Netflix or Youtube with no other programs open...
  17. C

    Question Component Choices

    My current setup is a GTX1050 FX4300 CX450 GA78LMT R2 Mobo. In the next years i will be saving up a lot of money for new pc parts. First (somewhere around August-December) should i get a Ryzen 3 or Ryzen 5. I have a budget of around 800£ to spend on parts. If something i will get a B450...
  18. News EK Launches Luxurious Gold-Plated Waterblock For Titan RTX

    EK has launched a special edition full-cover GPU waterblock for Nvidia's Titan RTX graphics card. Read more here. ZHIYE LIU @zhiyeliu Zhiye Liu is a Contributing Writer for Tom's Hardware US. He covers CPU, GPU and Motherboard news.
  19. TStahler

    Question Help Picking Out Graphics Card

    Hello, I am looking to buy the best graphics card for me but I am kind of hard pressed deciding which of these is the best decision. I am coming from an AMD Radeon R9 295x2 GPU. My current setup is as follows. Key System Specs CPU 9900K Gigabyte Z390 Aorus Master Motherboard 32GB (16GBx2)...
  20. S

    [SOLVED] PSU With Ryzen 2700x and RTX 2070

    I have an 550W Coolermaster bronze certified PSU and currently running a ryzen 2700x with an GTX 1060 I'm planning to upgrade to an RTX 2070 soon but do I need to upgrade my PSU? (Cooler master GM550M