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  1. S

    Question Monitors go black when playing games ?

    Hello, this is my first post, so apologies if I post under the wrong thing. My PC has been acting weird lately. When playing a game, my computer will stop outputting signal to my monitors and I am forced to hard restart my computer. I recently started using three monitors instead of two, so I...
  2. Max-Enrik

    Question RTX 30s for asus Motherboard p9x79 pro

    Hi, I want to buy RTX 30s for asus Motherboard p9x79 pro. 1. Does they compatible? 2. What is your additional advice? 3. If yes, which RTX 30 brand manufacturer is worth buying by price and efficiency? Thank you, Max
  3. K

    Question What is this random flickering and can it be fixed?

    Okay I've tried a lot of things to fix this issue, if it can be fixed at all, and none of them worked. The issue is in both GTA 4 and GTA 5, where there is a strange graphical flicker whenever I move the camera. Here is some footage of it in GTA 5 and for some reason when camera is facing...
  4. B

    Question Purchased "refurbished" Palit rtx 4090 few days ago but performing poorly...

    Hey guys - new user here with a question. Few days ago I got my Palit RTX 4090 delivered and put it into my PC myself, even though I might not be the most experienced to do so. While doing that, I also had to upgrade my 600w PSU from BeQuiet, and "throw out" my gainward gtx 1080. I've tried...
  5. A

    Question Is Mining Gpu is good for personal use?

    Hi, Recentle am planning to buy a Mining Gpu, is it a good option? He bought the GPU on April 2022 and until 2025 warranty is there. Zotac 3060 ti is the variant. Any suggestion on this?
  6. NoLongerHuman

    Question 4090 with half performance after short

    All was well but then a week later pc seemed to switch to integrated graphics from 7950x after a game crashed. After I restarted the pc twice the gpu started to work again but at about half the performance. I ram Time Spy Extreme and got 7000 vs before the short I got 15000. Is my gpu busted? Or...
  7. K

    Question How to safely clean dust around 12vhpr(16-pin) connector

    What the title says so basically here is what is troubling me: i got the new vertex series and before i started to install it I started to uninstall my old psu until I saw dust around the 16-pin adapter.After removing the adapter this is the final result. I am quite paranoid about the gpu and...
  8. S

    Question Is the RTX 3060 a good GPU and is it compatible with my build ?

    Hi guys. Its been a while since I posted something here. Life has been busy but now its time for an upgrade so what better forum to ask for help. Two days ago, I ran into a problem on my PC. I was working on it and it showed me the BSOD (Blue Screen). This problem wasn't very frequent until...
  9. P

    [SOLVED] Gigabyte GTX 1660 SUPER 6GB bios default??

    Hy guys! I made a big mistake, I didn't save the original bios file, so I can't restore what the video card originally had, since then when Windows starts it gives a black screen, sometimes it starts again. I would like your help in this! Thank you. This is the current state.:
  10. mossi

    Question Owners of Radeon 6700XT - What is the quietest Radeon 6700 XT? are they quiet in general? I'm looking for practically inaudible if that is possible?

    I'm looking to buy a Radeon 6700XT as they're the same price pretty much as my RTX 3060. I'm planning to sell the 3060 afterwards as they sell for a very similar price still. I have the MSI GAMING X TRIO 3060 and it's practically inaudible. Well it is.. I can't hear it at all in my Fractal R4...
  11. mossi

    [SOLVED] Is it worth upgrading 3060 RTX 12GB to 6700XT 12GB? is losing DLSS worth it compared to better rasterisation performance?

    I'm the owner of an MSI GAMING X TRIO 3060 RTX 12GB card which runs cool and quiet so no issues there. But I'm seeing that I can sell this card for a very similar amount to what the 6700XT costs currently which is obviously a relatively faster card. Is it worth doing that losing the ability to...
  12. K

    Question Gaming Laptop Comparison

    Hi all, looking to buy a gaming laptop and narrowed down to two that I like. 1. ASUS ROG Strix Scar 15 Gaming Laptop, 15.6” 240Hz IPS QHD Display, NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3070 Ti, Intel Core i9 12900H, 16GB DDR5, 1TB SSD ($1,699) 2. MSI Sword 3070Ti Gaming Laptop, 15.6" FHD IPS 144Hz, 12th Gen...
  13. T

    Question RTX 3000-4000 series cards

    Debating on getting a 3070ti or a 3080/ti possibly. Was wondering what newer generation CPU do I need to have system perform at max performance. Currently have an i7 8700k but have heard that it doesn't support the 3070ti+ cards fully for max performance. All suggestions are appreciated!
  14. davidka_hun

    Question My PC is underpreforming, and it's driving me crazy.

    So, i bought an RTX 3060 in August, and i started to notice that the performance of the pc is not as good as i toght. For example i have about 45-76 FPS At Fortnite, i can't play GTA V, BF V, Warzone and games like these. Before the 3060 i had a 750ti Here are my specs: CPU: i5 10400f (stock...
  15. A

    Question RDR 2 Black Screen after GPU Driver Update

    Hello!Dont know if this is the right forum but i got a problem with RDR2,after Driver Update on RTX 2080 Super,the game doesnt launch and if it does it shows black screen and closes, Weird thing is the game only starts while installing another gpu driver (older or same) and if i cancel the...
  16. R

    Question Black checkerboard pattern appears sometimes, but not when gaming ?

    I recently upgraded from a 1060 to a 3060 and I purchased a new 1440p monitor from ASUS. Lately I have been noticing this checkerboard pattern that will pop up, usually when loading it seems, on certain apps like chrome and steam (steam just happened today)... This hasn't happened in any game...
  17. WinGhuchi

    Question My new GPU is idling around 50°C

    I have a new graphic card, a gigabyte rtx 3060ti windforce 8go oc. This card have two fans and i worry about the temperature that this card reaches in idle (around 50°C) and full loads (around 77°C). I know that my case don't have a very good airfllow (aerocool bolt) but i have 6 fans (not all...
  18. H

    Question Need help please with second monitor

    Hey guys i normally game on a monitor but i been gaming on a oled tv for a few months now. I have run into a problem where red flickering pixels plague the screen and it constanly connects and disconnects. I have tried the following Reseated graphic card/ ram and cpu Turning it off and on...
  19. route45

    [SOLVED] My new RTX 3050 fans are not moving?

    I got a new PC and everything seems good. I was testing game performance and noticed that my temps would go up as high as 60C without my GeForce RTX 3050 fans not spinning. It's a 0 RPM. My old GPU, RTX 2060 Ti, does not have this problem as it would always spin. Could this be a defect GPU?
  20. E

    Question Upgrade time - what to get?

    Hardware upgrade time. Or at last considering. All I know is I require more vRAM so that means A6000, the newer Ada Lovelace A6000, or perhaps the RTX 5500-5000 since 24GB RAM would be sufficient. I just know my current 12GB is a bottleneck. I do mostly Unreal cinematics and Houdini...
  21. lolz14234321

    Question Is it ok to be able see the GPU edge connector pins in the PCIe slot ?

    So i have an Eagle 4070 Ti and after installing it I can see the edge-connector pins in the slot. I have less fps than others and my fans are going crazy in games, they start and stop all the time. I made a fan curve but it didn't help. Can this be because of bad gpu connection in the slot or...
  22. salilskp

    Question Can I use an RTX 3060 ti with Ryzen 5 1600, and a 550W PSU ?

    hello guys, this is my current specs amd ryzen 5 1600 Zotac gtx 1060 6GB 16 gb ddr4 ram Asus prime b350 plus mobo Antec vp550p PSU Lg 27-inch 1080p monitor I have been using this pc mostly for AAA and esports gaming for almost 7 years now thanks to GTX 1060. But it's time to upgrade my system...
  23. R

    Question Display glitches/solid color when installing GPU drivers on a fresh OS installation ?

    Doing my first AMD build since the Bulldozer days. I've attached an image at the bottom for clarifications, but the gist of the story is this: Every time I install the video drivers, my screen glitches and turns to a mostly solid color. The GPU itself is fine. I just pulled it out of my...
  24. Wiry6215

    Question Weird on off flickering for 2 Mins after windows 11 startup on a hdmi screen only RTX 2070 Super

    Hey, i´ve got a weird on off flickering for 6:30 Mins after windows 11 startup on a hdmi screen only RTX 2070 Super. (the left screen is HDMI to HDMI) (and the right screen Displayport to HDMI adapter to DVI which does not have this problem) I tried to change the hdmi cable an connector...
  25. himedavito

    [SOLVED] Hard decision on GPU need advice

    I know 4090 is the best GPU u can get but i don’t think i need it and 1.7 grand for gpu not into that . So i’ve been looking for many benchmarks for many games … they all so different. i am planing to build new gaming pc 1440p 240hz i got almost all part’s selected but the GPU is the hardest...
  26. V

    [SOLVED] Does my 5600x bottleneck RTX 3060 Ti?

    Hi, I have b450 tomahawk max (with latest bios, latest chipset drivers, ddu clean driver for gpu) paired with 5600x and two sticks of 8gb ddr4 ram on 3600Mhz cl16 19 19 39... Now I bought RTX 3060 Ti and my framerate is like 139 average on warzone but everything on low I see some videos where...
  27. C

    Question Part number of defective Mosfet on Gigabyte RTX 3090 Vision OC

    Hello, I got my hands on a defective Gigabyte RTX 3090 Vision OC. I tested it on my mainboard beforehands and it seems to fried my mainboard (but thats another task...) I was able to found the error, it was a defective/burnt MOSFTET and one small SMD capacitor was shorted and one resistor...
  28. dxwuddd

    Question Why wont my PC boot up with RTX card

    specs: motherboard: B450m hdv PSU: 600W Cooler Master MWE 600 V2 (newly fitted) CPU: ryzen 5 2600x RAM: 16gb Corsair 3200 mhz 8x2gb Recently sold an rx570 8gb and purchased a second hand PALIT RTX 2070. Once placed the rtx into the PC it turns on, all the lights and fans also turn on and...
  29. E

    Question Overvolt and Power Percentage Increase Causing Shut Downs? or Faulty Component?

    I upgraded to an EVGA RTX 3070 XC3. Temps are amazing - 60c max. However, I have experienced random shut downs while gaming (3D Mark not enough to cause shut downs but happened in 2 games so far). The PC shuts off abruptly, PSU needs turned off and on to reboot. (some lights still active, such...
  30. iwan44

    Question Failed at repasting/repadding Palit RTX 3060Ti GamingPro. Much worse temps, need help.

    So, my GPU was having a weird hotspot temperature of 90-100 during load while my core temps were around 70 while gaming. I thought that was strange so I decided to repad and repaste. I used cooler master V1 IC value thermal compound for GPU die and Arctic APT2560 1mm thermal pad for the rest...
  31. pmz94

    Question Is my GPU shutting down my PC ?

    I have an Asus Dual RTX 2060 Advanced (DUAL-RTX2060-A6G) since release year (2019) one week ago I replaced the thermal paste with this one and thermal pads for these ones (2.0mm) it helped on decrease temperature around 10-15°c (not that much) Everythings doing well but this past 2 days my PC...
  32. DPU

    Question ASUS RTX 3060 fan RPM problem

    Hi, I've bought an ASUS RTX 3060 (single fan) and noticed the default fan RPM was at 40% and more importantly it didn't even change when I stress tested my gpu. So I installed Afterburner and created a custom step curve which had 30% lowest speed and started exponentially rising from 45C and...

    Question Power to graphics card but no display

    I just got a Rtx 2080. It’s the gigabyte 3 fan one. the rgb on it turns on and fans spin but there’s no display on any of the ports. On my first system I did used ddu on safe mode like always. No display… Then I just put it into my second pc and no display but the rgb turns on and fans spin...
  34. Blubberykollis

    Question MSI RTX 4080 bad performance?

    Hello! As the title proclaims, I have suspicions regarding the performance of my newely acquired RTX 4080. I upgraded from an RTX 2080 Ti, and from what I can say right away, the performance is already a lot better on the new card(In certain aspects!). But, my suspicions arise from the likes of...
  35. K

    Question Seasonic M12 EVO 620W to power new parts for my current build?

    Good day! I'd like to know if my PSU can run a 3070 and a i5 11600KF. I just scored a i5 - 11600KF and Gigabyte B560M Aorus Elite for cheap and im planning to pair them with a RTX 3070 card and remove my current AIO and replace it with a Deepcool Gammax 400XT or Gammax V2. I'd like to point...

    Question Screen turns black hp oem rtx 2080

    So I had bought a HP oem rtx 2080 the one with red lighting blower model. I tried it on my Asus b450 prime Ryzen 7 1700 Xpg d41 8x2 Inland 120gb ssd(boot drive) Evga supernova nex650G 80+ gold First I used ddu to take my rx 580 drivers off. Then when I installed it It just turned the screen...
  37. I

    Question PC build crashes on every game after about 1 minute

    My PC build has had a lot of problems, but now that its finally running it can't even run any games. With my previous problems, I had to replace my motherboard and GPU after getting it checked, but now the PC can't run any games. It crashes on Fortnite (Crashes right after getting into a...
  38. teeteemo

    Question Is my PSU enough to power this unit while full gaming? along with the RGB strips and fans? Seasonic 850W

    This is the whole specs Is my PSU enough to power this unit while full gaming? along with the RGB strips and fans? PROCESSOR: INTEL Core i7 12700KF 12th Gen LGA1700 12 Cores 20 Threads w/o on-board graphics MOTHERBOARD: (INTEL) Gigabyte Z690 Aorus Elite AX DDR4 LGA1700 Wifi + BT RAM...
  39. S

    [SOLVED] Best Graphics card for 1080P ray tracing ultra gaming?

    Hallo guys! I am looking to buy a New GPU For 1080P gaming. I want to play on ultra settings with Raytracing if possible. What Nvidia GPU should I go for? I dont really want AMD gpu. SPECS Intel Core i7 13700K 16GB DDR5 RAM Asus TUF gaming z690 Plus Mobo EVGA SuperNOVA 1000 GT SMPS I was...
  40. Z

    Question RTX 3080 BSOD then EVGA shows idle at 200 mhz ?

    So every now and then my pc will bsod I guess maybe due to an overclock and then it will stay stuck at 200 mhz on the clock until I reinstall the drivers, does anyone know why this is happening and what I can do instead of reinstalling the drivers every time it happens? I already turned my OC I...