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    [SOLVED] 990Pro No Longer Appearing BIOS

    I have a 960Pro 512GB that I cloned to the 990Pro 1TB. I am running on an ASRock Z370 Extreme4. My 990Pro was undetected the first three times I loaded my pc. My ASRock has 2 M.2 slots that work simultaneously and I have no other drives installed. Fourth time I tried reseating the 990Pro, it...
  2. S

    Question Display Port cable (Samsung BN39-02625A) no longer detecting signal, looking for advice on alternative DP or HDMI cable

    Hi there. I bought a Samsung Odyssey G7 monitor back in November alongside my brand new PC and with it came a Display Port cable (BN39-026225A 2144 GM). The monitor is 27" and has a 1440p resolution with a 240Hz refresh rate. My GPU is an RTX 3080. I've been running at a 240 refresh rate with...
  3. P

    Question Samsung S50A soundbar sound issue

    I bought a Samsung S50A soundbar and connected it to Phillips PUS8505 TV via HDMI cable. The TV has four HDMI ports akd they are all ARC. I connected the soundbar to third HDMI port and I have my PS5 connected to first HDMI port. When I first paired it and tried it on PS5 it worked fine. I then...
  4. vikasharit

    Question Samsung 980 Pro 1Tb not detecting gen 4.

    Hello everyone, My system specs are cpu intel i5 13600k, Mother board Gigabyte z790 UD AX, 2 X 16GB Corsair 5600mhz DDR5, Nvme ssd Samsung 980 pro 1TB & Sata ssd samsung 840 evo 250gb . No Gpu My Board has 3 x nvme pcie gen 4 slot...
  5. C

    Question ASUS ROG G751JY replacing Samsung SSD with Kingstone SSD (new SSD not booting)

    Hello, I'll list my specs and go into details: CPU: Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-4720HQ CPU @ 2.6GHz (8 CPUs), ~2.6GHz CPU cooler: Normal Cooling (not liquid) Motherboard: ASUSTeK COMPUTER INC. Ram: 24576MB RAM OLD SSD: 256 GB Samsung MZ-HPU256T/005 NEW SSD: 1TB Kingstone NV2 PCIe 4.0 NVMe M.2 GPU...
  6. arif1752002m4a1

    Question Which SSD should I select for my Laptop...

    So I brought my laptop almost 8 months ago for my College... It's doing good... But Storage of 512GB is bit less for me.. So want to Expand it's storage by installing Nvme M.2 SSD (in an empty slot) which is PCIe Gen3 x4 Lanes are From PCH (not CPU) Specs - Lenovo IdeaPad Gaming 3 15IHU6-D1...
  7. I

    Discussion Samsung 990 Pro doesn't support hardware encryption

    Just a discussion about Samsung 990 PRO support of hardware encryption, as none of the reviews mention this defect, and Samsung simply ignoring this issue in their support tickets & community The product specification page have this drive encryption support listed as Using the latest...
  8. H

    Question Frozen screen on PC when mobile phone or USB external drive is connected ?

    Right then, how many times have I encountered this over the decades...? Connect a mobile phone or external drive to a PC, open File Explorer, attempt to copy a file or group of files and the screen on the PC freezes. Drives me right batty! Currently, I have a rather old Samsung XCover 4...
  9. L

    Question 70MBS Write Speed SSD Shortly After Boot

    Hi, Ive been pulling my hair out for a few days trying to figure out what is causing the issue. My read and write speed is around 500mbs when i boot and then shortly after booting my write speed drops to 70MBS to 80MBS. I have since used Macrium reflect and moved windows to a brand new 870...
  10. K

    Question How bad is the DDR5 compatibility problem today? I have an 7700x + X670E-A and I've just cancelled my Vengeance DDR5 6400 C32 order. I'm lost.

    So, I'm building a new computer and I ordered a Rog Strix X670E-A and chose the Corsair Vengeance DDR5 6400 C32 (CMH32GX5M2B6400C32) but noticed it wasnt included in the MB support list (ROG STRIX X670E-A GAMING WIFI | ROG STRIX X670E-A GAMING WIFI | Gaming Motherboards|ROG - Republic of...
  11. A

    Question My Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 takes a while to start up

    I don't know where to post this thread, so I post it here: My Samsung Galaxy Tab A7, takes a while to start up: Why this is happening?
  12. Barbatum083

    Question Samsung series 450 Plasma TV PN50C450B1DXZA

    I am looking for some help with my old tv, specifically with some picture settings. I figure it’s a long shot, but surely someone may be familiar with the tv. I noticed that some of the screen is cut off when I’m playing Xbox games. To remedy this issue, I switch from what seems to be the...
  13. Mr.CJ

    Question Samsung EVO 850 SSD with corrupt data?

    Dear smart ppl, I am having some weird issues that I think are related to my Samsung SSD, which contains my win10 OS. The smart thing might be to just get a new one and reinstall windows, but I would like to keep configs and such. Hoping there is a way to fix my issue without a clean install...
  14. B

    Question Why don't the HDMI ports work on my Samsung monitor ?

    I have a Samsung Odyssey Neo G8 32" monitor and while the DisplayPort works, neither of the HDMI ports work as it keeps showing a blank screen whenever I plug one in. I'm very confused by this because I tried other HDMI cables and got the same results. I currently use 3 different monitors in my...
  15. A

    Question Mysterious randomly appearing BSOD (NTFS.sys PAGE_FAULT_IN_NONPAGED_AREA)

    Hi all, I am writing to plead for your assistance in resolving a persistent issue with my computer. The first time I encountered a Blue Screen of Death (BSOD), I was using a Samsung 980 Pro 2TB SSD with the latest firmware. I did not have full memory dumps enabled at the time, but I quickly...
  16. C

    Question Recover deleted clipboard note on Samsung tablet ?

    I had a note pinned in my clipboard, I deleted an unpinned note and for some reason both vanished. Is it possible to recover the deleted note?
  17. H

    Question Asus Laptop SSD Cooling

    Got a week old Asus Zehpyrus g15 (2021) AMD Ryzen 9 5900HS GTX 3080 32gig ram SSD 1 tb I wanted to add an additional SSD to the new slot - Samsung 970 Evoplus 2 tb (yes I need a lot for work and personal use) After installing the new SSD the temps went nuts in CPU and the new SSD. Although it...
  18. rcheulishvil

    Question So how fast is my PCIE 3.0 x16 slot?

    Hi everybody, I have a very basic and cheap Mobo Gigabyte H310M. I've had it for years now and it's working great. However, I've ran out of Sata Slots for SSD's and was looking into m.2. What I found out, is that I can use this mobo's PCIE slot to plug in an adapter, that can hold m.2 SSD...
  19. ccoo84

    Question Which is better - Samsung Galaxy or Huawei Mediapad T5 ?

    I own two tablets that I have & I'm thinking of giving one to my wifes Grandfather, I can't decide which one to give him.. I would like to keep the better one.. But they are almost equal IMO, except the samsung is almost 3 years older I believe it to be a Galaxy a 2016 as the Media Pad Was...
  20. vollachr

    Question Should I be worried about my Samsung 850 EVO 250GB?

    Hi, I have the Samsung 850 EVO 250GB SATA 2.5" SSD, it is the oldest SSD in my system, it was originally used as system drive for Windows but it haven't been used this way for a couple of years approximately. Generally, I don't seem to feel or see any noticeable problem with it but S.M.A.R.T...
  21. M

    Question Vertical green lines on Samsung monitor

    Hi all, I just unboxed a brand new Samsung 27" Odyssey but it has these green vertical lines that won't go away no matter what I do. At first, I thought it was an issue with my HDMI cable, so I went out and bought a brand new DP-to-USB-C cable. I get the exact same problem. I'm starting to think...
  22. AEAMMZ

    Question Samsung 980 PRO only using PCIe4.0x2 instead of x4 on Dell G5 5520

    I recently change the ssd provided with the Dell G5 5520 (core i7-12700H, DDR5) wich was a GEN 3 NVME. I migrated the S.O. using Marcium Reflect and didn´t do a clean install. I also changed the storage mode on the bios to be AHCI/NVME instead of Raid. CrystalDiskInfo says that the 980 pro is...
  23. 0nion1999

    Question Samsung 970 EVO Plus 2TB Speeds

    My M.2 drive has been loading me into games slower than my friends on regular SATA SSDs, so I downloaded CrystalDiskMark and let it run. I have looked up images of this SSDs results online and it seems like i should be getting much higher readings for the third category. Here are the results...
  24. Baraa_Al Turk

    WhatsApp access without SMS code?

    Hello everyone, I currently have 2 WhatsApps, and my main WhatsApp is linked with my old number which is no longer working. and today I've reached a point where i need to reinstall WhatsApp for some reason (long story). Now I'm still not locked out from my main WhatsApp, i still have access to...
  25. PaPies

    Question I have 2 monitors, But trying to buy a better MAIN Monitor.

    Hello everybody, thanks for clicking here! So currently I have 2 monitors. 1.ASUS PG279Q 27" AHVA IPS 2560x1440p 2.ASUS VG278QF 27" TN 1920x1080p When I bought my PG279Q I paid around $650 back in the day, while it's a good monitor, it's not WOW factor. The reason why I bought it is...
  26. vikaskumar2299

    [SOLVED] Has anything technically/physically changed with this kind of monitor power cables over last 10 years?

    I have a 10 years old Samsung SyncMaster 933 monitor. It has this kind of power cable and a monitor input design. Basically it's a 3 pin input. Middle pin is slightly bigger than other two and PSU of monitor is built inside the monitor only: (see Photo below): Photo 1...
  27. N

    Question SSD work only with override

    Hi everyone, i cloned my hdd to a samsung ssd on my old laptop with macrium reflect but now i'm only able to boot on ssd with override on bios and the ssd is P0 on the bios, i did the same thing with 2 hdd 2 years ago and it worked fine,
  28. A

    Question M.2 not being detected

    I have an M.2 I pulled from one of my laptops that I wanted to remove files from. I have an EVGA z370 Classified K motherboard so I have 2 M+B key M.2 slots. One of them is occupied by my OS, a Samsung 970 EVO. So I put the new M.2 into the slot under my 2080 graphic card. However, I don't...
  29. B

    Question Samsung 980 Pro M2 SSD

    I figured to reach out here as the community seems to be smarter than I am. Essentially I'm running into an annoying problem with a new build I've just completed. Motherboard: Gigabyte Z690I Aorus Ultra Lite Rev 1.0 BIOS Version: F2 Storage: 2 x Samsung 980 PRO 1TB PCIe NVMe Gen4 Internal...
  30. seed13

    [SOLVED] Is motherboard "AB350M Pro4" supports "SSD M.2 2280 1TB Samsung (MZ-V8V1T0BW)"

    Hi. I did't find this SSD in Module Support List for my motherboard , so, will it work fine or I'd better find another SSD?
  31. HunterX-

    Question S27a550h Samsung Monitor

    Hi, I have s27a550h Samsung monitor, I have a weird problem with this monitor. The monitor works with TV Box, PS, Chromecast, and Microsoft Wireless Display Adapter. Still, the monitor doesn't work with my laptops. I tried to connect it throw HDMI cables and the monitor showed me to check...
  32. S

    Question My PC only works when i turn it on second attempt ?

    Hello, this is my first build and I'm building it alone, so i don't know what's happening. After i finish build my pc, i turned it on, all parts seems works but motherboard on with orange light then monitor gives no display and keyboard's light off. And i directly turn the pc off then start...
  33. J

    Question Samsung HW A550 vs LG SN5 at the same price?

    Hi guys! Between the two soundbars, which one would you choose assuming they're the exact same price? The Samsung HW-A550 or LG SN5? Thanks in advance for help :)
  34. AlthafRM

    [SOLVED] Low Speed On Samsung 980 NVMe M.2

    I recently bought Samsung 980 500GB Up to 3,500 MB/s PCIe 3.0 NVMe M.2 (2280) Internal Solid State Drive (SSD) (MZ-V8V500) , and Installed on my PC with Windows 11 . Gygabyte GA-H97-D3H is my mother board , and its almost 7yr old. Please check my CrystalDiskmark Results and Samsung Magician...
  35. T

    [SOLVED] DDR3 2x4GB Kingston RAM and 2x4GB Samsung RAM in H97

    Hello Everyone, I had the opportunity to get some free RAM modules (Samsung DDR3-1600MHz 4GB modules), and I would like to ask if it is okay to do the following: I have an old(er) H97 chipset based system which previously had only 8GB RAM (a Kingston DDR3-1600MHz KIT) in dual channel. Now...
  36. X

    [SOLVED] Samsung EVO 970 Plus 1TB - Usage is 100% but read/write speed is 0

    So I've had this ssd for a couple of months now but for the past month or two its eating my nerves, constantly crashed my windows (ssd was not used for the windows installation), I reinstalled but this time I installed windows on that ssd, now whenever it happens instead of crashing it freezes...
  37. P

    Question What is difference between "MZ-V8V500" and "MZ-V8V500BW" models of Samsung 980 500GB SSD?

    Amazon says: MZ-V8V500 Flipkart says: MZ-V8V500BW...
  38. S

    Question Which SSD Should be better for my old Gaming PC?

    My PC Config is: Mother board: Asus H81M-E (Sadly one Ram slot is not working but still works) Intel i5 4590 3.30Ghz MSI GTX 970 8GB RAM DDR3 HDD: Disk 1 : 1 TB Western Digital Disk 2 : 3 TB Western Digital I want to buy a SATA III SSD for PC. Which Brand SSD (Samsung/ Transend/Kingston/Western...
  39. P

    Question Is Samsung 970 EVO Plus 500GB PCIe NVMe M.2 better than Samsung 980 500GB SSD read and write performance wise?

    I want to purchase 500 GB SSD for my laptop. I have 2 options which supports to my laptop are as: Is Samsung 970 EVO Plus 500GB PCIe NVMe M.2: Samsung 980 500GB M.2 SSD...
  40. Z

    Question SSD disappears from Windows but comes back after restarting ?

    I am using a Samsung 970 EVO 1TB SSD on my laptop. I've been using it for 3 months with no issues, but all of a sudden for the past couple of weeks whenever I try to play games installed on the SSD, the SSD disappears from My Computer, Device Manager and Disk Management as well. But if I...