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  1. Interested12

    Question New m.2 SSD will not boot

    I just purchased a new Samsung 1TB model 970 to replace my almost full 500MB 970 m.2 . I activated the new HDD and selected Simple Volume on Disk 1 and MBR. I did a quick format. See two attached files. I WAS going to attached a bunch of screenshots here but all I get is a box to put a URL...
  2. Question new Samsung Evo 970 Plus write speed decreased to 800MB/s

    Hello, I'm facing this issue just bought a brand new 970 Evo Plus 500gb 3 days ago and it had perfect readings with above 3000mb both read and write, now I've noticed a difference in a specific operation I do and I found out that it's write speed is decreased to avg. 800MB! Issue shown in this...
  3. LongwayToFuture

    Discussion Intel Raptor Lake or Intel Meteor Lake 2023?

    I whas wondering is it good idea to buy now CPU or wait till next year to see what Intel or AMD has to ofer and i'm in need of upgrading something Good to best to last at least the next 7 Years What would be good Motherboard CPU GPU PC for Gaming and maybe Video Editing Intel Raptor...
  4. V

    Question Random distorted, flickering image issue ?

    I've recently started having an issue with my 27-inch 240Hz 1080p Samsung CRG5 (model LC27RG50FQUXEN) monitor, where it randomly flickers a distorted/shifted version of the screen. Here's a handful of videos showing the issue off...
  5. P

    Question Advice on Buying New SSD (M.2 PCIe or 2.5" SATA)

    I had a motherboard issue a while back and couldn't replace it for a while, but recently did so, only to discover that the 2.5" PNY SSD I had decided to die while it was not in use (even though I had used it a few times attached as an external drive). I'm now looking for a new SSD as a boot...
  6. R

    Question Hardware encryption

    My PC had a Samsung PM951 NVMe m.2 hard drive which apparently has "internal hardware encryption" that is always on according to the Samsung website. It was recently stolen and all that it had on was a Windows 10 password. Does this mean the hard drive is not encrypted and the thief could access...
  7. J

    Question Need help with new monitor So this is essentially what happens after I plugged in my new 27 inch T35 Samsung monitor to my laptop... I have no clue what causes this. I tried changing HDMI, changing to PS5 as well instead of laptop and same result, downloaded new drivers etc. but since this...
  8. J

    Question Samsung 980 NVMe detected by BIOS, but not Windows 10

    Hi all, First time poster here. I've searched through various forums and troubleshooting already, but I'm still stumped (granted, I'm essentially a beginner). I just built a new rig for myself and put in my drives from my old PC into the new one with no issues. I began updating the BIOS for my...
  9. AspectSaber

    Question Can I use a NVMe SSD slot to PCIe adapter to delete everything on my ssd and clone windows?

    So I had an old pc that unfortunately just died, already posted a forum regarding it but nothing worked. So I decided since my new pc has only 256 gb NVME ssd storage, if I could use my old pc samsung 1 TB ssd as the boot drive? My current HP Pavilion only has 1 nvme slot. My old ssd has windows...
  10. F

    Question Modify Samsung Gaming Display OSD

    First of all I own a Samsung Odyssey G7 32" LC32G75TQSUXEN Display. I was looking for a video mixer, but I haven't found any that can do 1440p240 (probably because of DSC), most consumer models only go up to 1080p60. My idea was to use 2 inputs of my Display and mix the two into one, using some...
  11. H

    Question Can't get M.2980 PRO as bootable drive?

    Hello! My friend bought some new hardware, including MOBO (Asus ROG Strix 550-F Gaming) and an M.2 SSD (SAMSUNG 980 PRO) BIOS detects the SSD but i can't get it as an boot option. I've made sure the SSD is formated and is an GPT drive. I made two different bootable USBs, including windows tool...
  12. ini.alwi

    Question Samsung 970 Evo Can't Connect to Internet. Please check proxy or other network settings.

    Hello everyone. I have some problem on my samsung magician. I use Samsung Evo 970 Plus M.2 In my samsung magician there warning said "SSD information could not be verified due to system compatibility issues. Please check proxy or other network settings." But i check my connection is normally...
  13. Q

    Question How to automate scenes with different companies of led

    I have 2 different comanies of LED's (2x LED Strips in eWeLink and 1 Light Bulb in Mi Home), and I want to create scenes with every light in different color and brightness. I have a Samsung phone and tried to link my eWeLink account with Smart Things (as the Smart Things app doesn't support the...
  14. I

    Question Samsung M2 NVME SSD will NOT boot my Windows 10

    I installed a fully cloned Samsung M2 NVME SSD including Windows 10 operating system ,into the M2 on my MSI B450 TOMAHAWK AMD Socket AM4 Motherboard . It would not boot and gave number of options none of which would work. I then took M2 out and put it into a good M2 USB enclosure I...
  15. ZxKx

    Question My Samsung monitor is stuck on burn-in mode ?

    After accidentally breaking my new 24" CRG5 curved samsung monitor, i returned it and got sent the same one back by amazon. After only 2 days of using it, my new monitor, all of a sudden, started showing and cycling through 5 colors: black, white, red, green and blue. Non stop and nothing is...
  16. G

    Question Samsung 860 Evo 500gb shows as 840 Evo 120gb in win 10

    I used to have a Samsung 840 Evo 120gb SSD which i replaced with an 860 Evo 500gb. problem is that although in Samsung Magician i can see the correct model, in windows (everywhere in windows, meaning my computer, disk management, device manager) it still appears as an 840 Evo 120gb. anyone...
  17. K

    Question Having Trouble Cloning Existing SSD to new Samsung 970 EVO Plus

    As the title suggests, I'm having issues cloning the existing boot disk on my Dell G7 laptop to a new Samsung 970 EVO Plus. The target drive is larger than the original one, so space isn't the issue. I am using an Anker nvme enclosure and while Samsung Magician and Samsung Data Migration will...
  18. exocat

    Question What should I use to connect a Samsung 870 EVO 4 TB over USB?

    The Samsung 870 EVO 4 TB specs say it uses SATA III at 6 Gb/s. I couldn't find anything on its power requirements, though. I work off a laptop, an Asus ROG Strix G15 to be precise, and want to get a larger SSD to use as external storage media, mainly for Kontakt sample libraries and other things...
  19. Leonardo_N

    [SOLVED] Using home cinema set speakers as pc speakers

    Hi all, So I have this Samsung home cinema set my dad bought around 2013. The receiver, a Samsung HT-E5500 broke a few years ago and the speakers are useless without the receiver because of the peculiar connectors the speakercables have. I own a set of pc speakers, they are not bad, but also...
  20. aidfarrell70

    [SOLVED] I Need Helping Cloning Windows From Old To New SSD

    I bought a new Samsung 980 1TB SSD and I've installed it. I tried cloning windows from my old KINGSTON 110GB SSD (using Macrium Reflect) to my new one. However, when I did so I realized that neither the old nor new SSD would boot up windows without the ERROR 0XC0000F message. And the only way I...
  21. S

    [SOLVED] Is Samsung 950 Pro really that good even 6 years later?

    I'm [slowly] working on a new build and my new motherboard only has one M.2 slot versus the 2 I have now. My current main SSD is the Samsung 950 Pro 256GB, which is good but obviously generally too small to have more than an OS and a game or two (hence my second M.2 slot having a larger-less...
  22. Lucianak47

    Question Pc won't turn on if connected to hdmi but turns on with dvi samsung monitor

    Hy all, I got a very strange problem, I have a samsung monitor S24r35x that wont automaticaly turn on if connected to hdmi and wont let my graphics card display anything However if i disconnect the hdmi cable or the power cable the pc will turn on and display the image after I connect the...
  23. ruuhreye

    Question 240hz monitor only showing up to 120hz

    i have a amd ryzen 7 and a nvidia geforce 3060ti and a samsung-odyssey gaming crg5 series 27 inch monitor which is a 240 hz. when i try to set my monitor to 240hz, the only available option is 120hz. i am using the cable provided from the monitor. Please help
  24. S

    [SOLVED] Need help to identify the TVS Diode - Samsung EVO 850

    So I've been a major idiot and did this: I used a Corsair PSU cable on a Seasonic Power Supply and very likely caused a short circuit on my SSD (Samsung EVO 850 500GB). This was the only peripheral connected to the "wrong" cable and caused the...
  25. [SOLVED] Samsung CLP-415n prints BLACK Pages and the toner waste container gets full immediately

    I have Samsung CLP-415n from 5-6 years ago the last time I used it few years ago there was some problem with the printing now I dig it again and when I print directly from the printer some Information stuff and the Demo I get Black pages, also the Toner Waste Container gets full after printing...
  26. M

    [SOLVED] Recommended heatsink for M.2 SSD ?

    Hi...I just got my Samsung 980 500GB m2 NVME ssd (not pro) and Im very skeptical on the heatsink to buy for it . Ive heard its crucial for the rising temperatures . Any recommendations ? Note:The width can't exceed 0.87 inch as my motherboard wont allow it .
  27. Mr. White

    [SOLVED] About PCIe 4.0 SSD in PCIe 3.0 slot

    So as you can see on the topic, I would like to know how are the SSD speeds of PCIe 4.0 disk in a 3.0 slot. Am I at least possible to get the maximum speed that the 3.0 slot can give from the 4.0 disk? As an example; What would be the speed of a Samsung 500GB 980 Pro (M.2) in the 3.0 slot? And...
  28. themightydroner

    [SOLVED] Discrete GPU runs worse than integrated GPU ?

    CPU: I5-3210M dGPU: Radeon 7670M iGPU: Intel HD Graphics 4000 RAM: 4GB HDD: 320GB Hey lads, so, i have this oldie Samsung NP350v4c from 2012 that has this pretty annoying issue i've tried to fix for days. For example, when i run a game called People Playground with the 7670m, fps are around...
  29. [SOLVED] Differences between colour-coded Samsung SD cards ?

    Hello. There's red one, white one, orange one as shown below. I am looking for durability and reliability more than speed. Which one is better for this? Newer is not always better.
  30. B

    [SOLVED] Best M.2 SSD (1tb) for gaming/work

    Hi guys, I plan to buy an M.2 SSD (1tb) mainly for gaming but also for video/photo editing work. My motherboard is an Asus x470 Prime-Pro and I don't know which M.2 to choose, what would you advise? Thanks!
  31. Bourhene Barkallah

    [SOLVED] Is This Nvme m.2 ssd compatible with asus tuf 505ge and wich one should i buy and...
  32. X

    [SOLVED] weird USB connections

    my friends laptop has a weird issue with his usb port that when i plug a mouse, the rgb mouse lits but dont move in the screen. It also happens when i plug a stick, the stick lits but windows dont recognize there is something in the port BUT if i put a stick with windows.iso sometimes appears...
  33. R

    [SOLVED] Need Help, Having the worst luck with Displays

    Hey everyone, so I am trying to find a good monitor... I had an Acer Nitro 1440p 32" (non curved) that ended up display black bars at the top, returned it, got the replacement home, HORRIBLE light bleed in the bottom left, retruned it, got the Samsung G7 (dumped extra money into that purchase)...
  34. dumbleburn

    Question Help choosing between laptops

    I'm buying a notebook for college and I have narrowed my choices down to a Samsung model and a Dell one, the two being aprox. the same price. Model 1 Samsung i7 1165G7 Intel Iris Xe GPU 8 GB RAM DDR4 256 GB SSD 15.6" Full HD (1920x1080) 43 Wh battery Model 2 Dell i5 1035G1 Intel UHD Graphics...
  35. S

    Question Samsung 27 inch curved monitor disassembly

    Hello, I was setting up vesa mount on the following 27 inch monitor from Samsung, when accidentally this screw went inside the monitor hole and now I am...
  36. I

    [SOLVED] Is it powerful enough for this?

    Im really interested in the Samsung Odyssey G9 (non neo version) and keep finding conflicting information on if the 3080 ti can get at MINIMUM 80+ fps on all games. Cant find a ton of info from anyone with this combo but could use some more opinions on it.
  37. M

    [SOLVED] Samsung 860 QVO no longer showing info in Samsung Magician ?

    I recently updated Samsung Magician to 7.0.0 and I noticed my Samsung SSD 970 EVO and my two Samsung 860 QVO SSDs no longer display health and temperature information, and I could no longer use any of the utilities. I fixed my 970 EVO by reinstalling the Samsung NVMe driver for it, and now it...
  38. R

    Question Q-Symphony Samsung does it work with any specific format?

    I bought Neo QLED 8K and HW-Q600A soundbar, when i turn on the Q-Symphony for youtube or any other app on Samsung TV i could hear only from soundbar and not TV. If i listen to specific 5.1ch movie on Netflix then i can listen from TV as well. Samsung customer chat says there is no limitation if...
  39. W

    [SOLVED] Samsung 860 PRO 1TB vs. 870 EVO 1TB

    I have the option to purchase either one and I was wondering which one is the better option. I’m looking for reliability/ longevity/ durability above speed. I’ve read that the 870 EVO 1TB has 128 layer TLC and the 860 PRO 1TB has 64 layer MLC. I’ve been reading around that MLC is better than...
  40. S

    [SOLVED] How can I tell apart two identical SSDs in Samsung's Data Migration Software?

    I have two identical Samsung 970 Evo Plus M2 SSDs plugged in, 2TB each. Not identical in terms of data on them, but the hardware is the same. Samsung's Data Migration tool unhelpfully has them labelled as the exact same thing View: How can I tell them apart...