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  1. Hrlyrdr22

    Question SATA cable causing frequent drive disconnect & data corruption

    tl;dr bad SATA cable can cause drives to disconnect and corrupt your data Over the past month I have had a 5TB hard drive completely corrupt all the data on it and exhaust all the reserved sectors with hundreds of uncorrectable errors from the SMART data. It was a shucked Seagate 5TB SMR drive...
  2. J

    Question Is SATA cable recommended for case fans?

    Is sata cable recommended for case fan or molex connector? Or what is the common way to go about case fan connector? I just hate molex connector, it takes a while to get it pushed in and sata connectors snapped right in.
  3. Question Molex to Sata power adapter safe?

    Is something like this safe for hard drive and other components?
  4. Moribund

    Question What is the best SATA adaptor for MZMPC128HBFU M.2 SSD drive?

    I have a few M.2 SSDs in different volumes. 128 Gb is the smallest volume I have. There are a number of adaptors being sold on Amazon to adapt M.2 for desktop's SATA cables. What are the best ones, preferably not too expensive, without loss of speed. Please post some links. Doesn't have to be...
  5. S

    Question Hard disk not initialized

    My windows is installed on an 128GB SSD...I have 2 Hard Disks, one is 1TB and the other one is 250GB...Randomly one of these Hard Disks are not showing up.... After restarting it shows up again...and it happens often... So please can someone tell what's the problem?
  6. N

    [SOLVED] Hard disk fails to boot

    I have 1 tb of wdc hard disk. Every few months it fails to boot. First time, I thought my hard disk was dying. Then I installed its manufacturer software tool to check. It says it's working fine. I tried windows built-in scanner. It didn't find any fault either. I also tried with a couple of...
  7. C

    Do I have to install MOBO drivers?

    This is my first build and IT LIVES! Now I'm trying to get everything in order and working smoothly. I've looked through the threads about MOBOs and I'm a little confused about installing drivers. I have a Gigabyte H170 Gaming 3 (Rev 1.0). Everything is in working order and as soon as it was up...
  8. simonchipmunk

    problem with windows Update

    Several days ago i upgraded one of my Computers(Gateway e-machine W5243) from Vista Home premium to Windows 7.0. I did a clean install. it has now been almost 4 days since the upgrade, and Windows Update just 'spins its wheels' but not showing that it has found updates. i went to the microsoft...
  9. C

    New Build, OS Won't take. Ubuntu/Windows Install Fails.

    Hello, I'm hoping someone with more experience than myself can shed some light onto my situation. Here is the background. I've just built a new pc. AMD Athlon 5350, MSI AM1I Mini ITX Mobo, 4 Gb Crucial Ballistix Sport. The hard drive is a salvaged Seagate 1.5 TB, freshly formated on a...