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  1. obeyeddog

    [SOLVED] How do I Fix Ghosting Issue

    I have a problem that might be hard to explain. Whenever there is a dark object on screen, and it's moving, that object blurs black around the edges and wherever black is adjacent to. I have an MSI Optix G27C2 144hz Curved monitor and I use a DP cable. I've tried most solutions I have found on...
  2. A

    [SOLVED] Laptop screen flickering red and green. External monitor works fine

    My laptop screen's been flickering with red and green lines that cover up the entire screen. I tried using an external monitor to see if the problem is really the laptop screen or the gpu, but the external monitor seems to work fine. The problem seems to occur randomly, but frequently enough to...
  3. G

    Question Purple lines - screen issue

    Hello, I want to buy a secondhand notebook and now I found one, but there's a problem with screen. It does a big purple lines. When you press a place upon the keyboard the lines dissapear. The seller thinks it could be a cable to monitor. What do you think? Any suggestions? It's Dell Latitude...
  4. B

    7820HK Won't Overclock, The Clock Speed Max Out at 2.9GHz

    I am using a AW15 R3. I tried using BIOS and Throttlestop, the results are the same, it just won't go over 2.9GHz.
  5. S

    i5 6400 + 1060 3GB/RX 480 4GB or i3 6100 + 1060 6GB/RX 480 8GB?

    As much the title said, which one is better? I only want to play games at 1080p/50-60 fps. I don't plan to SLI/Crossfire. Lower the graphic setting is also ok to me for smooth gameplay. Also games I want to play is Rise of Tomb Raider, Hitman, Division, Overwatch, etc. For the CPU, anything...