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  1. L

    Question Windows Service not starting ?

    Hi guys, first post on this forum. I hope you can help me. Sometimes on startup the network icon keeps loading forever, and I can't do anything that requires admin privileges (such as setting the date, installing,etc.) My guess (although I don't know much) is that there's a service not...
  2. Z

    [SOLVED] The user profile service service failed the logon, user profile cannot be loaded

    I cant login to Windows 10 because this error appears on the logon screen: "The user profile service service failed the logon, user profile cannot be loaded". What i tried already: -Loging in with safe mode(wont worked) -Tried to activate the built in Administrator, and add a new user(wont...
  3. Erick Greenheart

    Question Using Cooling Pad Instead of Integrated Fan

    So, i have a laptop that already using for 6 years. i had change the laptop's fan for almost 5 times already, so i've been thinking to use double cooling pad. is there any risk if i do that?
  4. C

    Question Service Host: Network Service - Delivery Optimization

    Hi there, Recently I noticed in the Task Manger: Service Host: Network Service - Delivery Optimization - This program is permanently there with my CPU up to 30% when it is normally around 2% I have spent a long time looking on google but cannot get any answer on how to stop it. I would be...
  5. S

    Question gpu fans go crazy when playing

    That noise makes me go crazy. My gpu fans to up to 2400 RPM when playing even though I set all the settings to the lowest possible. In idle it is at 1000 RPM. My cpu fan and the case fans are always at 1000 (idle) and 1300 (ingame). My cpu always has low temperatures (idle: 30°-40°, ingame...
  6. R

    Sapphire Radeon RX 580 8GB Nitro on a 15 year pc?is it ok?

    hello i already ordered a Sapphire Radeon RX 580 8GB Nitro/its gonna be delivered in a week/ i decided to build a new gaming pc in the end of november(cause of bf),so im gonna buy the rest after some weeks now i got a 15year old pc with a lc 350watt /an intel 32bit e2180 2ghz and for mobo a...
  7. J

    black screen occur when trying to install win 8.1

    Hey guys i have hp elitebook 8470p has windows 7 in it ... i want to install windows 8.1 in it but when I boot windows from usb or cd , it boots , window logo appers then nothing just a black screen and if i leave the computer for some time [hoping that window will boot] the usb light turn...
  8. D

    Stream Amazon Echo Music thru Receiver

    I have a Denon AVR 1613 receiver and a Amazon Echo. I'm trying to stream music from the Echo to the receiver using wireless. I'd appreciate suggestions/products Thank you
  9. R

    Wich internet speed is better for gaming cafe

    Hi , what is the best internet plan for a gaming cafe consist of 10 client pc and 1 is the server , i want to give the server the internet and split it to the 10 pcs , the internet plans here are 1 mb , 2 , 3,4 ,6. Wich one for playing online games like dota 2 and LOL. And it is a good idea to...
  10. I

    How to do windows updates on 2 windows 10 machines

    I have 2 windows 10 single language edition is desktop another is laptop.I have to do windows updates 2 times.Is there way to do this in one machine and copy it to another machine?pls help me thanks.
  11. M

    psu for the sapphire nitro r9 fury?

    I have been debating on wether or not to get the rx 480 or gtx 1060 but now im looking at a Sapphire Nitro r9 fury for only 240 after a rebate. The r9 Fury is a way better card than both the rx 480 and 1060 so figured i would just buy that but i only have one restrain. My psu is only an evga...
  12. B

    Good cheap headset with mic

    I need a headset with good audio and with a good mic under 60 and doesn't break as easy
  13. exfileme

    Upcoming D&D Game For PC Lets Players Take The DM Seat

    n-Space and digital Extremes is working on an old-school RPG for the PC with a DM Mode. Upcoming D&D Game For PC Lets Players Take The DM Seat : Read more
  14. A

    how to check that our usb wifi adapter can be use to create hotspot

    how to check that our usb wifi adapter can be used to create hotspot or not. I want to connect it with my Android mobile
  15. W

    Video card for dual WQHD monitors

    Recently added 2 WQHD monitors (ASUS PB278Q) to an old system (see below). Contrary to the salesman's prediction, everything works well at maximum resolution (2560x1440) on both monitors, except for transient, minor stuttering on SOME over the air programming. No problems with analog cable...