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  1. Dcopymope

    Question Will a dedicated sound card make a difference?

    :unsure: I have a Logitech Z623 Home Theater system linked below. The speakers are good but aren't that big, so I'm wondering how much of a difference if any would a dedicated sound card make? Can I expect a meaningful boost in the sound quality with my speaker system that it would make a worthy...
  2. thirumalai94

    Question Which 5.1 amplifier is best for Samsung HT-TX35 home theater system

    I was using Samsung HT-TX35 home theater system for a long time. Now the DVD player is not working but 5.1 speakers are working. So now I am in need of one good amplifier which can run speakers at the same efficiency that I used to have. Below is my speaker configuration: 5.1ch speaker...
  3. M

    Creators Update; Right-click Start Menu: 'Features and programs' -> 'Apps and Features'

    As the title sort of already states, before the creators update when you right clicked the start menu, it'd populate a huge list of commonly used system apps in windows. One of them being the 'Programs and Features' accessed through Control Panel. This, along with 'System' have now changed to...