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    Question How can I get a more stable voltage out of an ATX PSU?

    I'm starting working with Arduino projects, and in my actual project, I need to run a few servo motors. I, like many others, turned an old ATX1 PSU into a "bench" power supply (since Arduino can't provide enough current to power all the servos). I connected an 8.2-ohm 10-watt resistor in the 5v...
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    Question Short Game Audio Drop Outs (Motherboard and GPU Audio)

    I have an ongoing problem with my PC where the game audio will drop out every so often for around a second or two then come back as if nothing happened. Sometimes the pause or loss of audio is very brief sometimes it is longer but usually always in the range of 1-2 seconds. It can happen in any...
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    how to get lg mobile on lg tv

    how do I hook a LG mobile to LG tv so I can watch videos off my phone to my TV its a 2015 and LG android mobile