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  1. P

    HDMI laptop to HDMI projector. I have picture but no sound

    I connected an Acer laptop with only HDMI connections to Acer projector HDMI connection I have a lovely picture but no sound. I plugged external speakers into laptop but still no sound. Please help this 70 years old silver surfer .
  2. Y

    New PC Help

    Hi! I am currently building my first PC, but I have encountered some problems. System Specs: CPU: Pentium G3258 @3.2GHz (will be over clocking) GPU: MSI R7 370 2GB Motherboard: ASRock H81M DGS R2.0 Case: DIYPC Zondda-W Ram: 2x4GB G-Skill Ares (1600, I think) PSU: Corsair CX 430M Anyway, I...
  3. S

    Help with Build

    I need help with a PC build. Would anyone mind setting up a build for me that is right at $850 (nothing over $900 please)? Please have all pieces be compatible. I would specifically prefer this exact case:Nzxt - Phantom 410 Atx/micro Atx/mini-itx Mid-tower Case - Black. The games I want to...
  4. S

    [Solved] Need help finding where all my C: drive space has gone.

    Every time I check how much space is left on my C drive, it seems to have haemorrhaged a little more free space. This is in spite of running CCleaner regularly, making sure it's not got excessive fragmentation, etc. I try to keep it as spartan as possible. I've looked for solutions all over and...
  5. Hyotei

    Liquid cooling components?

    I'm trying to build a custom liquid cooling system for my desktop. I'm trying to get sometime that looks very similar to this maingear build right here with the straight pipes and everything. I'm only trying to cool 1 4970k cpu and a 980 ti gpu. Not sure exactly what parts I'll need to buy or...
  6. Rozzdog

    Black screens on multiple games..?

    Hi guys, been getting a strange occurrence lately where about 1-2 hrs into a game I'm presented with a black screen for a second or two, and then the game mainly pops back to life or on some occasions causes the game to hang. My GPU is OC'd but has been stable for about 12 months with no...
  7. H

    A Gaming Desktop looking for help!

    Hello, I was looking to getting a new gaming desktop and I'm buying from ibuypower. This is what I currently have any suggestions would be appreciated. Case: Raidmax Horus Gaming Case - Black Processor: Intel® Core™ i7-4790K Processor (4x 4.0GHz/8MB L3 Cache) - Intel® Core™ i7-4790K Processor...
  8. C

    Solid orange light on power button, could this mean a faulty power supply?

    So, my Desktop has just recently started refusing to boot. The light on the front of it that is normally green is now orange when it boots up, but the motherboard's light is its normal green color. There are no beeps, even though the motherboard has a little speaker on it, and I have heard beeps...
  9. J

    Corsair HX650 enough to power a GTX 970?

    Read the title; thanks!
  10. G

    How would I use an old hard drive in a new PC?

    Would I have to completely wipe the hard drive and re-install windows? (If so could I use key-finder to find the activation key to re-install) Or can I just plug it in? Please Help
  11. J

    My father does not believe in free Anti-Virus but needs some form of protection

    At the facility we work at a lot of people use the same computer not to mention my fathers internet habits are not as disciplined as my own. What is a decent anti-virus that is worth the money. I guess another question would be what is a good anti-malware. I will see if I can just get...
  12. H3llF1re1000

    GELID Gamer Wing 12 PL as cpu fan ?

    can i use GELID Gamer Wing 12 PL fan as the cpu fan with the 212 evo ?? the fan has a pwm connector so i guess it should work but ill still ask to be 100% sure :)
  13. A

    Intel/Nvidia or AMD/Radeon for next gen gaming?

    Hi guys, I'm going to be buying parts for my first gaming rig soon, but I'm stuck where everyone else seems to be stuck at; intel/nvidia or amd/radeon? I can't figure out if an i5 4590 with an evga gtx 770 or an fx 8320 with a dd r9 290 would be better, for next gen? I know they both will work...
  14. D

    Is my asus motherboard or psu faulty?

    Hi Tom's folk I just completed a new/old bare bones build and it is crashing: 1. sometimes during a BIOS screen (i.e. when I select advanced mode and select some things in the menus it randomly crashes to a multi-coloured screen and then after 5 minutes or so it shuts down) 2. sometimes when I...
  15. Edrulesok

    USB Microphone Static while muted

    Hi, I recently purchased a pair of Steelseries Siberia V2 Heat Orange USB headphones, and from day 1 the microphone has been giving off a static noise that appears then disappears when it is on mute. I cannot hear this unless I listen to the device, but people talking to me on skype can if it is...
  16. S

    Need help selecting laptop

    Please suggest a laptop for gaming under 1300$(just cost of laptop,exclude any extra accessory). Should be available for Indian or Canadian market. Should support external graphics card like gtx 690 from nvidia. and also suggest if buying a laptop in a country where temperature reaches 40...