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  1. Marios Asikis

    Windows boot failure

    Yesterday, I run BIOS and changed a setting (warning sound when CPU ovrheats).After I rebooted, windows tried to fix a problem but it couldn't.I have tried every option, I even tried to reinstall Windows 8.1 with my CD but I can't, both with upgrade and with custom install (cannot do the disk...
  2. W

    Asus M5A97 LE R2.0 Freezing Screen

    So the problem Is that the screen will randomly freeze. Asus is taking days to get back to me with smalls blerbs of information. I have tried replacing the components one at a time from my wife's working PC and have concluded that it is the Mobo. I ran Asus' Diagnosis tool that they sent me and...
  3. R

    Overheating AMD Rig

    So the problem is my rig is overheating and stuttering when i want to play games like BF4, BF3, GTA IV ect on high. My GPU could handle it easily even on medium my rig starts stuttering after a 20-30 minutes of playing due the heat. PC Specs Processor: AMD A10 6800K with stock cooling PSU...
  4. P

    Are gaming surfaces doing anything?

    Hello everyone I was wondering if gaming surfaces (mouse mats) are actually worth getting for gaming? Will it be much better than a wooden desk when using an optical sensor mouse? Thanks for Answering :) :) :)
  5. C

    Asus z97 Delux or Asrock z97 Extreme 6

    Hi guys I need a little opinion from you so here goes. I am going to build a system using i7 4790k kingston hyperx fury 16gb ram samsung evo ssd corser case and psu now the only thing I am really puzzled is for the motherboard should I get Asus or asrock it seams like many shops I buy parts from...
  6. S

    Connect 2 modems to 2 routers to 1 switch.

    I work at a CPA office where we use VoIP via vonage and our cable ISP is Suddenlink. Our current setup uses 2 modems connected to 1 router (that has 2 WAN ports) connected to 1 switch. The phones draw from one modem and the computers draw from the other. However, someone recommended getting a...
  7. C

    Samsung S22B350T Hz? + Bioshock Infinite nausea

    Have a Samsung SyncMaster 21.5" LED (S22B350T) 1920x1080 monitor and am wondering if it is 60 or 120Hz. I get ~100fps avg in Bioshock Infinite maxed but horrendous screen tearing (at least I think it's called screen tearing: blocky vertical columns when swiveling left<->right) so I locked fps...
  8. M

    Building my sister a system....

    My sister graduates Flagler college in the spring and i'm planning on building her an AMD system for Graphic design. She mainly works with Photoshop CS5. How important are Graphics versus processing power? Should i go with a Discrete card and FX or Kaveri APU?
  9. S

    External Hard drive

    I want to copy and save files on my late 2007 MacBook to an external hard drive. The one I bought needs .hta - no good for the current OS. Any ideas where to get an 'old school' hard drive so I can save all my photos before updating the OS on the MacBook? Many thanks
  10. L

    Speccy Hanging On CPU Detection

    Hello, I have an i5-4690 CPU and Speccy keeps hanging (specifically it gets stuck in a loading loop) while trying to detect the CPU category. I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling the program several times and it will only work very sparingly, but most of the time the above error occurs...
  11. R

    intel gaming rig

    I want to assemble a gaming rig that can play all latest games on high settings don't care about very high or ultra settings my budget is strictly 65k
  12. Z

    NEED HELP - Wierd GPU Usage when playing Arma 2

    I just started playing Arma 2 today and i noticed that my FPS wasn't the same as normal. So I looked over at Afterburner and it shows that my GPU usage is going from 0 to 50 Percent rapidly. It looks like an earthquake. This is my PC specs. CPU - FX 9370 @ 4.4 Ghz GPU - R9 280X RAM - 8GB of...
  13. P

    Psu and graphic card problem

    I am planning to buy intel i5 4590, gigabyte h81m s1 motherboard, nvidia 650 graphic card, corsair vs550 Watt psu. I just found out that vs550 has Four Pin Peripheral Connector quantity - 4 PCI Connector- 2. And as much I aware I think nvidia 650 graphic card require 6 pin connector. Are...
  14. G

    M2 hard drive? or go for Samsung EVO?

    Hey all, Im going to be running an Asrock Extreme 6 4790K i7 (oc) GTX 780 and I have previously used SSD for boot and main programs. Im not 100% understanding the whole M2 thing but i get that the asrock extreme 6 is up there with best speed mobos with new tech. Should I be looking at a...
  15. Y

    Reboot and select proper Boot Device - IF HELP!

    Hello guys. I went into this problem recently this morning all randomly and I tried to fix it by following: 1. phase: - First problem was a I/O-error (it was my HDD on RAID1: Error occurred(0)) Also known as secondary HDD RAID0 status: Master Disk(0) -> primary HDD works fine I got into the...
  16. A

    best ram for 7700k apu

    Hello! I would like to know what is the best rams for amd A10 7700k(for gaming) I have read a lot about ram in kaveri apu's but what i have achive till now is getting more confuse. In some benchmarks i have read 1866 speed is the best because in lower speed(1600) fps decrese and in 2133mhz...
  17. U

    solution for freezing of inspiron N5110 on win 8

    I also have the same problem on my inspiron 5110..It works greatly on win 7 & win 8.1 but it hangs and freezes completely on win 8...And this problem persists only on inspiron N5110.... Try to do following steps 1. unplug AC adopter. the battery icon in the system tray and choose "More...
  18. S

    1440p - SLI 780 3GB, 6GB or 780 TI

    Hi all, I'm building a new pc and I wanted to future proof it for when I make the upgrade to a single 1440p monitor (Swift PG278Q). So I've done a ton of research and landed on the three options listed in the title. My main reason for going Nvidia is thanks to g-sync, and reading that they've...
  19. L

    IRQL BSOD and slow rig

    I built a computer and finished it just a few days ago. all hardware installed correctly and all updates and drivers installed. whenever i try to rub a game or sometimes just randomly i will get a IRQL not less or equal BSOD. i have browsed some forums and done some things that helped other ppl...
  20. R

    Graphics card upgrade, blank screen

    Hi All, I've spent all day trying to get this to work, and without any luck,(reading other reviews on this site as well as google) just figured I'd post my own thread on here to get some help. I have an Acer Aspire M desktop, model: AM3470-UR12. I have upgraded the ram to 8 gig, and have a...