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  1. P

    Choosing a PSU

    Hello. I am building a gaming PC and am struggling with choosing a PSU. At my local PC store I can only seem to find corsair PSUs on their website. I am trying to avoid purchasing online at all costs. I was wondering, are their any high quality enough to manage a gaming rig? Just looking around...
  2. P

    I'm looking for a great motherboard

    Hi, I'm building a game computer, and I've taken a liking to the MSI Z97A GAMING 7 motherboard, but for some reason i can't find a place to buy it for a reasonable price. Please tell me if you know where they went, also is it a good MB, or should i stay away from it? And if you have any...
  3. S

    Looking to get a pc for gaming and would really like some help! My budget is around $400 for everything I need.

    I wanna get into pc gaming yet only have $400 budget and no moniter. Really want to play games like arma3 and dayz.
  4. A

    Compatibility with my components

    Hello guys. I've been doing a mass research about components and I am building a 550-600€ rig. Here are the parts I've already picked: CPU: Intel Core i3 4160 @ 3.6GHz CPU COOLER: Cooler Master Hyper 212 Evo GPU: Asus GeForce GTX750 TI OC 2GB GDDR5 RAM: Corsair Vengeance 2x4096MB (8GB) DDR3...
  5. E

    Can I install the GTX750ti on this computer?

    Hi I'm new to installing parts in computers and I want some advice, I'm planning on getting this computer Link: And I was wondering if I could install either the GTX750TI or the GTX750? And if not what graphics...
  6. turkey3_scratch

    Refrigerator Tech in Computers?

    You know how fridges produce cold air and cool all the food inside? How come there are no computers that do this kind of thing? Just a thought.
  7. C

    cd drive doesn't work

    CD drive properties says it's working fine, driver is the latest, but I can't eject tray. when I open with paper clip and put in a cd, laptop doesn't see it. When I eject it (paper clip again) I can see that it had been spinning.
  8. J

    Need help guys some games not working

    Hey guys, I have a Cyberpower PC i7 4770k 8GB RAM 2TB Hard Drive XFX R9290X 8GB Windows 10 64bit I have my computer hooked up to my HDTV with a hdmi to vga cable. I recently purchased this game. On my tv when I switch to inputs (cable tv, antenna, PC) I receive a blue screen and then the...
  9. T

    What monitor should I get?

    What monitor should I get for gaming: or...
  10. R

    Is this PSU ok?

    Hi guys!!! Considering these motherboard voltages measured with a software, can we assume that my PSU is faulty? (My computer randomly freezes) Thank you in advance for your answers!!!
  11. M

    Please help...i need wired internet for a Surface 2 Pro and an Xbox 360. Using only one Ethernet "jack".

    My son's dorm is an internet connectivity nightmare. WiFi is unusable, even for basic web surfing. They are given one ethernet jack. Here is what he needs: a) Surface 2 pro to internet b) Xbox 360 to internet c) printer to Surface *They are not allowed to create their own wifi network from...
  12. M

    What else broke, on connecting a weird sound card wrong and burnt it?

    Ok so i am asking opinions on what else broke on the PC this part was installed on, the sound card obviously burned. Heres a link to the actual part, you see how the pci-e connectors are wrong, and it only plugs in the wrong way. After it burnt, and was removed, the PC...
  13. S

    Onboard Intel 4600 audio over HDMI not working?

    Is there an obvious setting for this that I'm missing? I have an Xb270HU attatched to 980 Ti that doesn't have audio. I also have a VH236 attached to the integrated graphics to run a desktop environment and for sound. If I plug the VH 236 into the Nvidia card and hit 'Enable Audio over HDMI'...
  14. U

    Black ops 3 xbox vs pc

    I'm in a struggle right now. I can't decide whether to buy bo3 for pc or xbox. Now I know any pc can rek a console. But the biggest factor by far is all of my buddy's are on console. What do you guys recommend?
  15. E

    4790K - Sustained Heat with lower Max Temp vs Unsustained Heat with higher Max Temp?

    Hello. I have a 4790K which I overclocked to 4.5 GHz. I'm using a Cooler Master Hyper 212 Evo heatsink. I'm not really familiar with overclocking, so I first tried my motherboard's (Asus z-97 pro gamer) auto-overclocking. Though I read somewhere that using that feature would leave the CPU...
  16. T

    Random FPS drop in CS:GO.

    So my friend just bought a new processor (AMD FX-8370 Black Edition, Socket-AM3+, 8cores 4,0ghz) And when he plays CS:GO he gets around 250-280 FPS, But sometimes he gets a random FPS drop around 60FPS and when that happends the CPU-Fan gets quiet and when he drops from 250-280FPS to 60FPS he...
  17. L

    Overheating CPU at idle

    I am running on a laptop with Windows 7. All 4 of my CPUs run at about 65-70 Celsius at idle, with no programs running. This affects my laptop's performance greatly and renders some games which used to be fine before this issue, unplayable. It is also worth noting that after a restart...
  18. L

    Can't seem to keep my CPU cool

    Hey guys, I'm new to this forum so I'm gonna try to explain the best that I can. I got a 4690k, and I noticed that the temps were very hot when I was running games, going into the 70s and 80s. So I was like "well, I will buy a Hyper 212 Evo since I have an amazon gift card". I got the cooler...
  19. J

    HDD wont initialize

    A SMART scan told me the disk was dying from...a Start/Stop spin count or something similar. The Disk appears in Disk Management, as Unallocated. Attempting to Initialize the drive tosses an error about how the Drive...something is out-of-date, and to restart Disk Management or the computer...
  20. T

    Anyway to stop the automatic installation of "nVIDIA High Definition Audio" whenever Windows starts?

    When I installed my graphics drivers I specifically stated to not install the HD Audio Drivers. However, since my HDMI cable is plugged into the card and into my 2nd monitor, every time I turn my computer on after disabling/uninstalling those drivers, it auto-reinstalls. I have Realtek HD Audio...