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  1. B

    is the sapphire rx 480 4gb good

    any problems with game performance power consumption problem or heat problem
  2. D

    PSU Needed For My New PC?

    So I'm going to buy a GTX 1070 over clocked a and I was wondering if I'm going to need a new power supply. PC SPECS Processor: I7 2600 (non k) Graphics card: AMD Radeon HD 6670 Memory: 2 Terabytes RAM: 16gb Motherboard: Gigabyte Z77MX-D3H And I don't know my power supply. So what do you...
  3. T

    Opinions on build

    I plan to stream, and run a dual monitor set up down the road. But an idea of the games I want to play is: Rainbow six siege, Black ops 3, Titanfall 2, Battlefield 1,Star wars Battlefront, Overwatch, and H1Z1, and CS Go, GTA V. as well as many more games, and some more games down the road when...
  4. santy74

    xeon e5410 or i3 540 which is better

    i currently own a 13 540 and intel dh55tc motherboard i am getting an xeon e5410 processor for 10$ is it worth it?
  5. O

    Help to airflow

    I want to know how to setup the airflow/cooling in my pc I have an Arctic CPU cooler and two 120 in the front On the CPU is there two coolers. Right now both fans set into the radiator/cooler and the front to take out all the hot inside the pc? Is there a better ways to do it?
  6. U

    Price Check (HP Zbook 17 G2)

    Hello all, I just wanted to ask you guys how much I should be selling my HP Zbook 17 G2. I can't really find many other places online that have the exact same specs that the computer I have has. So from the more learned computer experts, I just wanted to know how much I could potentially sell...
  7. T

    Does this justify a new laptop?

    The laptop in particular has a bad LCD cable, failing HDD, and failing GPU. Oh by the way, the entire display has to be replaced due to the way the manufacturer designed it..... With this being said, does it justify a new laptop?
  8. B

    Best lga1366 motherboard under 110$

    Hey! My motherboard just died and right now I am tough on a budget. So I would like to know which is the best lga 1366 motherboard, that also supports buffered ECC memory. I am ok with used afcourse. My specs 16gb samsung buffered ECC ram Xeon e5640 (I also have l5630) Xfx Hd 7970 Xfx ts 550...
  9. M

    GTX 1080 compatible with my system?

    Hi if so, a brief answer is appreciated, if not, what components need changing? I want to upgrade my system for BF1 in September. Thanks CPU Intel Core i7 860 RAM Memory slots Total memory slots 4 Memory Type DDR3 Size 8192 MBytes Channels # Dual DRAM Frequency 659.7 MHz CAS# Latency (CL) 9...
  10. Failattempts

    Resolution changes on restart, and sometimes have trouble restarting.

    so when i restart my computer sometimes the keyboard/mouse and screen wont turn on but the computer does and i get error code b2 on my board, and when i get my computer up and running sometimes its fine and sometimes the resolution will go down to 1280 x 1024 and in the display options it...
  11. A

    can we use two different rams

    I am using 2GB RAM, i want to buy a 4GB RAM. Can I buy any 4GB RAM.
  12. M

    What's the best Non-Uefi grapics cards?

    What's the best or at least a very good graphics card I can use for my HP Pavilion Desktop model H8-1010? The current one is an AMD radeon HD 6450. It must be a card that does not require Uefi bio but can be played on legacy only bios So i believe that rules out any new GTX 9xx series. My budget...
  13. Vishal_7

    External HDD suggestion

    I am in need of an external HDD, USB 3 with(atleast) 3 yr warranty(shock proof).This is my narrowed down list: Seagate Backup Plus Slim 1TB WD My Passport Ultra 1TB WD Elements 1TB Transcend StoreJet 25M3 2.5-inch 1TB Which one should I go for ? I am thinking of StoreJet . Is it good ? Read...
  14. B

    R9 280 RPM Issue

    So I have a Sapphire R9 280, and the fan speed is set at 33 percent (auto) and the rpm for the fan is 1500, sometimes slightly lower. Is this normal? In hardware monitor I see it fluctuate from 33 to 1500 so it looks rather scary. Anyone have answers or suggestions?
  15. D

    FX-8350 with 2 GTX-760s in SLI should I upgrade GPUS?

    AMD FX-8350 with two SLI GTX-760s. Should I upgrade the GPUS for VR or Start over with Intel?
  16. captaincharisma

    need help picking out an asus xonar sound card

    hello everyone, i am looking at getting an asus xonar card since my HT omega Striker doesn't work properly with windows 10 (HT omega current driver doesn't work right with windows 10) so i am trying to find an asus xonar sound card that has a port for a digital coaxial connection.. i am trying...
  17. P

    Gigabyte R9 380 4GB G1 Gaming Fan & Bios

    Hi all, I have a Gigabyte R9 380 graphic card (GV-R938G1 GAMING-4GD). 1. For some reason, it does not display fan speed in OC GURU II. I set the fan to manual, as using the automatic option makes the card hot as hell. Does anyone have any idea why is it doing so? 2. I would like to upgrade...
  18. U

    which of these 1080p monitors is the best for the price

    I am looking to buy a 1080p monitor for my new pc.I dont really know much about monitors so maybe you guys can help. These are the monitors Acer G257HL Acer G237HL AOC I2269VW HP Pavilion 23xw Sory for bad english :D
  19. D

    Can you use Elgato HD 60 with a Laptop?

    If so, how do you get audio to record through PS4? I can't stream or record videos with audio. I bought an Asus gaming lap top, Elgato HD 60 capture card, Logitec 920c webcam and I'm trying to stream from my PS4 to twitch. I have legato set up but head phones still in ps4 controller. My webcam...
  20. N

    Extend wifi access

    I live 1/2 mile from the highway where high speed cable access is available. Cable co will not extend service down our road (only 10 houses). I have a friend who lives at corner of our road and the hwy. Is there a way I can extend access to my home 1/2 mile away? Neal Duff
  21. B

    Decent heaven score for a 980ti?

    or is this considered average?
  22. D

    Do audio drivers come with motherboards?

    I would have assumed so, but I can't find one.. This is a custom buit PC, Asus M5A78L-M/USB3 MB. The front audio jack isn't working (it did when I was running on Xubuntu, but after I upgraded to windows 10 it is not)
  23. M

    Z170 motherboard suggestions for first ever PC build?

    Im building my first pc for mainly college school work/productivity and some light gaming (league of legends, DOTA II, Diablo III minecraft etc...). This is my first ever build and would like suggestions on what z170 motherboard i should buy. I am looking for one with a really user friendly BIOS...
  24. L

    Gtx 770 low usage and low fps in rust?

    I had before windows 10 and it doesnt lag at all but i had other problems with it and i downloaded windows 7 and now my fps half than before. Its not doing that with other games or furmark.
  25. M

    Complicated 2250$ FSX/Data workstation build

    I need a build which I can use to play flight simulator x on max settings with addons in good frames also my dad will need this pc to do A LOT of calculating processes and data research. Currently the best components I found are a i7 5820k with 2 gtx 950s Can you recommend me something better?
  26. R

    Screen brightness help

    Hi I own an lg g4 and my screen brightness seems very low even though the phone says it is on 100% and I know that auto brightness isn't on
  27. D

    The Best Gt 730 driver????

    Hello Companions its dragon here a past few days i bought the (Gt 730).... Its a good card i ran games like Gta San Andreas on ....lower to 80fps so iwas wondering what is the best driver for (Gt 730)... Anyways thats it for today any replies will be greatly appreciated....Have a nice day and...
  28. L

    Need some help

    Guys can i play fifa 16 with intel hd graphics 520
  29. N

    Best Cooler Budget

    What is the best CPU cooler that is not the hyper 212 series? My budget is 50 AUD
  30. Justin Ulysse

    CS:GO - Microphone not working in-game

    Not long ago my microphone has not been working in CS:GO. When I go to the Audio options in-game everything is configured to the right microphone, and when I use the TEST MICROPHONE option it works. My voice can be heard when I use Windows Record or Skype, but not while in a match in CS:GO. I...
  31. Sarramy

    Compressed (zipped) Folder option not available in Send To

    I'm trying to zip a few files and the option Send To > Compressed (zipped) folder is missing. It was there a few weeks ago and worked fine, but now the only option in Send To is Bluetooth, everything else has disappeared. The only change I've made recently was a downloaded Steam a few days ago...
  32. P

    Choosing a PSU

    Hello. I am building a gaming PC and am struggling with choosing a PSU. At my local PC store I can only seem to find corsair PSUs on their website. I am trying to avoid purchasing online at all costs. I was wondering, are their any high quality enough to manage a gaming rig? Just looking around...
  33. P

    I'm looking for a great motherboard

    Hi, I'm building a game computer, and I've taken a liking to the MSI Z97A GAMING 7 motherboard, but for some reason i can't find a place to buy it for a reasonable price. Please tell me if you know where they went, also is it a good MB, or should i stay away from it? And if you have any...
  34. S

    Looking to get a pc for gaming and would really like some help! My budget is around $400 for everything I need.

    I wanna get into pc gaming yet only have $400 budget and no moniter. Really want to play games like arma3 and dayz.
  35. A

    Compatibility with my components

    Hello guys. I've been doing a mass research about components and I am building a 550-600€ rig. Here are the parts I've already picked: CPU: Intel Core i3 4160 @ 3.6GHz CPU COOLER: Cooler Master Hyper 212 Evo GPU: Asus GeForce GTX750 TI OC 2GB GDDR5 RAM: Corsair Vengeance 2x4096MB (8GB) DDR3...
  36. E

    Can I install the GTX750ti on this computer?

    Hi I'm new to installing parts in computers and I want some advice, I'm planning on getting this computer Link: And I was wondering if I could install either the GTX750TI or the GTX750? And if not what graphics...
  37. turkey3_scratch

    Refrigerator Tech in Computers?

    You know how fridges produce cold air and cool all the food inside? How come there are no computers that do this kind of thing? Just a thought.
  38. C

    cd drive doesn't work

    CD drive properties says it's working fine, driver is the latest, but I can't eject tray. when I open with paper clip and put in a cd, laptop doesn't see it. When I eject it (paper clip again) I can see that it had been spinning.
  39. J

    Need help guys some games not working

    Hey guys, I have a Cyberpower PC i7 4770k 8GB RAM 2TB Hard Drive XFX R9290X 8GB Windows 10 64bit I have my computer hooked up to my HDTV with a hdmi to vga cable. I recently purchased this game. On my tv when I switch to inputs (cable tv, antenna, PC) I receive a blue screen and then the...
  40. T

    What monitor should I get?

    What monitor should I get for gaming: or...