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  1. D

    Question Unexpected PC shut down (several attempts to fix)

    Back in 2016 I built my first computer and it worked without issue until just recently. I noticed that it would randomly be off when I came back to work on it, and would not power up unless I removed the power cord for a few seconds. Sometimes the computer would shut off while working on a...
  2. LorkieBorkie

    Question Issues started as crashes on startup after adrenaline 2020 update, now my system won't even boot

    Good day! So about a moth ago I put together my first very own desktop. Everything was looking fine until I updated Adrenaline 2020 to version 20.2.2. Now at that point stuff started happening. My games would suddenly crash causing my whole pc to freeze. I checked that all my other drivers are...
  3. P

    Question New gaming computer not working?

    Hey everyone! So I just built a new gaming pc and everything seemed to work perfectly but later the next day I went out with some friends and when I got back, my computer was displaying anything on my monitor, so I tried to turn it off and on again but my power button was not working, so then I...
  4. L

    Question Problems with Video Editing Rig

    Hi Everyone, I am a freelance video editor and I recently built a new video editing rig. Everything about the build went great and without any problems. I installed Windows 10, all of the graphics card drivers, and all the software without any problems. However, after using the rig for about a...
  5. F

    GPU stopped functioning during a game (GTX 670)

    While playing some Chivalry today, I suddenly saw rainbow, glittery sparkles appear all around me. I thought this was strange, and assumed it was something in the game (such as, perhaps, a hacker)--my game was not feeling it. It froze for a moment. Then action resumed. It froze again, this time...