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  1. B

    Question Anyone seen anything like this? If so any idea how to fix?

  2. I

    Anyone know what problem this is?

    I have an x34 Acer predator. When I have a single window on either side of the screen, colors appear washed out, but when I bring up another window; whether it be exactly the same window or a different one, colors will be normal. When I have a single window on either side and I drag around...
  3. R

    Can I trick a driver?

    I bought a msi ds b1 interceptor gaming mouse. I really hate the red led that is always on. I did disable usb power when my computer is off, however I normally have it in sleep. Is there a more elegant solution to disabling an led than unplugging it? (or removing the led) I want to trick a...
  4. N

    How to set up a PS4 controller with the Samsung Gear VR

    This tutorial will guide you how to setup your PS4 controller with your Samsung Gear VR .It's important to know that any game that can be played with a controller on Gear VR also requires a supported controller. The thing here is that the controller for PS4 at this moment is not supported and...
  5. Z

    No singnal on Monitor

    Hello guys, I just built my first computer(I hope) and I am experiencing a problem. I turn on my monitor it says acer etc etc, then turn on my computer, and it says no signal. All fans are running smoothly with no problem, but after about 45 seconds the gpu fan stops spinning. I have connected...
  6. W

    x4 860k peformance on dayz?

    will an overclocked x4 860k overclocked to 4.4mhz and an r9 270 peform well on dayz stand alone?im looking for at least 20-30 fps in towns in 1080p,is it doable?i've only found 1 benchmark on youtube,and it's on stock /:
  7. themaskofwraith

    smallest (in dimenstions ) core i laptop?

    i want smallest laptop with core i cpus. top two choices so far: 1)YOGA 11S 2)dell xps 13 infinity so is there any other laptop with smaller footprint and also comes with two memory slots, as i want 16GB ram too. if possible
  8. P

    Do i have enough power

    I got a sapphire 390 and when i start my pc i get 5 beeps according to asrock this is a gpu error. If i remove my gpu or put my old one in it starts up. so i think this could be 2 problems 1:GPU does not work 2: not enough power I got CPU:i5 4690 3.5ghz Motherboard: asrock h97 anniversary...
  9. emtasty123

    Would anyone like to see a remake of Daggerfall?

    It was released in 1996 and so it has it's flaws Flaws that could be easily fixable- Its a crime to loiter around, Crappy Combat, Poor Graphics, etc. If 5000 people on the internet banded together to create a remake, perhaps with unreal engine 4, it could be submitted to Bethesda to be created.